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  • Company's official reply 2021, July 3, 6:24 am
    Dear Zazzies thank you for your lovely review we look forward to serving you again many thanks
  • Zazzies Vids 2021, July 3, 6:13 am
    very good food.... excellent service
  • Company's official reply 2021, July 2, 6:12 pm
    Dear Sukh thank you for your lovely review we look forward to serving you again many thanks
  • Katherine H 2021, July 5, 2:44 am
    Delicious, inventive menu in Toronto.
  • Tyle Ob 2021, July 2, 6:13 pm
    Rogan told me to eat here because of annoying protesters… had some venison which definitely is the new kale… food and staff was amazing highly recommend this restaurant
  • Chuck Slattery 2021, June 27, 11:54 pm
    I ate her several weeks ago on the advice of a friend and had a fantastic eating experience… The meat was perfectly prepared, the sides were delicious and the customer service was perfect… I would eat here again in a second… As good if not better then Jeans in NYC… The meat was delicious…
  • Mitch 2022, March 17, 8:14 pm
    Absolutely amazing! I ordered 5 meals for my sister to help her out in a stressful time, and from top to bottom I could not be happier with their service. Their helpful staff replied to my emails promptly, kindly answered all my questions and accommodated any dietary issues. All I have heard from my sister is how amazing it is to have delicious meals to help her push through deadline after deadline. Needless to say I ordered more for her.
  • Savanna Qahwaji 2022, March 3, 7:46 pm
    These meals are so amazing and tasty!!! I look forward to Sunday and Wednesday when I get my deliveries because I am set up for success for my week. Healthy and delicious. My favourite meal so far is the stuffed peppers or chicken souvlaki. Would highly highly reccomend if you are looking for a meal prep service. Just wow!
  • Andrew Lee 2022, February 22, 2:01 am
    Great customer service and delivered straight to your door step! Very convenient.
  • Hope M. Pelufo 2022, June 23, 1:31 am
    I spent $67, and ordered the mixed platter, ribs tips, and a dessert with a side of coleslaw. The ribs were incredibly hard, and tough, I could not finish them. The mixed platter arrived mostly very soggy, and practically inedible. I don't know whether this place is good for eating in, but I MOST DEFINITELY do not recommend their take out! It was priority, so the reason is not that they had to drive to many places before reaching me. It is packed in a way that makes everything soggy (no way to b – show
  • Siva Jeeva 2022, June 16, 1:58 am
    I had ribs and fries. Really yeasty. Amazing. Nice bbq place.
  • Thusheepan G 2022, June 15, 8:18 am
  • Nabil B. 2022, March 24, 1:36 am
    Great shawarma plates! Amazing staff!
  • Lisa O 2022, March 23, 5:26 am
    Been here a few times now and it never disappoints :) Really big portions for very reasonable prices. I always get the falafel plate & have left overs for the next day. Mastaneh has a very warm and bright energy, and always makes me feel very welcome there.
  • Renato Belmiro de Paiva 2022, March 23, 5:21 am
    Amazing restaurant. Greta food and super friendly staff. Especially Mastanen :)
  • Tanner 2022, June 5, 8:35 pm
    I use to come here all the time when I was living in Etobicoke and haven’t been here in probably 2 years or so and missed this place so much.

    Everything is always fresh and so good here.

    Highly recommend anybody coming here for a first!
  • Hussein A tarhini 2022, June 2, 1:00 am
    I purchased some cake over there for the first time because i heard it's good
    Does not deserve the 4.7 start
    It's was not good at all
    There cream all full sugar and more than normal
  • Mark 2022, June 1, 1:26 am
    can't take criticism call out people for giving honest opinions on product on social media baker doesn't wear hair net or beard net while baking and literally posting it on social media your product used to be good but whoever is running socials should be fired and just for that will never go again…

    oh one other thing when I point out on Instagram that their baker is not wearing a hairnet for sanitary reasons they deleted my comment way to go San Remo remember you guys aren't the only Italia
    – show
  • Franco Que 2022, June 20, 1:49 am
    Mmmmm. Goood
  • Steve Delauro 2022, June 18, 2:57 pm
    You can tell it’s freshly made. Ordered 4 burgers, 1 large fries and poutine. Burgers were tasty and freshly made to order. Fries were freshly cut. I’ve had burgers all over the city. This place is a Weston gem. Reviews speak.
  • Luis Gimeno 2022, June 18, 4:45 am
    Burgers were delicious and juicy. Greek fries fantastic
  • Nazneen Mushtaq 2022, March 21, 4:00 am
    Alley Fries are AMAZING!!
    Reminded me of OPTP dolmen mall karachi fries
  • Shekiba Abrahimi 2022, March 20, 9:10 am
    Okay, the Demontor Junior, chicken burger was legit the best chicken burger I had!! So juicy and well cooked! Fresh and delicious, it’s a must try! Definitely their signature chicken burger
  • abdulhameed nabig 2022, March 20, 3:14 am
    I loved the food, highly recommend the place
  • Mohammed 2021, July 1, 11:37 pm
    Food is amazing. Its fresh and my favourite in the area. Service is a bit slow but worth the wait. Its located in a food court setting with seating and plenty of free parking.
    Idli, Tea and Punugulu are a must-try!
    And don’t forget the ginger chutney.
  • saketh sharma 2021, July 1, 8:31 am
    Best South Indian breakfast place in scarborough. Just give it a shot. You will love it.
  • Shashank Padmasola 2021, June 28, 3:48 pm
    Very Good place to have tiffin items
  • Vlookup Angel 2022, March 16, 5:52 am
    I have been to many steak houses, and this intimate cozy restaurant is by far my husband and I favourite, it may not be in downtown Toronto with the $$$$$ and the 1-2k reviews, but its by far the best tasting fresh food and excellent customer service. Its a casual warm intimate environment. The owner is amazingly friendly and treats everyone with respect, love and kindness. The staff are also amazing! I highly recommend this place.
  • G L 2022, March 12, 4:41 am
    Love this restaurant. Food is delicious and the staff of great. Met the owner and he is a comedian. Weill definitely return! :)
  • cant waht 2022, March 11, 4:52 am
    Very nice food and servers were awesome
  • Vivek Verma 2022, June 23, 5:49 pm
    Absolutely brilliant momos. The potato one is vegan according to the owner. Amongst the best things I ate in Toronto.
  • Evan Ducharme 2022, June 22, 1:42 am
    Great takeout spot! Very reasonably priced and tasty.
  • Jaime 2022, June 20, 3:24 am
    S Tier mango lassi
  • Jimmy Yin 2022, June 19, 4:46 am
    I tried the spicy miso ramen. It was really good. The broth was rich, spicy, slightly sweet, and savory. Chasu pork was sliced perfectly thin. Service was very attentive and friendly. Will definitely be back soon!
  • Dhwani Babla 2022, June 18, 6:03 am
    Great place with so much ramen. Might be a great share for smaller eaters.
  • Ray Tran 2022, June 18, 6:02 am
    The ramen is always amazing
  • Company's official reply 2022, June 22, 1:59 pm
    Dear Sheharyar, thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations.

    This was a very uncommon instance as things don't go according to our plans sometimes. Customer service has always been our top priority.

    Please feel free to reach out to us at with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. We would love to make things right if you give us another chance.
  • Company's official reply 2022, June 21, 11:04 pm
    Hi Shabbir,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience at Roll Me Up Ice Cream. We take pride in knowing our customers are happy with their store experience.

    We look forward to serving you even better in the coming years. Stay tuned to our social media channels are launching are third location very soon!
  • Sheharyar Khan 2022, June 21, 9:57 pm
    Please speed up your service a little more and always greet your customers when taking orders. Going forward, If anything changes, will change review.
  • Amy Yang 2022, June 22, 5:40 am
    Delicious espresso based drinks. I ordered a cappuccino, didn't disappoint!
  • Shawn Mandel 2022, May 31, 8:54 pm
  • James Berlin 2022, May 27, 1:08 pm
    Friendly service, offer a choice of bean for your drink, all drinks expertly crafted.
  • nina okens 2021, November 21, 11:54 pm
    I ordered the banquet burger, fries and onion rings for delivery. It arrived quickly, still warm and quite delicious. Perhaps an odd thing to note, but the bun was so beyond delicious, they must bake them in house. Will order from them again!
  • Matt Kernerman 2021, November 21, 1:21 am
    Amazing burger, very nice staff.
  • Lucas Moran 2021, November 14, 9:34 pm
    Would come back again! The breakfast sandwich was amazing
  • Company's official reply 2021, July 2, 7:23 pm
    Hi Raveen,

    Thank you for being an amazing customer and for taking the time to review us.

    We appreciate your support and hope to see you again soon!

    Kind Regards,
    Your Friends at Freshslice
    Fresh Lives Here.
  • Raveen Sivaruban 2021, July 2, 7:03 pm
    They are doing very good service and good pizza.
  • Company's official reply 2021, June 30, 9:06 am
    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for being an amazing customer and for taking the time to review us.

    We really appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you back here soon!

    Kind Regards,
    Your Friends at Freshslice
    Fresh Lives Here.
  • 5.0
    Alex Noudelman 2022, April 11, 8:12 am
    Delicious Food
    Reasonable Prices
    Friendly Staff
  • Ethan Su 2022, June 17, 1:49 am
    Great tasting noodles for a reasonable price. The noodles were chewy and the broth was very flavorful. They offer unlimited noodles and the noodle bowl can be customized to your preferences through different spice levels and toppings. Be warned that their noodles are quite spicy. Any spice level higher than mild will pose a challenge for most people.
  • Vivian Long 2022, June 14, 10:15 pm
    $4 Italian sodas and unlimited noodle refills. Every student’s dream. Very fast, pretty clean place and their soup noodles are great and authentic. Waitress very friendly, and perfectly managed our long and complicated order requirements, and very quickly at that. Still baffled at how cheap the sodas are and how amazing they are too. Only suggestion is I wish they’d use less plastic utensils :(

    Food is on the spicy side, so definitely get less/no spice if your spice tolerance isn’t high.
  • Alannah Hie 2021, November 16, 6:40 pm
    The hot chai cider tasted amazing and the staff were so so nice. Would definitely go there again. Highly recommended.
  • Mehvish Sheikh 2021, November 16, 7:39 am
    Nicest people & such cute decor!
  • suhani chauhan 2021, November 6, 7:35 pm
    This café is absolutely dreamy. I like exploring new coffee shops but this is the one I would always to go back to in the area. Yummm coffee and a cozy place with pleasing aesthetics. Love the flat-white they make; everything I tried was delicious and everyone is super friendly, even bought one of those awesome mugs. Such an amazing place, can't wait to go back and try everything!! Highly recommend to everyone!
  • Brenda Mes 2022, March 23, 3:44 am
    Stopped by today, great service by the staff and the food was delicious. I hadn't had such great falafels in a while.
    Can't wait to try other dishes.
    I will definately be back and recommend you guys to my friends.
  • Mitch Sharma 2022, March 20, 2:54 pm
    Came across this restaurant on Doordash and was extremely impressed with how delicious the food was.

    We ordered shish tawook dinner, falafel pita sandwich, koshari, cauliflower appetizer, and the fatoosh salad. All were extemely delicious, especially the koshari which had so much flavour for what sounded like a simple dish. Highly recommend.

    We never had Egyptian food before, but are definitely excited to try this place again!
  • Company's official reply 2022, March 19, 2:58 am
    Thank you Amilie! your support is highly appreciated
  • Maria 2022, June 27, 5:23 am
    Is this the real life? Or just a fantasy?
    Food out of this world, will def be back!
  • Shun-Yun Hu 2022, June 24, 6:11 am
    Great food and Atmosphere
  • Anna Durance 2022, June 23, 2:07 am
    Great vegan viet food!!
  • Mattew Altefoka 2021, November 21, 4:26 am
    Best food ever I have been going to eat chef harwash for more than one year it’s yummy
  • Urbanity TheLuxuryStore 2021, November 14, 9:21 pm
    What can I say about this place? It’s a Hidden Gem. One of the best finds in a long long time. Great food, lovely customer service and reasonably priced. It’s a MUST TRY!
  • Shivam Garg 2021, November 14, 4:13 am
    Owner was amazing, and very friendly. Food was incredible, so much flavour. We got the beef soujouk with cheese, Kanab and zaatar saaj. Everything was excellent, the soujouk was truly incredible. Will be back for the shawarma and falafel
  • Konstantinos Georgiou 2022, March 18, 2:07 am
    Very consistent for many years now. A little pricy but also huge portions. Overall highly recommended.
  • Mags Mountain 2022, March 14, 1:57 am
    Delicious and authentic Polish food.
    Potato pancakes highly recommended!
    Everything is top-notch and fresh!
  • Terry 2022, March 13, 3:57 am
    I stumbled on this undiscovered gem right in our neighboorhood. The entrees are simply to die for. Everything was just so yummy. Make sure to save room for dessert, because that was the best part of the meal! After my meal, I was knocked into a food coma. This is definitely a spot I'll be frequenting. Zuker is my favorite.
  • Peter Maxwell 2022, June 22, 7:08 pm
    Wonderful restaurant with excellent food. The atmosphere was relaxing. Waitress and waiter were very kind and accomodating. Food was delicious. Thank you Karahi Point!
  • Hammu Sidhu 2022, June 20, 7:24 am
    Food was amazing and rasan was great, she helped us in recommending dishes
  • Amar Saini 2022, June 20, 4:43 am
    Amazing food and great atmosphere.
    Special thanks to Rasan for ambience.
  • Sabira Nanji 2021, November 19, 7:06 pm
    Absolutely love this place, their food is fresh, flavourful and filling. Staff is super friendly and attentive. I would keep coming back.
  • ella 2021, November 19, 8:20 am
    Looong wait times even with reservations. Everything on the menu is tho and be sure to try their pancakes!
  • maryam delafkar 2021, November 18, 10:37 pm
    This place became my favourite place for brunch and breakfast. I tried crispy chicken benedict which was top selling dish here. The dish Was fresh and tasty. Last but not least servers are super friendly and explained properly.
  • Ray “Trice” T 2022, June 26, 2:19 am
    They're closed
  • Philip Alexander 2022, May 11, 12:43 am
    Not even open!
  • Dat Nguyen 2022, April 12, 8:43 am
    Great food and experience
  • Company's official reply 2022, June 20, 11:16 pm
    Hello,your evaluation means a lot to us. it is our pleasure that you liked our food, Thank you for the great recommendation. We are waiting for you as soon as possible.
  • Rebecca Feddema 2022, June 20, 8:31 pm
    So delicious! Ordered the lamb shawarma saj combo and fries and some baklava. Everything was so good! Would definitely recommend.
  • Company's official reply 2022, June 20, 12:24 pm
    Hi, Thank you for raiting us. We’re sorry that your order wasn’t exactly as you like. Hope to visit our restaurant soon and enjoy lovely experience.
  • Skullwing 2021, November 20, 10:57 am
    The food was honestly amazing and fair for its price. I would definitely come again and would recommend that people try the place out at least once.
  • Katherina Chang 2021, November 20, 9:34 am
    Horrible experience. I celebrated my birthday at Alo. It was absolutely DISASTER!!! It’s definitely the worst tasting menu I have ever tried. Most courses are wayyyy tooooo creamy and rich. I actually had stomach pain and vomited after I finished the dinner.

    For foie gras, I tried only one bite and just left it there. Nobody asked me why I left so much food, the waiter just took away. For risotto, I vomited right after I finished the course, it was super disgusting.

    For the main course lamb. T
    – show
  • sebastian joseph 2021, November 19, 3:41 pm
    Expensive but good
  • Liliana Da Silva 2022, May 28, 7:57 pm
    Super recommend! Fresh and Delicious! We will be coming back! Thank you!
    Super recomendo! Delicia!
  • Dee 2022, May 22, 10:03 pm
    Finally got to visit recently. Only had a Guarana (my fave) to be honest but the owner's friendliness and relaxed and welcoming energy stood out. This spot is full of people on the times I drove by so that's a good sign already. Will definitely return and try out their famous snacks. Will update my review but I anticipate adding only more compliments.

    «Supporting The Small Business»
  • Dexter Da Silva 2022, May 20, 5:20 pm
    Pastels… only thing I have to say.
  • Thomas Kozak 2021, July 5, 2:57 am
    Very delicious and uniquely prepared biryani! Great attentive service and lovely streetside patio to enjoy your meal!
  • Paul Taylor 2021, June 30, 5:10 pm
    Dil Se in Roncesvalles is one of my favourite places to get Indian food in the city. Chef Mani, the owner and head Chef never received formal culinary training, but instead, he learned how to cook from his mother. He uses organic spices in his cooking, often grinding them from whole. I think that’s what makes his dishes taste so spectacular.
    Dil Se’s Chicken Kamasutra is one of my favourite dishes. Chef Mani stuffs a chicken breast with cashews and Indian herbs, then bakes it and adds a curry gr
    – show
  • Girija Pandey 2021, June 30, 5:26 am
    Ordered through Google maps search, which was a new experience.
    Didn't have to wait a long time for the pick up. Staff was friendly and prompt.
    Place looked nicely decorated though dine in was not yet open at this time.
    We ordered Samosa chat along with paneer butter masala and butter naan and tandoori roti.
    The planner dish was good though seemed liked heated in microwave. Liked the butter tandoori roti a lot.
    Samosa chaat could have had more spices and condiments. It seemed adjusted to taste f
    – show
  • Talayeh Rad 2021, November 22, 6:24 pm
    Amazing staff, very friendly. the food is also very tasty and different. Must try the cider.
  • Mohammad Hassan 2021, November 22, 5:35 pm
    If you’ve experienced being at this restaurant while the owner is there… you’ll understand the 1 star.
  • Emily K 2021, November 22, 4:56 pm
    best brunch, best selection of cider, best staff. new favourite place in the city.