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    • Laid Back Snacks

      Shops Food and drinks
      193 ratings
      BC V7A 4S5, 11151 Horseshoe Way #25, Richmond
      I’m obsessed with Laidback snacks! I eagerly await every shipment! They’re healthy and delicious! And I’m not sharing them with anybody.
    • arc Iberico Imports

      Restaurants Food and drinks
      72 ratings
      BC V7A 4X6, 1020-12471 Horseshoe Way, Richmond
      Great customer service and meats that are rare and of great quality. I will defiantly be ordering from again!
      “Vinagre de Jerez 4 años” Sherry Vinegar 4 years 375ml $15.25
      Perelló Gordal Spicy Pitted Olives 150g $8.50
      Perelló Gordal Spicy Pitted Olives 600g $21
      160 more prices
    • Sanjay's Foods Ltd

      Shops Food and drinks
      5 ratings
      BC V7E 2G3, 200-12417 No 2 Rd, Richmond
      Amazing food, and great/friendly customer service!! I love their butter chicken pie and will definitely be trying everything else
      Chicken Curry Pie (5″) $5
      Butter Chicken Pie (5″) $5
      Rotiwrap Chicken (185g) $4.50
      8 more prices
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    • 101 BOBA - Capstan Way

      Shops Food and drinks
      91 ratings
      Open until 10:30PM
      BC V6X 4B5, 8338 Capstan Way #1228, Richmond
      This was my first time having 50嵐 outside of Taiwan and I must say this place is authentic. Exactly the same as I remembered! Tapioca was generous, drink was yummy.
      No.8 (Plum & Kumquat) Green Tea $6
      Grapefruit Green Tea $6
      Assam Black Tea $4.30
      57 more prices
    • Amron's Gourmet Meats LTD

      Shops Food and drinks
      1 review
      BC V7C 5K1, 8180 No 2 Rd Unit 170, Richmond
      The best part of Amron’s isn’t the delicious products such as the sausages/kebabs/burgers with no fillers or the curries or the broths with no salt or the killer game meats. It’s Gary. He’s no RUMP(unless slow cooked to perfection) or chopped…
    • Hoke Poke & Tea Bar

      Shops Food and drinks
      74 ratings
      BC V7E 1S6, 11099 No 1 Rd Unit 150, Richmond
      Green $5.95
      Green Milk Tea $5.95
      Oolong Milk Tea $5.95
      41 more prices
    • Five Rivers Meat Co - Indian Meat Shop Restaurant & Butcher

      Shops Food and drinks
      22 ratings
      BC V7E 6N2, 12420 No 1 Rd Unit 150, Richmond
      New go-to spot for butter chicken. Best in town.
      Meat products By agreement
      Classic Indian Meat Products By agreement
      Chicken shop By agreement
      21 more prices
    • Hanlin Tea House

      Shops Food and drinks
      89 ratings
      BC V6X 4B6, 8328 Capstan Way Unit 1121, Richmond
      Lemon Jade Green Tea 700ml $6.29
      Jade Green Tea with Yakult & Pearls 700ml $6.89
      Thai Milk Tea 500ml $5.99
      38 more prices
    • Quiznos

      Shops Food and drinks
      59 ratings
      BC V6V 3C3, 13988 Maycrest Way #105, Richmond
      Great catering service.
      Well organized and clear labeling of the subs with a proper box to takeout.
      Dasani® And Glacéau Smartwater® Water $2.79
      Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips $1.59
      Glacéau Vitamin Water $3.19
      79 more prices
    • Fukuya Japanese Food

      Household services Food and drinks
      3 ratings
      BC V6X 3Z8, 8888 Odlin Crescent #1360, Richmond
      Very good experience. Delivery on time. Good quality product. Good communications.
      Tamaruya Grated Wasabi Mini Cup 田丸屋迷你山葵醬 from $1.29
      Kaneninishi Dashi Packs 200g 鰹魚柴魚乾高湯料 $31.99
      Hokkaido Hokke Fish 北海道魚一夜乾 from $29.99
      87 more prices
    • 4 Stones Vegetarian Cuisine

      Restaurants Food and drinks
      5 reviews
      BC V6X 1A4, 7771 Westminster Hwy, Richmond
      The staff here are so nice! Once I ordered near closing without realizing and was running late from work and they stayed open for me. Another time they were super busy filling orders (to be expected, their food is amazing) and trying to get to…
      7 炸蘿蔔糕 Deep-fried Radish Cakes [6pc] (全素 vegan) $8.24
      素牛腩 (蛋奶 ovo-lacto) $15.95
      54 麻婆豆腐 Mapo Tofu (全素 vegan) $20.89
      79 more prices
    • Sunshine Smoothies

      Shops Food and drinks
      47 ratings
      BC V6V 2G8, 2611 Viscount Way, Richmond
      Great tasting, customizable smoothies, and Tamara is super friendly
    • Real Organics and Naturals House

      Shops Food and drinks
      5 ratings
      BC V6X 2C7, 5300 No. 3 Rd #916, Richmond
      Real House health supplements gave me more energy throughout the day and helped me sleep better at night. It also helped reduce my skin allergies. I will definitely try more of their products.
      Real • Unique Probiotic Energy $32.99
      5 more prices
    • Natural World Foods 自然味

      Shops Food and drinks
      48 ratings
      BC V6X 1Z7, 11788 River Rd #126 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, Richmond
      This place has plenty condiments and spices at a very affordable price. Had been a long time customer, highly recommend!
    • BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert

      Shops Food and drinks
      152 ratings
      Open until 11:30PM
      BC V6X 4B7, 8300 Capstan Way Unit 1063, Richmond
      Black Ball has many options for dessert like Taiwanese style puddings, bubble teas and Castella cheese tarts. The weirdest thing is that we ordered 3 items from their most popular menu and they didn't have any of them. Not sure if it's supply…
      Mango&Passion Fruit Boba Green Tea(L) $7.50
      Anni Tofu&Barley&Green Beans $9.95
      Honey Yuja Cha-Cold(L) $7.25
      124 more prices
    • Choo Tea

      Shops Food and drinks
      69 ratings
      BC V6X 0J8, 1020 No. 3 Rd, Richmond
      Watermelon Green Tea $6.25
      Original Milk Tea $5
      Pineapple Green Tea $6.25
      23 more prices
    • Chatime Richmond

      Shops Food and drinks
      210 ratings
      Open until 11PM
      BC V6Y 3X9, 450-9100 Blundell Rd, Richmond
      Good service, lots of selection, however not everything is available.
      Grapefruit Green Tea $4.30
      Mango Green Tea $4.30
      Oolong Tea $3.70
      6 more prices
    • SunTea 新作の茶 Ackroyd

      Shops Food and drinks
      29 ratings
      邮政编码: V6X 3K8, Ackroyd Rd, British Columbia, Canada, Richmond
      Oreo Mochi Milk Tea (奥利奥麻薯奶茶) $8.20
      Sago Taro Milk Tea (西米芋粒芋头奶茶) $6.80
      Boba Milk Tea (波霸奶茶) $6.40
      57 more prices
    • Xing Fu Tang

      Shops Food and drinks
      101 ratings
      BC V6X 3A4, 130-8311 Lansdowne Rd, Richmond
      Fresh Grapefruit Green Tea $7.49
      Fresh Kiwi Yogurt Green Tea $6.99
      Passionfruit Strawberry Yogurt Green Tea $6.99
      26 more prices
    • The Bubble Tea Shop

      Shops Food and drinks
      4 reviews
      BC V6X 2C4, 4651 No. 3 Rd #105, Richmond
      Fresh Tofu Dessert $5.50
      The BBT Shop Premium Loose Leaf Tea $10
      DIY Brown Sugar Milk Tea Set $36
      11 more prices
    • Tiger Sugar

      Shops Food and drinks
      116 ratings
      Open until 10:30PM
      BC V6X 1A5, 8291 Westminster Hwy, Richmond
      真的非常好喝!我超喜欢奶味重的奶茶,老虎堂就是我觉得为数不多的奶味很浓的奶茶店。就在我公司对面,基本上天天都要买!老板人帅还大方,每次都加很多奶给我!请同事喝还会给我打折!very perrrrrrfect
      Black Sugar Boba Milk $6.50
      Black Sugar Pearl Milk $6.50
      Black Sugar Boba Coffee Latte with Cream $6.50
      9 more prices
    • Edsa Mart Filipino Specialty Grocery

      Shops Food and drinks
      28 ratings
      BC V6X 2T9, 4051 No 5 Rd, Richmond
      The place is well organized and the owners are so friendly and helpful. Our go to for Filipino groceries and food.
    • Bubble Queen Cafe Richmond

      Shops Food and drinks
      105 ratings
      BC V6X 3Z8, 8888 Odlin Crescent #1180, Richmond
    • Darumaya Japanese Grocery Store

      Shops Food and drinks
      90 ratings
      BC V6X 0M6, 1715-4700 Mcclelland Rd, Richmond
      Darumaya is a great Japanese Grocery Store. They have all the essentials. You can get lots of snacks, condiments, seasonings, and even Wagyu Beef. The staff is very friendly and helpful.
    • Seafair Gourmet Meats

      Shops Food and drinks
      1 review
      BC V7C 1V2, 8671 No 1 Rd, Richmond
      We drive from the farthest East of Richmond to go buy our meat at Seafair, and each and every time, we always are greeted, and given great service each time. Try finding that at a larger chain! All the staff are great, but a special shout out for…
      Meat Market By agreement
      1 more price
    • Yogurt King

      Shops Food and drinks
      24 ratings
      BC V6X 0A4, 4151 Hazelbridge Way Unit 3070, Richmond
      Blueberry Yogurt 蓝莓酸奶 $7.15
      Pineapple Yogurt 菠萝酸奶 $7.15
      Assorted Nuts Yogurt 坚果全家福 $7.15
      7 more prices
    • Tindahan Grocery Ltd

      Shops Food and drinks
      68 ratings
      BC V6X 3J3, 5960 Minoru Blvd, Richmond
      Cool shop, very unique selection of goods and awesome food!
    • Exotic International Market

      Shops Food and drinks
      40 ratings
      BC V7A 5J9, 11331 Coppersmith Way #110, Richmond
      It is a very nice store, u get lots of Indian/east African snacks. Like chevda, ghatia, cassava chips, different kind of cookies, coconut flour, coconut cream, mango pulp, all the Indian spices for cooking, different flours, different hot sauces…
    • Nikuya Meats Ltd

      Shops Food and drinks
      27 ratings
      BC V6X 3E1, 11220 Voyageur Way Unit 1, Richmond
      pricy buyt great meats
      where the meat meets the meat! LOL
    • Happy Veggie World

      Shops Food and drinks
      33 ratings
      BC V6X 1J8, 8231 Cambie Rd. #105, Richmond
      Wonderful place to get all vegetarian meat substitutes. Also some vegan products. They also sell in bulk if want to load up and freeze. 5% off with membership. Friendly and very helpful staff that are very willing to help if it's your first…
    Average company rating - 4.5 based on 1,802 reviews and 2,338 ratings