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Reviews about Quantum Strength & Fitness

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  • 2022, May 13, 3:10 pm
    This place doesn't feel like your classic gym, which you dread going to. It's a place where you actually look forward to going to.
  • 2022, May 6, 5:27 pm
    Quantum is an outstanding gym! It's welcoming atmosphere from the second you walk in the door to the attention and care of the coaches to the fun community the other members infuse into the space is top notch. No matter what your fitness goals are there's something for everyone at any level of fitness. The coaches genuinely care about your success and will work with you in what ever capacity you want or need to achieve your goals. 10/10 recommending joining Quantum Fitness!
  • 2022, March 6, 1:17 am
    Never been there
  • 2021, November 29, 8:04 pm
    Quantum is a welcoming community of people pursuing their fitness goals! The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and provide customized programming for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. The facilities are clean and sanitized regularly. All-around excellent gym!
  • 2020, September 22, 4:21 am
    I absolutely love Quantum Fitness! Here's why:
    1. Excellent coaching- they take their time to learn about past injuries, your goals, what is attainable, accommodate and customize the training program specifically for you, knowledgeable, pay attention and make the corrections to your form to help make you better and stronger. They notice the little things that can be missed overtime. Sense of humor and feeling welcomed every session.
    2. Clean space- I am loving the individual workout spaces. All
    – show
  • 2020, September 4, 7:28 pm
    Quantum Strength & Fitness is the best gym I have joined. The second you walk through those doors you instantly feel like you are part of a community. Everyone there is very welcoming and it quickly becomes a social experience. I consider the people there as my “gym family”. Given that the classes are offered in a small group setting, the coaches are able to provide you with lots of guidance. My experience with all the coaches (Leah, Peter, Hannah, and Michelle) has been very positive. They are – show
  • 2020, March 25, 9:25 pm
    I've been seeing Coach Pete at Quantum for over 1 year now, and the experience has been excellent. He is very positive, knowledgable and his attention to body position & form while training is overwhelmingly apparent. Making the choice to see Pete was the best decsion I've made in regards to my fitness. My strength has increased significantly and I would recommend Quantum to anyone who asked.

  • 2020, February 26, 4:15 am
    I joined Quantum about a year ago and loved everyday I was in the gym. I sadly have to say goodbye now because interests change but I do miss it. If you want great coaching this is the place. I went in knowing nothing about how to safely move and lift and now I’m confident with gym related activities. This gym helped me accomplish things I never thought I could do. I highly recommend to anyone.
  • 2020, January 13, 6:23 pm
    Quantum CrossFit is more than just a gym! It is an inclusive community that supports people to achieve their fitness goals.

    They have an individualized approach, and class sizes are small enough that you can get help and support at every workout.

    The community of members is diverse and everyone is so encouraging and supportive of each other's fitness goals.

    I joined almost 2 years ago, and I can't imagine what life would be like without Quantum!
  • 2019, December 18, 4:34 pm
    Gave me Life.

    I could not be more happier to be apart of such a great gym, I join Quantum Crossfit last year october 2018. Ive always struggled with my weight and overall fitness, eventhough I did go to the gym i wasn't able to get the results I wanted. Going to the gym was great but there was something missing. Making the decision to join Quantum Crossfit has a been a life change experience that I dont plan on straying from because I found that missing piece. I trully look forward to going to
    – show
  • 2019, September 1, 9:20 pm
    Amazing trainer leah,Peter,Hanna,Allstar,kc,daren. They helped me and motivate too much
  • 2019, August 31, 8:18 pm
    Quantum Crossfit brought my fitness to a completely different level. I am 43 and I can say that I am in my best shape ever. In 3 years with Quantum Crossfit I lost 30 pounds of fat and gained muscle, I have achieved highest level of endurance and agility I have ever had in my life.

    What you can expect from Crossfit Quantum:
    Small classes, world class coaches, friendly environment. One of the strongest elements of this gym is its programming and flexibility which allows you to customize workout
    – show
  • 2019, April 27, 8:04 pm
    Really great coaches, fun environment and you get pushed to new limits. The staff is always super careful if you have any injuries (old or new) and they track your progress.
  • 2019, April 6, 1:02 am
    I am writing this review from the perspective of a crossfit newbie that came in and had done alot of research and trial classes in CrossFit gyms in Toronto (I compiled a giant spreadsheet and everything.. yes I know, I may have a problem).
    For a beginner, CrossFit Quantum is absolutely the best place to get started on your fitness journey.
    You will notice the difference right away from their intake process when you come in for your trial class.
    One of the super qualified & friendly coaches will
    – show
  • 2019, March 9, 6:50 pm
    To me, what makes a good permanent gym is: motivative environment, high quality coaches, parking space and last but not least, somewhere where I could work through my long standing injuries. Quantum Crossfit gets 10/10 for all of these. For a very long time, I've been abstaining from intense workouts because of past athletic injuries on my knee and lower back. I was doomed to a life of boring physical therapy. Now, I'm BACK at my old athletic days, and it's only getting better. It's really thank – show
  • 2019, February 12, 7:05 pm
    I can't speak highly enough of CrossFit Quantum. Leah, Peter, Darren, and the rest of the coaches have built a space that's warm, welcoming, and inclusive. Whether you're a pro or a newbie you'll feel at home here. Nothing is assumed and everything is explained. Workouts are customized to suit your ability, strength, and mobility. If you're injured or working on something specific, Leah, Darren, or Peter will make sure you're staying safe and making progress. And last but not least, they're just – show
  • 2018, December 10, 6:20 pm
    This is by far the best gym I have ever attended. Staff is just superb, constant onsite coaching and goal driven improvements programs tailored specific for your own goals. Peter is an amazing coach absolutely loves whatnhe does and this shows in his dedication with his clients. For work reasons im no longer a member, but everyday I think of what gym im going to join nex…Quantum always comes #1
  • 2018, November 28, 3:13 pm
    I have never walked into a workout space as welcoming and encouraging as Quantum CrossFit. Peter, Leah and the coaches are so knowledgable and engaged in helping everyone get the best out of their program and each and every workout. I was never big into working out before Quantum but now I'm motivated to get to the gym and proud of my accomplishments!
  • 2018, September 30, 2:42 am
    Big Al
  • 2018, September 6, 5:51 pm
    This gym is amazing. The coaches (Peter, Leah, Alastair and Darren) are extremely helpful and provide guidance for you every step of the way. Workouts are constructed based on your skill level and can be tailored to accommodate injuries.

    Not to mention, everyone is welcome at Quantum. Any age or fitness level is welcome and the classes are very motivating to help you achieve your best!
  • 2018, September 5, 1:40 pm
    Me and my wife have been going there for around 6 months and have loved the every bit of it. There are always two coaches in one class who are ready to help. We have seen significant results in our limited time in the gym.
  • 2018, August 11, 11:36 pm
    Extremely helpful and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable and caring. Joining this CrossFit gym is a life changing event.
  • 2018, July 26, 9:52 pm
    From the moment I stepped inside for the first time, Leah, Peter and the team have consistently exceeded my expectations with their knowledge and care for each and every one of their clients at Quantum CrossFit. Simply put, it is everything I want from a gym, without any of the stuff I have come to hate with gyms (insert pushy sales and diet lectures!).
    Not only have I made significant strides in my fitness level, I am also been addressing some nagging injuries with the help of the Team. The ind
    – show
  • 2018, July 23, 12:37 am
    Knowledgable coaches. Amazing and supportive atmosphere. The programs are suitable for all fitness levels, old or young.
  • 2018, May 25, 10:17 pm
    Passed by here today. Although I didn't attend a class I did take a look at what they were doing. Seems like a great CrossFit place and the coaches looked very professional. I will be giving it a try soon!!
  • 2018, April 1, 12:35 am
    My experience in Quantum was wonderful. Not only were the workouts fun and scalable to each individual but the trainers and coaches brought a level of personal care and attention. It made you not only understand and improve on the fundamentals of form and technique, but made you feel as if that you were assigned the most caring coaches to help you improve.

    Overall I would recommend Quantum to any person who are looking for a great community and great set of instructors. I'm always looking forwa
    – show
  • 2018, February 12, 6:50 pm
    Wasn't much into crossfit or even fitness before, but the coaches here do a great job at bringing you up to speed. Peter, Alastair, Leah are all wonderful coaches and a special thanks to Peter for all the personal care and guidance along the way. Would strongly recommend this place and hope to get back again!
  • 2017, November 8, 1:41 am
    I have never been as fit as when Leah coached me. She took into consideration my older age and some injuries and motivated me and guided me to work out with intensity, and challenge…I love a challenge..made it safe for me as an older fitness enthusiast…Thanks so much
  • 2017, October 29, 10:28 pm
    Amazing coaches, who take the time to help improve technique and constantly work with you to help you progress. I've been a member here for 6 months now, and my results have been better than I had hoped for. The other members have been great and very supportive.
  • 2017, October 23, 3:38 am
    I was in town for work last week and found this place close by the hotel. Timing worked out and they were more than gracious when I popped by for a drop in workout. I had heard before going up that Canadians were generally nice people so I had a hard time telling if every one here was so nice b/c they were Canadian or just really gosh darn nice people. Either way, everyone was super welcoming from the coach to the members.

    Peter did a great job with some pointers on my squat technique which I a
    – show
  • 2017, August 7, 7:17 pm
    Quantum Crossfit is the absolute longest time I have ever stuck with any workout program. (almost a year!) I stuck with it because every single time I walk into the gym, I am greeted warmly by coaches and fellow crossfit athletes. Coaches get to know you, and truly care about your physical and mental well being, they are genuinely excited when you reach a goal and have a plethora of kindhearted informative advice if you are having a bad day or feel like you hit a wall. I feel so accomp – show
  • 2017, July 29, 12:53 am
    After one year at Quantum I am extremely happy with my progress. The knowledgeable and supportive coaches have made this possible. I am always looking forward to coming in at the end of my day. The members are friendly and the environment is welcoming which makes for not only an effective workout but an enjoyable one.
  • 2017, July 4, 11:24 pm
    Saw Peter for a form-check session after lifting by myself for a year. He quickly diagnosed some flaws in my technique, and provided queues that helped tighten up my squat and deadlift.
  • 2017, May 3, 4:35 pm
    Trying CrossFit has been a great experience. Since the start, the Quantum Team made us feel welcomed and encouraged us not only to meet our fitness goals, but improve our lifestyle. The coaches experience and their personalities make a big difference.
  • 2017, March 2, 4:40 am
    Best gym experience yet! Great coaches, great people, great atmosphere. If you want a challenge, and a personal interest on your health and fitness ability, check out Quantum! You won't be disappointed!
  • 2017, February 24, 8:54 pm
    Peter's knowledge and helpfulness make him an amazing trainer.
  • 2017, January 9, 5:19 am
    Definitely, the most dedicated team towards personal wellness I've encountered. The greatest part was the customized plans I was given based on previous injuries I've had in the past (Thanks Peter!). But, not to mention the camaraderie I felt when pushing towards those hard work outs. Thank you for everything so far!
  • 2017, January 7, 1:09 pm
    All these super good reviews were kinda sketchy, but after popping in for the free trial and some 1:1 debrief, damn, this place is legit. Super friendly, and helpful! The staff really looks like they know what they are doing, and they really do help everyone individually!

    Update: I've been going to this place for quite a long time now, and still, awesome. I would say the individualized training program and theven nice coaches make this a great place to train.
  • 2017, January 3, 2:50 am
    My wife and I dropped in for a workout last week when we were in Toronto for New Year's. The workout itself was solid -- a long partnered METCON. Peter, the instructor, was great about getting us through a warm-up and offering tips/advice regarding form, especially on the squats, kb swings and rowing (erg). Even better, he was very encouraging throughout, pushing each person to give a little more effort, while also acknowledging that it was a longer workout and that, towards the second half, – show
  • 2016, October 29, 4:21 am
    Today, I dropped into Quantum for a workout. I was welcomed by Peter who got me oriented with the gym and how things work there, he was really nice to make the time and was patient with all my questions. I like the space and the equipment at the gym. The vibe is positive and open, it felt encouraging to get through the workout. The members at the gym were also welcoming and friendly! It was a great experience for me and I will be returning soon! Thanks Quantum and Coach Peter!
  • 2016, October 1, 6:56 am
    Awesome coaches, accommodating and friendly. Individualized training programs for any sport are super effective and well thought out. Great experience!
  • 2016, September 23, 11:08 pm
    For over a year, I have followed the F-bomb Friday program and feel that it has contributed significantly to my fitness gains. This program has a good mix of strength and cardio. There are always new skills and movements to learn which gives you a good challenge.

    I've receive coaching from Peter and Alastair who are both very knowledgeable and passionate in their fields of expertise. I really appreciate the attention to detail that goes into explaining the movements (ie. which muscles to engage
    – show
  • 2016, September 19, 7:14 am
    I approached both Coach Peter and Coach Leah of Quantum Crossfit with the intent of dropping 10 lbs. in the span of two and half months before I got down on one knee and proposed to my longtime girlfriend. Being a regular at the Scarborough YMCA, I was at a point of stagnation, and not seeing the results I wanted to see. I had no knowledge of what crossfit was, and was also cautiously optimistic that I would be able to achieve the results I wanted in the time that I needed them by. After looking – show
  • 2016, September 18, 6:52 pm
    Great, knowledgeable staff! They understand well how to help with each person's journey — even though we all come from various backgrounds and aim for various goals. There are always great opportunities to learn more, such as nutrition seminars or group training for a specific goals (deadlift, bench, rings, etc).
  • 2016, September 2, 5:42 pm
    I Love Quantum. This place manages to have the perfect combination for what you want from a gym, great equipment and set up, Friendly and extremely well trained and prepared coaches, challenging for all levels of expertise, never over crowded and most importantly a great community atmosphere.
  • 2016, August 16, 3:01 am
    Not just a gym, but a fitness community. The supportive coaches are the foundation to this gym and all the members make pushing and challenging yourself something to look forward to day in and day out!
  • 2016, July 7, 4:30 pm
    Quantum has provided me with expert advice to meet my physical needs as an athlete. They have helped me increase my strength and recover from injuries throughout my hockey career. The positive environment of the gym is very encouraging.
  • 2016, February 3, 10:05 pm
    Been training at crossfit for 5 months! Their service, environment, equipment and program is second to none. I always enjoy coming into workout and always leave feeling great! Big respect to the team
  • 2016, January 1, 12:24 am
    Hands down the best gym I've been a member of. The coaching staff is very intimately involved from day 1 and they take a personal interest in your success. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone who wants to make the change in their life to get in shape or even to the athlete who wants to truly challenge himself/herself.

    Congrats on the amazing community you guys have built!
  • 2015, December 28, 5:01 am
    Been going here since early 2011. This gym and it is absolutely amazing. Coaching staff is friendly and approachable. The services offered here are comprehensive and delivered in a way that makes an approach to being active, eating healthy etc. that much easier. Could not recommend this place enough.
  • 2015, December 25, 5:08 am
    I have been training all my life and have never had a better experience then at CrossFit Quantum!
    The coaches are top notch and the programs are geared to your ability level and goals. There is something here for everyone.
    It is a fun and motivating environment that will keep you coming back for more.
    Drive up parking is a real bonus.
  • 2015, December 21, 9:38 pm
    Nothing but great things to say about this gym. Best part is the coaching staff. Their accumulated wealth of knowledge in strength and condition ensures you get the most out of each and every class. Not only will you get into the best shape of your life you will do so in a safe and fun manner.
  • 2015, December 20, 5:47 pm
    I have been to several Crossfit gyms in the city and this is by far the best one. The staff are very knowledgable and welcoming. The workouts they provide are challenging and fun for any fitness level. AMAZING GYM…
  • 2015, December 17, 5:54 pm
    First experience with Cross Fit type training. The team at Quantum were great in making the training sessions challenging and rewarding, I saw positive results in my conditioning after several sessions. They promote a great team environment during training sessions, they are also very strong with technique to ensure exercises are done correctly.
  • 2015, December 17, 4:00 am
    The attentiveness of Peter and Alistair during your workouts is a display of professionalism
    They build a contract and deliver on your goals.
  • 2015, December 16, 8:00 pm
    Very good gym, exceptional people and atmosphere. Been there to prepare me physically for a major sports event, couldn't have been better prepared.
  • 2015, December 16, 4:31 am
    I was introduced to Quantum CrossFit 5 years ago and have never had better results. The trainers are knowledgeable and personable and everybody at the gym is friendly. I would recommend Quantum CrossFit to anybody looking for a new gym.
  • 2015, December 14, 9:28 am
    Quantum CrossFit was where I really started to understand the importance of health and fitness. I was automatically surrounded by the most knowledgeable coaches, who really instilled the importance of proper technique; I even found a passion in Olympic Lifting (which is something I never really knew about before).

    Being out in California for the past year, (the Mecca of CrossFit gyms), and being exposed to all sorts of different boxes, I could see that Quantum is definitely the only box where
    – show
  • 2015, December 13, 9:13 pm
    I am the grandmother at the gym and I feel most welcomed. I am not sure if the reception would be the same at other gyms. All the coaches are great and I continue to improve in strength, flexibility and stamina. The other members are also supportive and fun to train with. Scientific evidence shows that women my age benefit significantly with weight lifting and endurance training. I hope to continue the gains I have made in the years to come.
  • 2015, December 13, 4:54 am
    The BEST CrossFit gym in Toronto, hands down. The coaches know how to make working out fun, safe and effective. I never feel like I'm in over my head — if they don't think I'm ready for a specific workout, they customize it. Someone is always nearby to tell you to dig deeper and to say good job when you've achieved something great, and I have. I'm in the best shape of my life thanks to them.
  • 2015, December 12, 8:52 pm
    I love this gym. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive. That means that you have fun while working hard to attain your goals. The coaches are very knowledgeable and take the trouble to adapt every work-out to each participant. We all arrive with issues and over the course of time, we learn to strengthen our weak areas. There is a strong emphasis on form. This is functional fitness and it makes a difference in my activities every day.
  • 2015, December 12, 7:30 pm
    What's not to love about Quantum Crossfit! I've been to many boxes across North America and this is my spot in Toronto. Coaching is top notch which is critical in this sport and the community is phenomenal. My favorite bonus of Quantum is the Olympiclifting program which is really well programmed and coach by people who know their craft. I would highly recommend this box to anyone looking for a full Crossfit experience.
  • 2015, December 12, 5:28 am
    I have been at crossfit for almost five years and thanks to Peter (the best crossfit coach in the gta)I started and kept at it. And i thank him for it every day. Quantum gym people are amazing and always pay attention to every little detail. it's almost like you have a personal coach with you at all times.
  • 2015, December 12, 5:04 am
    It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes this place so exceptional. Between the highly qualified coaches, the multi-disciplinary approach to fitness and strength, the realistic approach to nutrition and truly amazing members, this place truly has it all. Whether your goals are surviving a 5km or snatching 200lb, the coaches will get you there with a refreshing focus on long-term, sustainable fitness and strength. I am constantly surprised with their ability to help me push my limits and achiev – show
  • 2015, December 12, 3:23 am
    I started at Quantum Crossfit because I heard crossfit was a good way to lose weight but since I've started it has become so much more than that. I feel stronger and healthier as a result of supportive coaches, personalized workouts and nutritional counselling. Everyone at Quantum truly wants to see you reach your goals and the level of support and encouragement I receive is above and beyond having a personal trainer and cheaper too!
  • 2015, December 11, 11:53 pm
    The experience at Quantum starts with the coaching. They have everything from high level competitive coaches to fitness geeks that can make a program specifically for you. The difference at Quantum is their desire to constantly improve, with new certifications, national records, updated programming and all of the tools you need to be successful with your fitness goals.

    They know how to take the best elements from a range of disciplines and find a program for any fitness goal, coach Roberts was
    – show
  • 2015, December 11, 7:20 pm
    Two years ago there I was weak and afraid getting gym subscriptions and just going the last week or so due to guilt. Then when all hope was lost I stumble upon Quantum and it came to me like a life jacket in a turbulent sea. There has been no turning back since then. The amount of support and motivation I get from the gym I haven't seen anywhere else. The coaches keep you tuned up like a fine precision ass kicking machine that you become due to the excellent program and exercise variations best – show
  • 2015, December 11, 7:12 pm
    Amazing gym. Coaches are very knowledgable, camaraderie is great, and the environment is warm and welcoming. The workouts are adaptable to every time of person, whether they are an elite athlete or a beginner. Definitely the best gym in Toronto!
  • 2015, December 11, 6:04 am
    These guys are and this place is first class. The trainers and members combine to create a welcoming, fun, and supportive environment like nothing I've ever experienced before or since. Well-suited to a variety of goals from beginners on up.
  • 2015, December 11, 4:59 am
    Quantum is hands down the best workout facility in the GTA. Top notch coaching, awesome gym buddies, fun workouts and gently pushing limits to be better than yesterday! Great for all ages and levels of fitness from rehab to competition.
  • 2015, December 11, 12:42 am
    My first taste of crossfitting was at Quantum, couldn't have asked for a more positive, friendly and supportive environment. This is not your typical crossfit gym. These coaches all care deeply about seeing you become a better version of yourself, and the programming is suited for beginners as well as for elite athletes. If you got any doubts about crossfit, personal development or just finding somewhere to fit in while you better your mind and body, Quantum will not disappoint you.
  • 2015, December 11, 12:03 am
    This gym is top notch! The super friendly coaches are very knowledgeable and more importantly motivating. I push myself more now than I ever did because the people at Quantum Crossfit instilled in me the confidence I needed to believe that I could. If you're looking to step up your game Quantum Crossfit is the place you need to be. #fitfam
  • 2015, December 11, 12:03 am
    This is hands down the best gym I've ever attended. It's more than your average crossfit gym. The programming is outstanding. There are streamed workout plans based on your ability and interest ranging from personalized workout plans, general training, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, to crossfit competition style training. The focus is on technique and proper form vs. just getting it done. The coaches are passionate about what they do and it shows. I recommend this gym to everyone, regardle – show
  • 2015, December 10, 11:36 pm
    While many crossfit gyms take the one size fits all approach, Quantum works to ensure their programming aligns with each individual’s ability and goals. All the coaching staff are extremely knowledgeable and exude passion for health and fitness. The result is a community full of amazing people that will motivate you like nothing else will.

    I simply can’t recommend this place enough.
  • 2015, December 10, 10:59 pm
    I used to come to Crossfit Quantum for 2 years not long after they opened. I took 3.5 years off and had a kid and just plain lazy, I recently went back to get myself back into a healthy state. I love this gym, they don't try to kill you but instead to push you all the while giving great instruction and care to every client. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
  • 2015, December 10, 10:49 pm
    What a great gym!

    I have been coming here for nearly two years and have nothing but positive things to say about it. Coaches are knowledgeable, friendly and always there to assist. The workouts are fun, challenging and can be customized to your individual goals. The environment is inviting, encouraging and always friendly.

    Would (and often do!) recommend to anyone.
  • 2015, December 10, 10:48 pm
    The coaches, the programming all absolutely fantastic. Can not say enough good things about this place.
    Highly reccomended!!
  • 2015, December 10, 10:47 pm
    I've been going to Quantum for almost three years now, and would highly recommend this gym to anyone who wants to work out in a supportive and friendly environment. The trainers and programming are high quality, and the progress you make will motivate you to continue going. I've learned how to do olympic lifing and have competed in Crossfit competitions since joining, which is something I never thought I would do.
  • 2015, December 10, 10:44 pm
    This is where I learned I could be strong and powerful. When I joined this gym years ago they helped me really take a hold of my fitness.

    If you want to have the best Olympic lifting training, best power lifting or just want to get fit this is the place to go. The community is absolutely amazing. You'll feel sad if you miss the gym. The coaches are great and you'll never feel like you need to «get fit first». You will however see great results. I would recommend them to everyone and anyone, hel
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  • 2015, May 4, 4:00 pm
    Nice place to workout..with great people
  • 2014, December 11, 12:06 am
    I absolutely love Crossfit Quantum — no where in Toronto will you get a better workout alongside some of the best people. The coaches are super supportive to everyone, and really take their time to make sure your form is perfect in order to prevent injuries. All the workouts can be scaled so that anyone from an Olympic athlete to your grandmother can workout beside each other — the coaches will help you with that :)

    If you want to get motivated and get fit, this is the place to do it. I am new
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  • 2014, December 11, 12:06 am
    Can't say enough good things about the Quantum! The coaches are great, very attentive and always happy to go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals! The programming is adaptable to any and all skill levels, and the other members are great to train with!
  • 2014, December 10, 11:46 pm
    This isn't your typical gym! A focus on individual needs, proper technique, personal progress, pushing yourself, and having fun makes this as good, if not better, than working with a personal trainer. Anyone could benefit from working out here, and would fit in with the diverse community. BEST GYM EVER!
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