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  • 2021, August 16, 11:56 pm
    Cottage Toys has been a pleasure to deal with. I bought a Super Bubba towable Tube and some water skis. They came very quickly and in good shape. Unfortunately after the third use the tube split on the seam and was not useable. I called the guys at the Lakefield store and told them what happened. I live in Winnipeg and did this all over the phone. A few pictures later, they sent out the replacement right away and they were able to get me the new tube in time for the long weekend! I took t – show
  • 2021, July 21, 7:04 pm
    Very helpful staff and a great selection of summer clothes for anyone wanting to shop local!
  • 2021, July 6, 7:04 am
    They are not consistent in what they sell. Can almost never find anything I want its always sold out. But they have lots of budget gear for you thats almost useless. Do your self a favor if u see something good here buy it from someone else these guys are not about the customer just the coins. Last resort for anything water-related do better!!!!
  • 2021, June 12, 12:46 am
    Stopped in for curbside pickup for the Bijoux Infant Vest. The price on the website was cheaper than the sticker price. They honoured the website price without even asking. Thanks a lot!
  • 2021, May 19, 1:49 am
    Great selection of toys for the boat
  • 2020, August 20, 4:16 am
    Didn't have what we wanted at the Peterborough store but sent us to the Lakefield store. Mitch stayed after they were closed to help us out. First rate customer service.
  • 2020, July 28, 4:47 pm
    Purchased waterskis for my kids here, they were shipped so fast and we love the Skis Their service is amazing. I remembered them from when I was a child, so they've been in business a long time. We will be shopping there again! Thanks so much!
    • 2020, July 29, 2:55 pm
      Thanks so much your feedback is appreciated! I will pass it on to the staff. Thanks for your continued support of our business.
  • 2020, June 12, 11:17 pm
    THE place to purchase all cottage stuff!
    Awesome products and even better staff!
  • 2020, May 31, 8:11 pm
    Great selection and high quality products. I ordered a wakeboard and boots from here and both were shipped within 24 hours. The wrong boots were sent initially (simple mix up) but the owner was quick to fix the situation. Shipping is fast and uses good tracking service. Will go back here again! 5/5
  • 2020, March 8, 2:13 am
    • 2020, April 15, 3:26 pm
      We try hard to find products with value and we always have a half price rack available in the store. Our t shirts start at $14 and we have hoodies starting at $20. Is there something in particular you are shopping for that I could help you with? Although we are closed we are willing to do curbside pick up.
      If watersports products are what you are looking for we have some great deals right now. Kayaks starting at $399 and lots of other great deals. Tubes for pulling behind the boat starting
      – show
  • 2019, November 24, 7:00 pm
    Don't play with toys anymore.
    • 2020, April 15, 3:30 pm
      We sell watersports and toys for «playing on the water» Kayaks, stand up paddle boards, water trampolines and more. Cottage Toys is a store that sells fun stuff for Cottagers.
  • 2019, October 1, 1:53 am
    Awesome clothes & gear!
  • 2019, July 9, 10:44 pm
    My wife called twice to rent or purchase a tube. Never did get a reply. We always try to shop local to support small business.but more and more Amazon seems to be the only competent Place to do business.
    • 2019, July 9, 11:18 pm
      please let me know where she called the staff may not have checked messages and I apologize. We do pride ourselves in excellent customer service and I would like to know what I can do to make this up to you. I was not aware of the request and hope that we can help you with your tubing needs. We hope that we can do better for you in the future.
  • 2019, March 8, 9:49 pm
    Great selection
  • 2019, March 5, 12:19 am
  • 2019, January 2, 4:59 pm
    Bought a Hobie Mirage Eclipse here. Best purchase ever!!
  • 2018, August 1, 11:31 pm
    The Lakefield store has great product for water sports! The Peterborough store has an amazing selecton of all of the favourite surf brands! I found the staff very helpful and they went out of their way for me on a particular item.
  • 2018, June 14, 3:02 am
    Only time I ever dealt with this place they didn't return my initial or follow up email. Makes it easy to look elsewhere.
  • 2018, June 12, 3:40 am
    Great people. Most helpful and had all the answers.
  • 2018, March 22, 4:56 am
    The owner Rick is one of the most experienced guys in the marine industry around. He is an honest man who has always been fair to me and kept his word. He rents older boats to keep it cost effective for all. Regardless of new or old they all provide lots of summer fun on the water and serve the same purpose. With older boats you do not have to worry about getting charged for every little scratch as some marina's do. Peel has the largest selection of rental boats around and it is the main fo – show
  • 2018, March 19, 9:28 am
    Mr Collyer is as honest as they come. This negative review by ibrahim is total bull, as is his irresponsible and defamatory drivel. Its always the people who break the rules who feel the the right to slander the victim, and without question, Peel Marine is the victim of dishonesty, incompetence and slander. Peel marine is a very honest and ethical business.
  • 2018, February 28, 5:28 am
    Best selection, best prices, best quality. This store has great customer service. I always leave very thrilled with my purchase. The Lakefied store in the summer is like a candy store for fun on the water.
    Peterborough Landscape Supply
  • 2018, February 8, 12:27 am
    Great selection of clothing and friendly staff.
  • 2017, December 23, 11:14 pm
    Our family has been shopping here for many years. Great quality clothing whether it's for casual summer wear or if you're going to partake in winter activities. Friendly staff that are very helpful. They carry brands like billabong, ten tree and other well-known brands associated with sports wear. They also sell summer and winter sports equipment like goggles, boards, etc. As the name would suggest, cottage toys really does cater to those who are active outdoors people.
  • 2017, December 22, 8:12 pm
    Top quality brands, great service.
  • 2017, December 3, 4:25 am
    Rented the floating mat for our summer cottage trip. Reservation, pick-up and return was super easy and flexible. Thanks, will be renting more Cottage Toys in the future.
  • 2017, September 6, 3:15 pm
    Excellent customer service. We rented boats from Peel Marine twice and the customer service was outstanding on both occasions. When one boat had mechanical issues, they replaced it within a couple of hours. Would definitely rent from again.
  • 2017, August 7, 5:17 pm
    Good service
  • 2017, July 6, 10:24 pm
    STAY AWAY! The man that runs this place is deceiving. He appears to be a nice honest guy when you're renting the boat from him, but fails to mention that your vacation will be absolutely ruined by the number of breakdowns you will experience throughout the rental experience. My family and I had a plan to explore the Trent Severn waterways this summer and we chose Peel Marine as it was the most cost effective option in the area. We rented two boats from him. Within the second day, the one of the – show
    • 2019, April 17, 2:41 am
      This is not about cottage toys this is about peel marine who is the landlord of our building and is using our site without permission.
  • 2017, June 21, 5:11 pm
    As a long time customer of the store, I always look forward to walking into Cottage Toys. The staff are always friendly and patient helping me find exactly what I'm looking for (and more!). They also have the best selection of bathing suits and yoga gear in Peterborough!
  • 2017, June 4, 7:43 pm
    Great store, lots of good products and very helpful staff!
  • 2017, May 24, 5:21 pm
    Save your time, spend your money else where. Placed an order to have it cancelled, then replaced the order and got an immediate phone call back saying it was out of stock. Website did not mention this, along with another wakeboard rope. Their suggestion was go with a rope that is half the price and a third the quality… Save your time and spend your money else where!!!

    EDIT: When I received the call back to say that the original rope was out of stock your first suggestion was a rope that you w
    – show
  • 2016, September 8, 1:00 am
    Awesome service. My son broke a ski binding. After contacting the Cottage Toy Store in Lakefield (which I presumed it was their lead store) about replacement parts I was put onto Mike. After submitting pics Mike was able to source the replacement part and send it to Bancroft. Problem is it did not arrive as the mail let us down.... Mike prevailed and FedExd it to Bancroft. All free under warranty on a 3 year old ski. Impressed so much my daughter bought a new slalom ski in the store. Nice!
  • 2016, August 17, 9:27 pm
    Nice people run this, but the boats themselves are really beat up, and although they will communicate that, the reality is that the motors are also old and the boats have problems during use so the boat is down half the time you have it. It may seem cheaper, but they tack on charges at the end, that are up to their discretion, so in the end you aren't saving any money, and you have an old rickety boat, cosmetics aside, that aren't very reliable. The power and ability to tow is low and we had qu – show
  • 2016, August 9, 6:01 pm
    Great service, wonderful people. Will definitely buy from them again
Average rating - 4.2 based on 35 reviews and 22 ratings