Hone Fitness Pape & Danforth

Hone Fitness Pape & Danforth

Will be closed in 7 h. 53 min.
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Sun, Sat: 10AM—6PM; Mon-Fri: 6AM—9PM
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Reviews about Hone Fitness Pape & Danforth

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  • Ian F 2021, March 7, 3:28 pm
    Hone is the best gym in the city—all the weightlifting equipment you need, for an incredible price. And the staff onsite are very friendly.

    4 stars though, not 5. Why?

    The one shortcoming: You absolutely should NOT expect grade “A” customer service if you contact the company. Any email to the gym will get a short, cold, one line reply—as if whoever is handling that email account absolutely despises their job.

    Zero professionalism from whoever handles the account. Lacking even the most BASIC c
    – show
  • Alfredo Briceño 2020, October 12, 4:22 am
    Best gym, best staff, 100/100!
  • Leonardo Cabrera 2020, October 12, 4:20 am
    Excellent staff!
  • R.Paladino 2020, October 8, 4:38 am
    This gym is the best. Super clean and the staff is excellent! 5 stars for sure!
  • Michael Arsenault 2020, September 24, 3:14 pm
    The best gym in the city! Located conveniently on the Danforth. You can't go wrong. The staff here are very knowledgeable about the body so if your interested in a personal trainer you won't find any better. They always keep a clean and safe environment. If you wanna go to Equinox but don't have the money for a $200/month membership....you come here!
  • Craig Satterley 2020, September 24, 1:59 am
    Great equipment, great employees and great members, 10/10 recommend for anyone looking for a new gym experience!
  • J.A. Perez 2020, September 18, 3:46 am
    I surely had (and continue to have) a great share of positive experiences. The team is super friendly, professional, open minded, and most importantly, humble. Moreover, the two male personal trainers that I worked with were incredibly respectful, sensitive, and professional. I even recommended this place to my co-workers and they love it! I hope you join them as well! :D xoxo
  • Andrea Pilkington 2020, September 15, 7:53 pm
    The people that work at this location are what make it so great. The trainers actually care about you and take the time to understand your needs. I have worked with Annia for quite some time and she has helped me get back in shape and actually maintain my progress.

    I've noticed a lot of negative reviews around memberships and masks. I am still not comfortable returning to the gym amid the pandemic — they had no issue with putting my membership on hold so maybe try that if you don't want to canc
    – show
  • Nhuma Camero 2020, September 15, 5:09 pm
    Best place in the area for work out. The staff is very friendly and professional. The space is small but it has big windows, it’s airy, not crowded, the equipment is new, and it's the most affordable nearby. I used to assist the group classes with Annia prior to lock down and I love them!! She is an exceptional trainer and makes the working out to much fun. I highly recommended it!
  • Kati Bruch 2020, September 15, 4:08 pm
    Small but mighty! What the Danforth Hone location lacks in size, it makes up for in personality. There are some true shining stars on staff here who care deeply about their clients and always do their best to make you feel welcome.
    The space is modestly sized, with equipment on three levels. I've had memberships at multiple gyms on the Danforth, however Hone is my favourite. I've never had to wait for equipment, and I've even introduced new machines into my workouts! I've seen huge improvements
    – show
  • Valentina Garcia 2020, September 15, 1:15 am
    Coolest gym in the city!!! clean and not too crowded even after the virus!
  • Paul Paschos 2020, September 14, 10:29 pm
    — The personal trainer «Annia» is the best trainer that I have ever had. I highly recommend you try her out. Best money I have spent. I had a back injury last year that prevented me from walking. She helped me build up my core to where I can safely do dead lifts of other heavy exercises.

    — Good variety of equipment

    — Good lighting and large windows. Some other gyms are dark.

    — Good air circulation. Some other gyms smell.

    — With covid, there are few people in the gym. No waiting for equipment
    – show
  • Lisbeth Chacon 2020, September 14, 9:25 pm
    Great price, excellent location and Friendly staff. The classes hosted by Annia are excellents. Highly recommended.
  • Alex Seaborn 2020, September 14, 8:38 pm
    I was training here for a year prior to lockdown and always felt welcome at this gym, and the group classes hosted by Annia in the evenings were excellent. I also trained with Annia personally at the gym at least once a week throughout this year and she is phenomenal. Annia is an excellent trainer and she helped push me towards my fitness goals. Could not recommended her and this location more.
  • Mariana Mesa 2020, September 14, 8:36 pm
    Directed workouts are really fun and inspiring. The classes held by Annia were amazing. She's a widely care sports therapist and a great source to plan your routines if you have injuries. The front desk staff is very friendly and welcoming. The installations are clean and organized.
  • John Smith 2020, September 14, 7:47 pm
    Friendly staff. Their trainers are exceptional, the overall vibe is great and I just have good experiences even with the pandemic situation. I definitely recommend them to my friends and family
  • Rebecca Wells 2020, September 9, 4:24 pm
    After zero follow up on behalf of the business regarding closures and opens, they made it clear that for the almost 5 full months of closures, they would be taking no membership changes whatsoever. I received zero communication the gym had even reopened (I had to check the website), but Hone decided they were entitled to begin arbitrarily charging my card, despite not walking into the facility since end of Feb. When I brought it to the customer service team, I received an email back from a rando – show
  • Beth Arsenault 2020, September 2, 12:07 am
    I signed up for a trial membership without realizing my credit card would be charged at the end (I admit this was my mistake for entering that information). I didn't end up using the trial and still have never stepped foot in any of the locations. When I realized what had happened and attempted to resolve the issue I was ignored and continued to be charged. When Covid happened I was told I would have to wait until they reopened. In May I sent another email requesting that someone take the time t – show
  • Gangwah Su 2020, August 28, 8:12 pm
    It's decent for the price, don't think the air conditioning is on though, it gets unbearably hot while working out compared to other gyms, might cancel or switch gyms since working out indoors in immense heat is a no go
  • Olivier Pelletier 2020, August 22, 7:41 pm
    Do not come to this gym unless you want to get sick. They will force you to touch your face after every set to put a mask back on with dirty hands spreading germs to the face which is the primary cause of covid 19. They do not understand basic fitness. While you are at rest between sets your heart rate is still elevated and you need oxygen to recover which the mask prevents. This still counts as exercising. What you will find here is staff walking around telling you to put the mask back on betwe – show
  • Rock On 2020, August 14, 3:05 am
  • Rebecca Mattina 2020, August 1, 6:49 pm
    If I could give this company negative stars. I would. From day 1 of the pandemic there has been LIMITED communication — all we received were posted and quickly deleted instagram posts. It took weeks to receive an «official email» and the instagram comments were limited so you couldn't even ask questions about charges and reopening. The same thing happened during stage 3. You have to be following their account for any info, and even then they have posted/deleted at least 3 times this week. The in – show
  • Jessie O. Lee 2020, July 28, 4:47 am
    Absolutely love this place, multi locations, fully loaded, friendly and helpful staff. No pretense. This is the place to get fit and save money with. Thank you Hone Fitness. I can't wait till it's re-open. I really look forward to seeing you guys & the friendly staffs again. Thanks Hone Fitness.
  • James Brugmann 2020, February 22, 2:33 am
    The price is good but gym is understaffed and needs to establish basic norms of gym etiquette. Too many members (men in particular) fail to wipe down equipment, replace their weights etc. Gym could start by posting signs near machines and at entrance regard such basic gym etiquette.
  • Yone Simidzu 2020, January 5, 6:30 pm
    The gym is airy and well illuminated. The equipment is new. The staff is very friendly and professional. The only downside is the size of the locker room. Too tiny.
  • redwingsfan65 2019, December 22, 1:03 am
    Decent gym. A little small. Staff is friendly.
  • Janelle Beausoleil 2019, November 30, 7:56 pm
    This gym is compact and missing some of the equipment and space that other Hone fitness have, but it's clean and friendly. Great place to workout and get your sweat on!
  • Fabio Marcello Percario 2019, November 9, 6:34 pm
    Perfect! Best place in town to workout and best Hone fitness of them all. Friendly staff, nice machinery and good atmosphere. Recommended.
  • Don Juan 2019, October 25, 2:05 am
    New and clean.
  • Kevin F. D'Souza 2019, October 11, 5:01 am
    Cool gym..clean and not too crowded
  • Jonathan Quartly-Frair 2019, September 17, 9:52 pm
    Great New few month old gym on Danforth near Pape. However I would like it if they as requested moved the TV's from behind the fire suppression pipe in front of the upstairs treadmills. The owner mentioned they would have the manager look at it, then nothing further. This was several months ago now, and through a rep soon after opening. In addition to unlimited tanning at some locations saunas would be nice.
  • Carlos Calderon 2019, August 29, 11:13 pm
    I like it, but I like the location at Queen and Carlaw better.
  • Matt Baniak 2019, August 24, 1:13 pm
    One of the best gyms I've been to. The staff are always extremely friendly and courteous. This gym has ample equipment and cardio machines. No matter what hour you go it's never too busy, and the clientele is all very respectful of one another. I've been to Goodlife and Equinox, and honestly, this gym has everything you need at a much lower price point. Keep it up, Hone!
  • A Johns 2019, August 13, 11:50 am
    Great location. Great equipment, super spacious and smiling staff. Great to use!!!
  • Kathy Rosenberg 2019, August 12, 4:03 am
    Great gym
  • gabriel f 2019, July 27, 9:11 pm
    I would rate this 5 stars but one thing bothers me, no one re-racks their weights (dumbells in the wrong locations too)! I don't want to come in and have to remove peoples weights everytime, there are signs but no one cares. Staff should do more about it too. But otherwise, great equipment, super clean facility and not over crowded (removed another star, so sick of people's lack of care to re-rack, staff needs to deal with it…)
  • Chaz Change 2019, July 22, 9:06 pm
    No Frills gym. Inexpensive, clean, no contracts. If you want a gym at a great price where you just want to do your own thing, then Hone Fitness is for you.
  • Angel Marchena 2019, July 20, 8:53 am
    The gym is comfortable, practical and have the necessary equipment for training in an adecuate way and the staff service is so nice…
  • Rochelle Davis 2019, July 6, 3:55 pm
    Great staff, great equipment, not crowded. Definitely affordable. I would recommend Hone Fitness anytime.
  • Sulaiman Khan 2019, June 22, 7:18 pm
    This Gym is 2 mnths old, new equipment, I like the brightness on the floor, First month is free, $15 biweekly…, it is spacious, locker facility available.., youve gotta bring your own towel
  • Nick S 2019, June 8, 8:53 pm
    No paper towels and too small. Ceilings in the change room is too low.
  • Antonio Quintana 2019, May 31, 11:21 pm
    Excellent gym, machines and staff! Hala was so helpful with my free day trial. Awesome!
  • Burcu Asliturk 2019, May 26, 9:23 pm
    Amazing!! Nice staff and not so busy
  • umair syed 2019, May 4, 4:58 pm
    The gym is specious with modern gym machines.The staffs are well behaved, friendly and helpful.
  • Ken NG 2019, May 3, 3:51 am
    Great gym, good space and equipment. Staff are also friendly and welcoming.
  • Aira Serrame 2019, April 16, 9:00 am
    Very accessible gym, just 3 mins walk from Pape station. Love the brand new smell of this gym. It’s always clean everytime I come in. They just opened couple weeks ago and they’re still waiting for some machines to be delivered so there are still missing équipement. However the staff did an amazing job explaining this to their clients and I absolutely had no problem with it. It’s also a great gym for someone who’s just starting out. I find the staff extremely friendly and helpful everytime I fin – show
  • Peter Lampropoulos 2019, April 7, 2:09 pm
    Exactly what I wanted. Fully equipped and excellent lighting. Very polite staff.
Average rating - 4.3 based on 47 reviews and 62 ratings