Gyro Bar! Souvlaki Kitchen

Gyro Bar! Souvlaki Kitchen

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Reviews about Gyro Bar! Souvlaki Kitchen

  /  136 ratings
All reviews 77
  • Nida S. 2021, October 28, 6:05 pm
    Best gyro ever!!
  • Google U. 2021, October 17, 8:17 am
    Hours are inaccurate
  • Lelouch L. 2021, October 12, 6:38 am
    Every single time I've come here, the foods always tasted the same… Absolutely DELICIOUS! My only complaint.. Is he isn't in Hamilton.
  • Aaron B. 2021, September 11, 12:34 am
    Authentic gyros absolutely amazing thanks!
  • Adrian F. 2021, September 7, 4:43 am
    This one star is for the Gyro Bar location Dundas Street West. I Ordered for pickup and the gentleman (I don't know if is the owner) forgot twice my order and had to wait 30 min and he didn't apology at all. Also you never get the food as you wanted. Very disappointed. Wouldn't recommend this Gyro Bar at this location
  • Brody D. 2021, August 19, 2:55 am
    As soon as you begin to chew on the chicken, it is so dry and old it feels like you’re eating sand. Don’t go here
  • james m. 2021, August 19, 12:39 am
    Do not eat here the meat is extremely dry and overall gross
  • Sam A. 2021, August 5, 2:53 am
    Had a mixed (chicken and lamb) gyro, it was extremely delicious. Great spot
  • Oriel M. 2021, August 2, 3:01 am
    Food was decent, but they messed up our order and communications with the counter were a bit difficult.
  • Chrissy d. 2021, July 12, 4:51 am
    Yummy as always!! I always get the gyro wrap, feels satisfying every single time
  • Cristian Q. 2021, July 3, 3:08 pm
    DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. I went and got 1 chicken gyro and 1 pork gyro. The meat was so old that it was crunchy as chips or crackers. Plus it had this taste that it was rotten or something. In all honesty the worst food I've ever tasted in my life. BEWARE!!!!
  • Natasha Y. 2021, June 25, 4:50 pm
    Workers were extremely unfriendly, *not wearing masks*, and food was extremely sub-standard. The food isn’t great to begin with but after being yelled at by the staff, our appetite was entirely ruined. I really do hope that the owners are able to learn from the feedback within these reviews and one day establish a more successful business.
  • davin b. 2021, June 20, 7:22 am
    Average food wastWesring a maks
  • L. J. 2021, June 11, 9:33 pm
    Nice staff, Covid guidelines on place and it was very clean!
  • Mimi C. 2021, June 1, 8:03 am
    Usually really good, steak dinner has had a lot gristle the last three times we ordered, potatoes are always perfectly cooked, salad is great too
  • Matthew K. 2021, May 28, 2:31 am
    These guys are the best. The wraps are perfect.
  • Andrew B. 2021, May 22, 5:08 am
    Tzaziki is fantastic as ie the owner and the staff! Authentic Greek Gyro and Souvlaki.
    Won't be disappointed. Go eat there
  • von g. 2021, May 4, 10:49 am
    Most dissapointing experience of 2021. The lamb gyro was very dry and when asked for sauce I got yelled at in another language. Horrid service. Just went to get food and never felt so much hatred coming from people I have never met.
  • Tony L. 2021, May 3, 1:07 pm
    Get the souvlaki dinner for 2, it will fill you up and it's not a fatty greasy mess.
  • Jakub B. 2021, April 13, 7:33 pm
    Very fast, but chicken tasted like it was a month old.
  • ꧁ i. 2021, April 11, 8:38 am
    20 minute wait for this delicious platter of food (approx $36). This rice is so bussing and full of flavour. The sauce on the rice is *mwah chef’s kiss*. The potatoes so soft and yummy. The salad has too much oil but you can just request for less. So worth the money, we had leftovers; definitely can feed 3 people imo. Lemon wedges were a nice touch too. Also the couple working there were really nice
  • jamal s. 2021, April 11, 5:11 am
    Good food fast service
  • Lisa H. 2021, April 8, 3:58 am
    Delicious food, large portions and friendly staff!
  • Mega Q. 2021, March 28, 3:41 am
  • Muataz J. 2021, March 22, 6:18 am
    Over priced chicken souvlaki was a bit undercooked and didn't taste souvlaki at all. Rice was so mush and unpleasant. Potatoes and salad were good. I definitely won't go back again.

    Also, the kitchen wall was so nasty (the stainless steel behind the grill and the fryer). The fryer seems wasn't cleaned for ages with white stains all over it
  • Mathew B. 2021, March 20, 11:09 pm
    We've been eating at Gyro Bar since it opened and I think if we go a month without having it that's too long. It's one of those places where between the reasonable price and the tasty food you may find yourself getting something twice in one week. Get the chicken gyro, the salads, they're so good! The tzatziki in particular makes the wraps.

    There is perhaps a slight variance in the quality of the food (or at least the batch) where sometimes the chicken is a bit drier or something, but it's only
    – show
  • Lidija V. 2021, March 19, 3:46 am
    Amazing gyros. Just like in Greece! Homemade, fresh. Friendly staff. Excellent service. Good prices. I will definitely be a regular customer ️
  • miguel G. 2021, February 24, 8:06 pm
    It’s good, but guys come on! you can do a better salad.
  • mico a. 2021, February 22, 4:46 am
    Very very bad foods down by there
  • Leah D. 2021, February 21, 4:41 am
    I ordered a chicken gyro from there a little bit before the pandemic started.. while the blonde lady was making my order she was talking to another customer and she laughed and talked continuously right over my gyro.. so little spit particles were flying right in my food.. very disappointed, ended up throwing it all away.
  • pavlos K. 2021, February 13, 2:48 am
    It was exselent the best gyros in town anser toGee you lie on your coment that they do nowear a mask and that they pack the food not safe we have you video and we will take legal action on your co.ent
  • Gee 2021, February 12, 9:42 pm
    Worst..please do not go there..workers wear no mask while cooking and packing food
    Stay safe
  • Grace 2021, January 30, 3:15 am
    Delicious- fast delivery and huge portions — thanks!!!!
  • KRICIA D. 2021, January 22, 12:41 am
    Awful food and so overpriced! Paid $17 for a salad with lamb gyro that was so dry, I literally cracked the the shaved lamb in two pieces. My salad had spoiled lettuce in it. Do not go here if you are craving gyro… absolutely awful and you're going to be disappointed.
  • Sherine B. 2021, January 18, 6:09 pm
    They put too much dressing on the salad. They also do not take the chicken skin off their gyro. It is nasty eating chicken skin with potatoes and rice. They also cook with way too much salt and harsh seasoning that lingers on your stomach. I ordered from there four times because it's close to home, but that's four times too many. They know little about authentic Greek food.
  • Michael O. 2021, January 13, 8:43 pm
  • Petr M. 2021, January 6, 4:53 pm
    v pohodě
  • Damion B. 2020, November 22, 6:14 am
    Food is usually good… it's my go too place
  • Edgar G. 2020, November 9, 1:37 am
  • Jordan C. 2020, November 8, 8:32 am
    No pics to show because no food arrived. Pleased an order through a food delivery service and the driver was waiting for my order when they were simply told it wouldn’t be getting made. Why accept orders then? Why ignore all of the calls?

    Very unprofessional.
  • Geordie M. 2020, November 7, 2:33 am
    Tried a ch souvlaki on a pita(bun is not a option). It was ok.
  • Josh M. 2020, November 1, 2:12 am
    Service was great, food was good, and the price is good.
  • Keiron K. 2020, October 10, 10:04 am
    Good gyro and kalamaki
  • vRtgPUJMSU 2020, September 27, 11:54 pm
    Great gyros tastes amazing! Had the pork gyros.
  • Antonina D. 2020, September 27, 4:30 pm
    Best gyro in the west end
  • Darrin R. 2020, September 21, 1:37 am
    Good wraps. Fries could be better. Good prices.
  • Deepak A. 2020, September 16, 2:06 am
    Fantastic place to get incredibly authentic gyros in Toronto. Generous portions. Reminded me of the ones that we actually had in Greece! Love that they put french fries in the wrap. My son loved the rice and potatoes as well. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a quick bite that is delicious.
  • Juan 2020, September 2, 12:57 am
    Ordered the chicken gyro plate. Everything was extremely overcooked or old. The rice was mush and the chicken was so old and dry it had a sandy texture. You can see how dried out the chicken is in the picture. I’m actually surprised this was served.
  • Carla w. 2020, August 18, 3:30 am
    A friend and I picked up gyro wraps here and the gyro meat were so dry, they were rock hard. Inedible, both of us threw it away.
  • Stephen T. 2020, August 13, 3:58 am
    This is a good place for Greek food and I always stop at this location whenever I'm in the area and the service is good.
  • Mo n. 2020, July 25, 3:12 am
    Pork souvlaki dinner looks good, but the gyros is unfortunately very very dry. Hoping to give the restaurant another shot
  • Julian M. 2020, June 15, 6:18 am
    Lamb gyro rocks
  • Joseph Z. 2020, April 5, 6:49 pm
    This was a great stop after a late night out with friends (before the lockdown). The staff were very friendly and patient with their customers. The gyro wrap had a little bit of everything in it and was very comforting after a long day. I will definitely be back!
  • Zander L. 2020, February 25, 10:31 pm
    The restaurant is first-rate and spacious, the menu was delicious and the prices were very affordable. quick, efficient service and very affable staff members. Recommended.
  • A K. 2020, February 19, 2:40 am
    Sadly I had a poor experience here. After ordering a few pork and lamb gyros, I found both to be extremely dry and burnt. When ordering I could see that both were obviously overcooked on the meat spit, but figured they would shave off the overcooked top layer and allow the layer behind to cook to the right amount. To my surprise the top layer got shaved and used in all the ordered sandwiches. The pork was actually burnt dry and most parts not even chewable. The lamp had become like stiff slices – show
  • Craig S. 2020, February 16, 10:07 am
    Years ago I used to slice meat and serve sandwiches to the after bar crowd....

    I've never had a pile of overcooked, bland, awful packaged filth that was delivered to me this evening.

    Dry chicken, dry pork and crumbling beef highlight and awful job at wrapping and labeling the sandwiches.

    I would not reccomend this to a starving homeless person.
  • Katrina S. 2020, February 14, 10:17 am
    My Favorite Greek Restaurant in Toronto! Can't wait for them to open the Etobicoke location they are working on!
  • Elyse T. 2020, February 9, 3:01 am
    Just discovered this place and I've gone twice now. The food is great and tasty! Love their fries, crispy and golden. Great service! Owners were really kind!
  • Liam R. 2020, February 1, 8:36 am
    I ordered a Chicken Gyro Wrap and it was surprisingly good. The vegetables tasted fresh and I received a lot of chicken. The staff are friendly and the menu is fairly priced. My only complaint is the overall cleanliness of the restaurant as it felt a little neglected. If you are in the area I would recommend stopping by, but maybe getting your food to go!
  • Mark A. 2020, January 26, 4:14 am
    Service is quick and the owners are very kind, food was delicious and affordable. Best gyros in the area, hands down!
  • Carolina M. 2020, January 12, 2:49 am
    Excellent food. Everything was delicious.
  • Ruhan R. 2020, January 9, 9:32 pm
    This place is a little out of my ends so I ordered via SkipTheDishes. A standard Greek grill spot with some good apps. The tirokafteri was impressively portioned for the price, although 1 pita was not nearly enough. The Gyro wrap also hit the spot. Seems like a pretty casual seating experience so ordering seemed like a smarter option than venturing out.
  • stiffyybb 2020, January 5, 10:22 pm
    Pretty good gyro, quick service
  • Jason Y. 2019, December 1, 8:33 am
    Lamb and chicken gyros were sub par. This isn’t complicated food, people. No excuse for tasteless. Staff were friendly, but that doesn’t make up for it.
  • Hung T. 2019, November 28, 8:36 pm
    Food is too sour on my take out order (Pork souvlaki dinner). Cream was spilled in bag when I got to my worked place. Price is higher than other Greek food places. I hope they are doing well as not many Greek foods on Queen West’s end
  • jennyfer v. 2019, November 21, 10:00 pm
    The store itself is clean and big. However i honestly wished i would have went to McDonald's instead.. i ordered the chicken souvlaki today since me being pregnant i was craving for something with rice. I paid a little over $20 for my plate and 25% tip. The good news is the dinner menu serve a large amount of food. However the downside is literally everything i ate was overly salted and super sour.... i wanted to approach them with this issue but the only worker there was hiding somewhere in the – show
  • K 2019, November 13, 9:02 pm
    This place is dirty. There is old food on the counters, nothing is wiped down. Staff are rude and unsanitary.

    This place is a health hazard.
  • paul m. 2019, November 13, 1:42 am
    Good food good prices
  • Tom S. 2019, November 1, 9:15 pm
    This is, it's safe to say, the worst food I have ever paid money for.

    Year-old unchewable husks of meat that have been deep-frier reheated a minimum of 5 times, positively crystallized with salt. Truly disgusting food.
  • Stephanie M. 2019, October 31, 4:39 am
    I ordered from this restaurant today and was extremely disappointed. The entire box of food seemed at least a few days old but the most horrendous part was the rice. It was starting to ferment to the point where it was liquifying. The smell was repulsive. I’ve never been served spoiled food from a restaurant before. I had to throw out my entire pork gyro dinner.
  • J C. 2019, October 31, 2:38 am
    Ordered pork souvlaki dinner and beef gyro dinner.. both were extremely dry and the rice was so old it was fermenting and slimy. Maybe it was a bad time of day to order? Wouldn’t risk it again. Would add a photo but it seems they have photos disabled?
  • Elizabeth S. 2019, October 11, 10:09 pm
    This gives the Danforth a run for its money and that delicious dill heavy tzatziki is the best I’ve had anywhere. The pork Gyro sandwich is my favorite and it’s right up there with Messini and Alexandros.
  • Steven H. 2019, September 30, 12:58 am
    Not the best experience, the veggies are good, the bread was arguably the best part. The chicken kabobs were a little on the dry side, also bland, not that seasoned either. Overall has good potential but the preparation needs work.
  • Dean M. 2019, September 25, 3:42 pm
    This is an excellent restaurant. I dont go anywhere near Greektown so I am quite happy to find this place near me. I wish they sold Greek Coffee however.
  • Kyle F. 2019, September 8, 7:32 pm
    Incredible food, fast service, even gave us an extra serving of pita and dip, what a gem! Delicious!
  • Mar L. 2019, September 8, 3:59 pm
    Great portions and delicious gyros
  • Melissa M. 2019, September 6, 11:14 am
    The food is great but the guy there lacks people skills. Very rushed and I didnt get what I wanted due to that fact.

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