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Forte Music Studio

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Mon-Thu: 12PM—9PM; Fri: 12PM—7PM; Sat: 10AM—4PM
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Reviews about Forte Music Studio

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  • Robyn MacDonald 2021, June 18, 8:55 pm
    My three year old recently finished the online music explorers class with Miss Sonia and loved it. She loved the group zoom format and the ability to see the other kids doing the same things as her. Sonia is great at engagement and getting little ones to be interested. They got to try out a wide variety of instruments and songs. Would recommend 5 stars.
  • Amy Nunez 2021, June 12, 5:26 pm
    Music Explorers: my 5 yr old just finished an online session of this program and he absolutely loved it! He looked forward to class every week and was sad when it was over. I told him about a summer camp that was happening and he chose a music summer camp over a sport one. It’s hard to keep children engaged online, but Sonia did a wonderful job. They sang, danced, played instruments, read books. Sonia is so great at coming up with new songs or adapting songs to go with certain themes. Businesses – show
  • Jennifer Larke 2020, August 6, 8:26 am
    Our three children have had a number of teachers for guitar, piano and drum lessons over the years. We decided to try Forte Music Studio when our youngest daughter wanted to learn piano. It's been such a great experience, we are going to move our son to Forte for guitar lessons as well this fall. Simon is a wonderful instructor and knows how to engage our daughter during lessons. The recitals are thoughtfully planned out and engaging. We've truly enjoyed the experience!
  • Nadia Honnet 2020, July 31, 4:02 am
    My son has taken guitar lessons at Forte Music Studio for 8 years. He has had several different teachers who have all been excellent! The studio is well run and provides wonderful musical instruction that has built my son’s confidence in both musical ability and performance skills. I would highly recommend Forte to anyone!
  • Heather Poole 2020, July 30, 8:14 am
    Fantastic experience for my daughter, who took voice lessons from Jessica E. Both Sonia and Jessica were wonderful: enthusiastic, great at connecting with all sorts of kids, and excellent teachers!
  • Nic McG 2020, July 29, 8:14 pm
    My son and daughter took piano, voice lessons and even the Music Explorers classes at Forte Music Studio and loved their time there. They grew in their musical abilities and also their ability to overcome some of their fears performing in front of crowds. The teachers are fantastic with the kids (& parents), very encouraging — knew how to keep my kids engaged! Highly recommend this school!!
  • Andrea Powell 2020, July 27, 9:31 pm
    This is the music studio you have been looking for!! We joined the studio 5 years ago. From the selection of instructors or choice of instrument, to your desired outcome (for fun or Conservatory prep) there is incredible flexibility and versatility at Forte. Sonia cares about her students and their families. She ensures students have the right fit with their instructor and that they get the experience they desire. I would recommend Forte 100%.
  • Reid Morden 2020, July 24, 7:33 pm
    Our 3 boys have been learning piano, voice, bass guitar and rock band at Forte Music Studio for years, and it’s been incredible watching their musical awareness flourish and talents emerge. Forte’s amazing instructors teach a top quality program while also making the experience fun and rewarding. The 2 recitals are a highlight and it’s a lot of fun for the kids to share and celebrate how far they’ve come. We’ve been to other music studios and none come close to the professionalism and community – show
  • Priscilla Woodhead 2020, July 24, 9:34 am
    Kiana had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the music aspect as well as the socializing with her friends. It was a unique and wonderful experience for her. Thank you so much for giving her the chance to explore and get aquatinted with various instruments and making it fun.
  • Kathy Bauer 2020, July 23, 7:25 am
    A extremely well run studio with great instructors and support for whatever the musical goals might be.
  • Sammie Tran 2020, July 23, 2:29 am
    I had started at this studio in 2009 at the age of 9. Under Sonia’s tutelage I have learned many important lessons — such as the many different ways to approach a problem you are having in a piano piece. With those lessons I have been able to apply them in my life as a student in school and continuously so in piano. It has been a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend this place!
  • Susan Vee 2020, July 23, 12:40 am
    My oldest two have been taking piano lessons at Forte Music Studio since 2013, and my youngest will start this fall. I feel like this is the foremost piano studio in south-central Calgary. I love that the studio has a number of teachers, which means that students can always find a teacher who is the right fit with their learning style. There are kids here who are just trying to get a handle on the basics of music, there are kids who want to learn how to comfortably play pop pieces, and there are – show
  • Donelle And Jaret Elliott 2020, July 22, 8:07 pm
    My daughter loved coming to music class. It was a warm and welcoming positive start to music for my daughter. She still loves to sing along with Sonia and her daughter Cami when she sees a post.
  • Lucy Boulton-Mills 2020, July 22, 6:47 pm
    My kids and myself have been students at Forte Music since it opened quite a few years ago. We have had a number of different teachers, in piano and in voice. It's a really great place with a welcoming atmosphere and always positive interactions. My special needs son has received such wonderful support at the studio, and has progressed way beyond our expectations, and will benefit from his skills in music for the rest of his life. And I have always loved my piano lessons and can't say enou – show
Average rating - 5 based on 14 reviews and 8 ratings