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  • 2021, December 1, 11:35 pm
    The best Kerala food in Ontario! Biriyani & Pothichoru is top notch ️. Would eat from here everyday if i could
  • 2021, November 30, 5:11 pm
    We just moved from Toronto and was looking for something more homely. This is the place amazing flavoured food. Everything here reminds me of back home. The owner Shibu was very friendly. Gladyson was very helpful and gave an excellent service. My go to place.
  • 2021, November 27, 9:05 pm
    Dissatisfied by their service. I have ordered food through uber eats and I did a mistake when I entered the number of quantities. Quickly I report that with the Uber eats app and they told me to contact @palmvalley which I did within minutes after I made the order. But when I contacted them they told me that the order is already on its way and they can't do anything, but when I checked the order status in the app it was shown like «the restaurant is preparing your order». They lied to me about t – show
  • 2021, November 12, 3:20 am
    Food is good! Biriyani party pack is right on budget and is very close to the authentic kerala flavor. The only minor issue that I have is the delay in getting the food’s recommended you call and order well in advance..
  • 2021, November 6, 5:58 pm
    food: amazing flavor, a bit pricey, portions are average

    grocery: not much choice, but heyyy they got frozen veechu paratha..

    service: they are always super friendly
  • 2021, October 25, 1:09 am
    The restaurant is quite good, but for now the kitchen is closed. That's the only sad thing.
  • 2021, September 20, 10:54 am
    One spot for all your needs
  • 2021, September 14, 7:20 am
    Palm valley is an oasis of Malayalee food in Canada! We ordered catering from them and the food was absolutely delectable. The guests loved it and enquired where we got the food!
    The service is wonderful and they're some of the friendliest people you'll meet!
  • 2021, September 8, 9:30 pm
    Chicken Biriyani was not worth the price lacked flavour, also they used artificial rose essence, and the rice lacked masala it was also a bit on the oily side. Wasn't satisfied at all. Went there for a second time to try and they have closed takeout for two weeks.
  • 2021, August 27, 7:50 am
    Can get all most South Indian items and price is ok items are good
  • 2021, August 24, 5:06 pm
    Best place for indian groceries and food especially south indian
  • 2021, August 24, 7:51 am
    Excellent customer service and delicious kerela food.Had their Onam sadhya and it was the best till date.
  • 2021, August 24, 4:42 am
    Went to Palm valley with friends to experience the authentic Kerala food. We tried mutton biriyani,BDF and pothichoru. All of these dishes were amazing. All the credits goes to Mr. Manu, the chef who is good at what he is doing. If someone craving for typical South Indian food, this is a must visit place. They have a grocery store inside it- so you can have a wholesome kerala grocery + takeout experience
  • 2021, August 23, 3:59 am
    AWSM taste for all the items that we have tried chicken & kappa biryani, pothichoru, beef fry and fish curry + big quantities. So far this is tastiest biriyani and pothichoru we had in Ontario.
  • 2021, August 22, 10:37 pm
    Best Kerala food in town! Exceptional customer service!
    Ordered 8 onam sadyas for family and friends. The sadya was awesome and super delicious! Plenty of food!! Hats off to the entire team for making the day wonderful.
  • 2021, August 22, 1:34 am
    Today from Mississauga, we drove to Palm Valley Catering Service to buy lunch for Onam Sadhya. Each and every thing was very delicious. We all enjoyed it and we will definitely buy food from here in future
  • 2021, August 22, 1:13 am
    Best Onam sadya I had in 5 years.. loved it ️ ️
  • 2021, August 21, 11:42 pm
    Onam Sadya, abundance.. authentic style on banana leaf.
    Very good portion with excellent taste. Very well organized. A big thank you to chef Manu and team.

    Appam and kadala curry, kappa biriyani are also really flavorful.
    Jack fruit
  • 2021, August 21, 9:16 pm
    Thanks for sharing happiness!
  • 2021, August 21, 8:12 pm
    Nice little place. Not a lot of fresh vegetables but they are ok.
  • 2021, August 18, 7:19 pm
    They have the best Beef Fry that you can ask for. And it’s consistently good every single time. They have a lot of other curries which looks yummy but sinfully floating in oil. I however stick to the beef fry every time. They also have a good amount of Malayali grocery items which are otherwise not available in other Indian stores.
  • 2021, August 16, 6:28 pm
    Nice takeout food, but lately snacks have been discontinued.
    The grocery items are available but some are pricey.
  • 2021, August 16, 5:29 pm
    Came all the way from North Bay to Cambridge with my friends. We loved Beef Dry Fry which were amazing with lots of Kerala flavour.
    The food was delicious especially the POTHICHORU and the beef Ulathiyath. «Chef MANU is nothing short from amazing!»
  • 2021, August 15, 6:33 pm
    One of the Best Kerala Restaurant ever been to in Canada.They have an Amazing Grocery store & Excellent Services too
  • 2021, August 14, 1:22 am
    Poor customer service!
  • 2021, August 11, 5:26 pm
    If you want to taste the real Kerala food this is the place to go. Affordable food at the highest quality. Love the appam chicken curry, kappa biriyani and more
  • 2021, August 9, 4:38 am
    If you want to eat scrumptious finger licking thattukada food from Kerala..go to palm valley Indian spices..
  • 2021, August 7, 11:23 pm
    Because no other option ‍ ️ ‍ ️.Bad customer experience..
  • 2021, August 7, 9:25 pm
    Non veg POTICHOR available on Saturday is a must try. Too good
  • 2021, July 27, 2:01 pm
    Great food. Large portion
  • 2021, July 26, 12:28 am
    Clean, Hygienic and quality food. beef roast is recommended.
  • 2021, July 25, 10:48 pm
    Awesome. Best place to get Kerala food
  • 2021, July 23, 7:47 am
    Food is okay,price is little bit higher.
  • 2021, June 26, 9:58 pm
    The best Indian food around the KWC region.Excellent customer service and friendly atmosphere.
    Highly recommended!!!!
  • 2021, June 19, 9:54 pm
    Once they used to provide good food @ reasonable prices
  • 2021, June 14, 9:55 pm
    Giving 4 * coz of poor quality of veggies
  • 2021, June 13, 1:40 pm
    Wide collection of Indian spices. Awesome Kerala Biryani available.
  • 2021, June 12, 8:12 pm
    Amazing food for take out. All your south Indian / SriLankan delicacies available. The new renovations to the place are on point! Must visit!!
  • 2021, May 31, 1:03 am
    Really good
  • 2021, May 30, 6:38 pm
    We get all Indian products from palm valley. Also delicious South Indian foods too.
    Worth for money. Their food is the number one Food I ever had in Canada.
    • 2020, November 6, 12:09 am
      Thank you for your kind response about our products that we sell in our store.
  • 2021, May 30, 6:36 pm
    Best place for Indian food…
  • 2021, May 29, 9:01 pm
    awesome experience!! felt like home!! best service!! come here to have good dish but don't get addicted
  • 2021, May 25, 6:46 pm
    Such a nice place to have some tasty kerala food
  • 2021, May 5, 11:06 pm
    Beef roast
  • 2021, April 20, 11:54 pm
    One of the best mallu restaurant in canada..
    All the foods are good
    Personally I love Manu chetan's chaaya
  • 2021, April 17, 6:34 pm
    Good service and excellent food, bringing most exquisite Kerala food taste in Kitchener Waterloo region.
  • 2021, April 17, 5:02 pm
    Authentic food, varieties of groceries and excellent customer services.
  • 2021, April 17, 1:03 am
    Sadhya Polikum…
  • 2021, April 16, 10:25 am
    Vishu sadya was very very delicious. Sambar, Avial, sweet kitchadi were so desi and maintained the class. Paayasam » Oru rakshayum ellaa.. Pwoli»..
    We were not able to pre book and also they were short on food due to heavy orders, chef manu took extra efforts to cater us even at the
    last moment.Thank you for making our vishu so special with such a great sadya.
  • 2021, April 16, 12:09 am
    Authentic! Flavorsome! Deliciousness. One of the Best Kerala Restaurant. Had been ordering from here for a while and had their food so many times. Food was authentic fresh and yummm. Coming back soon!
  • 2021, April 15, 10:33 pm
    I didn't knew plain rice with sukka chicken was called Biryani… Paid 12 bucks for this… not worth a Penny
  • 2021, April 15, 7:01 pm
    Providing delicious kerala style food ️
  • 2021, April 14, 2:28 pm
    The dishes are just....Love the beef varatiyathu!! But I felt the quantity given was less for the demanded price. I have this view point with comparison to other kerala food restaurants.
  • 2021, April 12, 11:23 pm
    Good tasty south Indian food.
    Brings the nostalgia
  • 2021, April 12, 6:18 pm
    The best mallu grocery shop in Cambridge.Thanks to everyone who bring back the taste from home
  • 2021, April 8, 4:11 pm
    Yesterday (April 7, 2021), with so much excitement I bought beef curry from palm valley. The guy gave me potato in beef gravy with some pieces of beef swimming around.
  • 2021, April 5, 5:07 pm
    Good place for malayalees… got a good energy here
  • 2021, March 21, 7:34 pm
    yesterday was our first visit to palm valley recommended by our friends. it was worth all the drive. we ordered biriyani and kappa and fish curry. all dishes were awesome. especially the biriyani took me all the way back to
    memories from college. if you are from thodupuzha, kottayam area this is taste you get.. grateful for the wonderful food..
  • 2021, March 21, 3:20 am
    A good groceries and takeout place for South Indian, North Indian items. Takeout is always busy, Biryani is the special here. Groceries store is not bad, a little bit congested can be better if well organized and arranged items. Prices are reasonable.
    Parking available in front of the store.
  • 2021, March 19, 9:33 pm
    You can buy food and shop for indian groceries.
  • 2021, March 14, 10:38 pm
    One of the few restaurants in KWC where authentic South Indian dishes can be found and always keep their standards.A must visit place if you are craving for Kerala dishes and looking to buy Indian groceries.
  • 2021, March 14, 9:55 pm
    Palm valley left the best impressions! Hospitable hosts, delicious and variety dishes, beautiful presentation. I recommend to everyone! I would like to come back here again and again.Staff are extremely knowledgeable and make great recommendations.
    • 2020, November 6, 11:00 pm
      Thank you Arun for your valuable feedback. Hope to see you again
  • 2021, March 13, 6:52 pm
    I bought Cassava (kappa)Biriyani for last few weekends because we like the traditional food and we were soo disappointed because there was huge pieces of cassava in it, which is hard to eat and there was full of bones with no meat at all. The taste was good but no quality at all. We bought meat curries which was full of oil dripping from it. The customers have already complained about this issues before and they never took an action. We pay money for low quality of food. Finally, You guys s – show
    • 2021, February 11, 11:45 pm
      Thank you for your review. I’m sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience, but I really appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention.
  • 2021, March 1, 3:37 am
    Palm valley from the point of view.
    If you are a Canadian and really loves to experiment with South Indian food, then look no more. Come to Palm valley and order your sounth Indian dish from the available choices. By specifying South Indian, experience the food preferred by The Mallus of Kerala. The options begin with evr famous biriyani and for me personally the banana leaf bundled rice meals. That would definitely be a different experience for the first time triers and a take back to home fe
    – show
  • 2021, February 23, 5:00 am
    I was definitely surprised when I had their “Pothichoru”, absolutely delicious and authentic. Their Chef Manu has put meticulous effort to make it the best thing you have had in a while. Especially during this pandemic where I cannot go home or have my comfort foods, it was a very pleasant throwback to my time in india and have something that hits very close to home.

    Thank you Palm Valley and Chef Manu. A 5 star ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ review just coz I can’t select anything higher than that.
  • 2021, February 22, 12:42 am
    Edited review 21st feb..

    Went in today with a friend.. ordered fish curry, kappa Biriyani and Chilli chicken. All really good. Said no politely to the Biriyani they offered.. limited options but the items they have on offer is really good. Rating increased to 4star. Its always worth the visit if ur in the area and if other similar options are too far..

    Decent food.. similar quality to Kokkadens. Tried.. fish curry.. beef fry.. its was ok. Chicken Biriyani not great.
Average rating - 4.2 based on 66 reviews and 169 ratings