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Skin care clinics in Richmond

Skin care clinics in Richmond

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    • Project Skin MD Richmond

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      57 reviews
      Open until 8PM
      BC V6Y 2B6, 6551 No. 3 Rd, Richmond
      Chloe is fantastic!!! She is so knowledgeable about the products and services!
      Skincare Consultation By agreement
      Skin Health By agreement
      Skin Concern By agreement
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    • Profile Laser & SkinCare

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      80 reviews
      Open until 8PM
      BC V6X 2K5, 4777 Mcclelland Rd #1510, Richmond
      Mary is a wonderful person. I drive over an hour to have treatment from mary. I bring my mom who feels comfortable with mary also. Mary is honest and keeps her word. I am so so picky but mary makes me feel comfortable with her experience and…
      Advanced Skincare By agreement
      Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation By agreement
      Skin Tightening Treatments By agreement
      68 more prices
    • Marjan Medical Laser

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      58 reviews
      Open until 7PM
      BC V6X 0J8, 4000 No. 3 Rd #1130, Richmond
      Amazing service, as well she is so professional a knowledgable. Iam very pleased with her service i recmond everyone to go here class A service thank you.
      Acne Scars By agreement
      Skin Tightening And Rejuvenation By agreement
      Sensitive Skin By agreement
      29 more prices
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    • Queen Laser Center

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      55 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      BC V7A 4E7, 11020 No 5 Rd #118, Richmond
      Fatemeh is great! She takes the time to explain the procedure, and checks in with you to ensure you're comfortable and is very professional throughout the treatment. I've seen great results after my sessions.
      Skin Concerns By agreement
      Acne Scars By agreement
      Skin Rejuvenation By agreement
      30 more prices
    • BeauTouch温哥华抗衰老激光祛斑祛痘祛疤医疗美容微整诊所

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      1 review
      Open until 6PM
      BC V6X 0J8, 4000 No. 3 Rd, Units 5080 & 5085, Richmond
      The dean was very professional and attentive and appreciated she help me to change my appearance
    • Jade Clinics

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      19 reviews
      Open until 5:30PM
      BC V6V 2G3, 13520 Crestwood Pl Unit #13, Richmond
      Had my first visit in June. I had previously done laser but am fair and it didn’t work. I was apprehensive and worried about electrolysis hurting but Janine put my worries to rest and Jennifer was awesome. I think it hurt less than laser. At first…
      Best skin care clinic near me By agreement
      Beautiful Canadian Skincare Clinic By agreement
      Skin Rejuvenation By agreement
      38 more prices
    • Persona Laser & Skin Care Centre

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      10 reviews
      Open until 5PM
      BC V7C 5K1, 8180 No 2 Rd, Blundell Shopping Centre, Richmond
      I had my first waxing experience here! I was really nervous about it, but it was quick and not at all painful as I thought it would be. Took less than 10 minutes?! Larissa is super friendly and really good at what she does. I would totally…
      Organic Skin Care By agreement
      Advanced Treatment By agreement
      14 more prices
    • Hennessy laser skin care

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      9 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      BC V6X 3Z9, 3779 Sexsmith Rd Unit 2161, Richmond
      They push you to purchase a package thus to lengthen the treatment, which is super pricy. Not very professional and service is money oriented. Not reconmended.
      Skin Care Center By agreement
      Treatment Skin Care Treatment By agreement
      Acne Therapy By agreement
      67 more prices
    • Richmond Cosmetic & Laser Clinic

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      39 reviews
      Open until 9PM
      BC V7A 5J7, 11300 No 5 Rd Suite 210, Richmond
      I came here for my “11s” and masseter Botox. Dr. Sahih was very professional and honest with his recommendations and I will definitely be back for more!
    • Eternal Spa Therapeutics

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      33 reviews
      Open until 7PM
      BC V6X 3A5, 4940 No. 3 Rd #134, Richmond
      I've visited this spa twice now, tried regular and lymphatic massages with two different therapists. It's covered by RMT. I'm so happy that I've found them (someone recommended them in Facebook).
      If you're looking for deep tissue strong massage,…
      Skin treatments By agreement
      11 more prices
    • S T T Oriental Medical Center 冷醫生中醫藥中心 • 自然醫學美容中心 • 中醫診所

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      1 review
      Open until 6PM
      BC V6X 1X5, 1-7100 River Rd, Richmond
    • Dr. Gerald J. Wittenberg

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      8 reviews
      Open until 4:30PM
      BC V6X 2E3, 5951 No. 3 Rd #550, Richmond
      paid $100 for a consultation last year, and they promised they would get back to me with a mock up of before and after pics. I called every week for 4 weeks and they kept saying it would be a couple days more. That was February 2020. I have heard…
    • 67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      30 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      BC V6X 2C8, 5580 No. 3 Rd, Richmond
      Got an appointment today, after sitting at the lobby waited 15 minutes, they told me the product I’m using for my appointment is all used up today, because they’ve used it for the walk in clients, don’t know what the point of the appointment then…
    • Dr. Adelyn Ho, MD MPH FRCSC

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      4 reviews
      Open until 4PM
      BC V7C 3V3, 6051 Gilbert Rd. #201, Richmond
    • 和和皮膚病治療中心 Ho Ho TCM Skin Therapy Centre (FPQ膚必清集团)

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      4 reviews
      Open until 4PM
      BC V6X 1A3, 7031 Westminster Hwy #309, Richmond
      The herbal cream really lightened the acne scars and freckles on my face! Good product at a reasonable price.
    • Richmond Naturopathic

      Medical centers Skin care clinic
      4 reviews
      BC V6X 3K8, 8211 Ackroyd Rd, Vancouver, Greater, Richmond
      After seeing doctor jheeta for over 10 years for my health, as well as my family’s, I feel inclined to reply to the previous 1 star review as I believe it is completely invalid, and I will state it like she did.

      1. This office does not have set…
    • Richmond Laser Skin Care Centre Ltd

      Medical centers Skin treatment
      12 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      BC V6X 3Z9, 3779 Sexsmith Rd #2168, Richmond
      I go to Tracy for skincare treatments here and my skin as improved so much thanks to the time and care she has taken with me. I have acne-prone skin that results in PIE and she is like a time machine for speeding up it's healing. With her help a…
      Laser Skin Care By agreement
      Skin Resurfacing By agreement
      19 more prices
    • Anissa Health Care Services Inc

      Medical centers Skin care treatment
      1 rating
      Open until 5:30PM
      BC V6X 3R8, 4400 Hazelbridge Way Unit #320, Richmond
    • dr lorne brown md

      Medical centers Skin care center
      10 reviews
      Open until 4:30PM
      BC V7C 5L9, 6091 Gilbert Rd., Richmond
      I have never given anyone a negative review. I had gone to this unscrupulous doctor with one of my beloved family members, who wanted eyelid surgery. He assured her that it can be done. Not only did he not able to achieve any effect, left her…
    • Coppersmith Medical Clinic

      Medical centers Medical skin care
      23 reviews
      BC V7A 5J9, 11331 Coppersmith Way #305, Richmond
      In November 2019 I was referred to Dr. Larry Cheung for a spot on my nose. I have had several actinic keratosis in the same area. Dr. Cheung made me feel like a kid talking out of turn in school when I mentioned that I thought this was a new…
    • HealthVue Medical Clinic

      Medical centers Facial care centre
      17 reviews
      BC V7E 6N2, 12420 No 1 Rd #100, Richmond
      Dr parrott's ways of communication at times, is without compassion and understanding where the patient is at. I don't know if he is aware or just ignorant when it comes to being sensitive to patients. It is hard to find a doctor who listens,…
    • Wellness Keeper Healthcare & Beauty Centre

      Medical centers Aesthetic skin clinic
      2 reviews
      Open until 7PM
      BC V6X 3Z8, 8888 Odlin Crescent #1335, Richmond
      Thanks Niko and Jesse! Very good experience. The MTS Treatment really helps minimize my pores and makes my skin smoother.
    • Dr. Albert Li Podiatrist 李志豪足科醫生

      Medical centers Aesthetic skin care
      3 reviews
      BC V6X 3K5, 8291 Ackroyd Rd #135, Richmond
      Dr. Li is very friendly and willing to listen to my foot concerns, I'm not sure why the other patients had such bad experiences. Very punctual and on-time, which is a rarity these days.
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