Wigwam Gift Shop & Motel

Wigwam Gift Shop & Motel

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Reviews about Wigwam Gift Shop & Motel

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  • 2021, July 23, 3:20 pm
    Fantastic place Fantastic people. Dog friendly. Was able to park our motorcycles directly in front of the motel room. Great service. Clean rooms. Conveniently located. The gift shop is nice and has delicious fudge. The Cafe & Pizzeria has terrific food. Recommend the pizza, very cheesy with handmade dough. Thank you to Lori and all the staff at Wigwam Motel for accommodating our group at the last minute. You helped make this a wonderful and memorable week.
  • 2021, July 5, 5:28 pm
    Fantastic pizza
  • 2020, October 20, 5:35 pm
    While waiting to board the ferry we ate the fish and chips from the food truck beside the gift shop.
    Excellent! Better than the Gordon Ramsay fish batter in Las Vegas.
  • 2020, October 10, 5:17 pm
    Great service, clean rooms, kitchenette. Right by the ferry terminal. Good snack bar too.
  • 2019, October 7, 11:15 pm
    The people inside were nice and they had a good selection of gifts.
  • 2019, September 19, 10:11 pm
    Great pizza with friendly service.
  • 2019, September 2, 3:49 am
    Great location being right off the ferry. Staff friendly. Good rooms with all you need for over high stay.
  • 2019, August 29, 3:51 pm
    Wonderful little shop.
  • 2019, August 14, 8:39 am
    This town sure recognizes and capitalizes on a captive audience. Not very clean hotel. A small bar of soap was the only amenity. Poor security on windows and doors. Would recommend trying the hotel next door or better still, overnight in Tobermory instead.
  • 2019, August 14, 2:36 am
    Lots to choose from
  • 2019, July 27, 7:10 pm
    Great pizza and souvenirs
  • 2019, July 22, 3:28 pm
    This review is for the gift shop and not restaurant or the motel as I didn’t use those services. The store in filled with made-in China junk and very little or no locally crafted items. Very disappointing. Felt like I was in a cheap Niagara Falls souvenir shop.
  • 2019, July 18, 3:22 pm
    Lovely lady. Bought some great things for family. Drop in.
  • 2019, July 9, 11:04 pm
    Typical gift shop, kind staff
  • 2019, July 8, 4:41 am
    Very friendly and helpful staff. The rooms were very clean with parking right in front of the door. They also make a very great pizza. I would recommend staying there if you are passing through.
  • 2019, May 15, 6:20 pm
    Was able to pick up some nice gifts for my mom who wasn't able to come on the trip.
  • 2018, October 23, 1:07 am
    Great pizza and great service..
  • 2018, October 7, 12:32 am
    Had a lot of gifts in the shop. The sweaters and fudge are great
  • 2018, September 16, 1:37 am
    Nice spread of a variety of gift shop items including first Nation clothing and accessories
  • 2018, September 6, 4:03 pm
    There's not much else to do while waiting for the ferry, so you end up here! Prices are reasonable though
  • 2018, August 30, 1:36 pm
    Although we had an issue when we checked in upon notifying the staff about the problem it was handled quickly and to more then we expected. Thank you wig wsm motel for your hospitality. We will stay again if
    We ever come back this way.
  • 2018, August 29, 2:12 pm
    Nice place for gifts and souvenirs
  • 2018, August 9, 3:30 am
    When the pizza is so good you can't wait until you get home to eat it… ever… L O V E the pizza, it is the first thing we do every summer when we come to the cottage!
  • 2018, August 1, 3:40 pm
    Lovely shop.
  • 2018, June 23, 10:42 pm
    Lots of great souvenirs, the staff is extremely friendly.
  • 2018, May 25, 11:19 pm
    Great selection!
  • 2018, May 8, 3:52 pm
    Great people, great pizza, coffee and souviners! A chill little place. :)
  • 2018, April 3, 3:23 pm
    Good price. Friendly staff. Great location, right accross the street from the ferry.
  • 2017, December 1, 2:44 am
    Great gift shop. I believe I had breakfast here to......
  • 2017, September 23, 12:33 am
    We arrived outside the normal touristy time, so there weren't many people around. Nice people and a nice gift shop. :)
  • 2017, August 22, 10:49 pm
    Southbay mouth ferry dock Manitoulin Island.
    Cute family picture lol.
    Wander around and find this gem
  • 2017, July 29, 6:21 am
    Poor service, rooms are old and smell musty. There are spiders on the doors and very creepy at nite. Keep driving!
  • 2017, July 25, 5:25 am
    I wanted to book this motel but they were full, so we booked at Huron motor lodge. Wigwam does sell great pizza, their Canadian pizza has pepperoni, bacon, and mushrooms and is served hot!
  • 2017, July 25, 5:10 am
    I bought this awesome sweater there with a special pocket for beer bottles. It was a bit expensive though…
  • 2017, July 6, 7:37 pm
    Best pizza on the island! Really cool souvenirs as well.
  • 2017, June 27, 10:56 pm
    I was charged $9.00 more than the price tag on a pair of moccasins and after boarding the ferry I called the store and she agreed that they were priced at the price i quoted her. Then after she spoke to the manager they said it was a different pair and they would not refund the money. They had removed the tag at the time of purchase so I have no proof and can't go back to check.
    Buyer be ware!
  • 2017, June 18, 10:45 pm
    Lovely gift items. Decent pizza
  • 2017, June 14, 9:31 pm
    Amazing staff great souvenirs and very well prices we will be comi gbback again on our next visit
  • 2017, June 4, 9:51 pm
    Best home made fudge!
  • 2016, December 31, 5:50 am
    Nice gift shop, lots of variety. Good to pick up snacks too.
  • 2016, October 17, 5:55 pm
    Large variety of gifts and souvenirs.
  • 2016, September 12, 9:41 am
    Love it here! The room we had was clean with a little kitchen that had everything you would need. The bed were not the best but the the whole place, Cafe Pizzeria, Gift Shoppe and all the people there make it a five star for sure. The Cafe Pizzeria place is a great place to get coffee, pizza and almost anything to eat or drink up till the last Chi-Cheemaun trip in the evening, and the Gift Shoppe has a good variety of things to buy. Make sure you get the delicious pizza and try a bag of their Ma – show
  • 2016, September 6, 4:28 am
    Large selection of souvenirs in this gift shop.
  • 2016, September 6, 4:00 am
    It is a neat store full of different items which can be used as souvenirs.
  • 2016, August 23, 12:25 am
    Great gifts
  • 2016, August 16, 11:58 am
    Good service. Great souvenirs
  • 2016, August 15, 8:55 pm
    Stopped for pizza while waiting for the ferry. Really good pizza.
  • 2016, August 8, 8:42 pm
    Went to the gift shop while waiting for the ferry. Good popcorn and fun trinkets to purchase.
  • 2016, August 8, 4:53 pm
  • 2016, August 2, 6:29 pm
    This review is about the food you can get from the right side of the building. Excellent Sunday morning breakfast. It was recommended by several fishermen who are clearly regulars. They were spot on.
  • 2016, August 1, 11:03 pm
    Cute gift shop with plenty of knickknacks and leather goods.
  • 2016, July 12, 10:45 pm
    Good souvenir stop
  • 2016, July 5, 8:24 am
    Best pizza I have ever had, and fast service!
  • 2016, July 4, 4:13 pm
    Great gifts reasonable prices
  • 2015, August 20, 4:08 am
    A very great to visit went you are on the island. I like to go back there again sometime.
  • 2015, May 19, 11:39 pm
    Very nice store with amazing fudge. Lots of neat merchandise.

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