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  • 2021, November 18, 2:02 am
    Always loved this cafe!!! Go to drink is iced pandan latte must try!!! If you haven't yet then you're missing out.
    • 2021, November 18, 11:45 pm
      Thank you so much for your awesome review! We know you have options and we do our best each day to provide quality products and services to our customers. If you haven't tried the hot pandan latte, please ask for Rod the next time you're in the cafe and we'll let you try this as a complimentary gift for your loyalty.
  • 2021, November 11, 2:16 pm
    Great service, great quality, and the best prices.
    • 2021, November 18, 11:47 pm
      Thanks for the positive feedback, Mervyn! Glad you liked the Rustle & Still experience. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit :).
  • 2021, November 9, 5:43 pm
    The Bánh mì is next level! Would recommend to anyone and everyone who loves a good sandwich.
    • 2021, November 19, 12:06 am
      Thank you Ryan for your generous praise! If you haven't tried the gochujang banh mi (my personal favourite), I would highly recommend you try that next.
  • 2021, November 8, 9:58 pm
    Good sandwich, little saucy. Beautiful decor, staff was very friendly.
    • 2021, November 19, 12:08 am
      Thank you Rob for your valuable feedback. We pride ourselves on always providing our best each and every day so I will pass on the message to the team regarding your positive experience.
  • 2021, November 8, 9:53 pm
    This was the first Café I ever visited in Toronto and one I make sure I come back to each trip! The food is fresh, full of flavour and you can tell the kitchen takes great pride in the food they create!

    **There is no contest. Hands down the best bahn Mi in town!** I'd recommend the garlic shrimpo ban mi. The combination of thinly sliced and picked Veg with the hot garlicy butter shrimp on a fresh soft roll is to die for! Pair this with a viet coffee and you're winning. (I've had it twice this
    – show
    • 2021, November 11, 5:00 am
      Jason, thank you for your thoughtful and thorough review! Thanks for noting the care and passion we put into all our food and drink, and into our space. We're so glad your first visit kept you coming back--here's to many more!
  • 2021, October 26, 9:45 pm
    Got the garlicky shrimpo and was amazing! So much flavor! The staff is so friendly too!
  • 2021, October 26, 6:01 am
    Rustle & Still is my go-to place for delicious banh mis. I highly recommend the char siu bbq pork bahn mi. The special sauce has the right amount of sweetness and the pickled daikon complements it perfectly. Oh and of course, the Viet baguette is always fresh.

    You can't leave the store without trying their yummy pastries and tasty drinks, including the iced matcha pandan latte and iced purple sweet potato latte. I can't wait to go back to try their other drinks and pastries!
    • 2021, November 11, 5:04 am
      Thank you, Mary, for your review! Charsiu BBQ pork is a Viet classic, so we're so glad you gave it a try! And that you also got to sample our drinks and desserts. Come back for more! :)
  • 2021, October 24, 7:51 pm
    Ordered on ubereats and the garlicky shrimpo was amazing! I’m sure it would’ve tasted even better without the 30min drive =)
  • 2021, October 21, 5:43 pm
    Amazing bahn mi (especially the mushroom gochujang!) and treats. The staff is so friendly and helpful, and it's also a really space to sit and chat with friends.
  • 2021, October 21, 11:24 am
    The sweetest desserts
  • 2021, October 17, 9:49 pm
    I’m one of the regular patrons. I’ve been placing orders through ubereats for you coffee and shrimp banh mi since last year. I’ve to say it was great for the first few times. Buns were toasted and warm and all the condiments were presented nicely. An overall delicious sandwich! But recently your banh mi have been gone downhill.. buns are cold and stale; presentation are sloppy and shrimps are cold. Very unappetizing. I hope it will improve. If not I will find another place to place my orders.
    • 2021, October 20, 5:26 pm
      Hi Alan, thank you for your honest feedback. We strive to always deliver the high quality food and beverage our customers have come to know and love. Unfortunately, with take out and delivery, it's not always easy to maintain that level of consistency. The shrimps are placed on a bed of cold slaw and mayo which makes the whole banh mi cold and somewhat soggy after a while. With that said, on your next order, please feel free to request for a more toasted bun with well-cooked shrimps to maintain – show
  • 2021, October 17, 1:34 am
    Amazing food and staff!!! Highly recommend the char sui sandwich!!! Spicy if you can handle your spice
    • 2021, October 20, 5:31 pm
      Hello Gina, we appreciate your feedback and your business. Many of our patrons love the spice but I personally prefer medium spice since I'm not one to handle my spice :). Hope to see you again real soon!
  • 2021, October 15, 7:42 pm
    I want to love this place because they have excellent lattes, but they get my order wrong so often.
  • 2021, October 13, 7:19 pm
    Ordered via Fantuan
    Sandwiches were surprisingly stuffed with meat, delicious
    great viet ice coffee too!
    I thought the pandan latte was not strong enough
    • 2021, October 13, 9:54 pm
      Thank you for the feedback CL. Our matcha pandan latte is generally strong but feel free to request for extra pandan next time and we'd be happy to provide this for you at no charge!
  • 2021, October 8, 10:51 pm
    Got a Vietnamese iced coffee (the non-dairy option with coconut condensed milk) and it was waaaayyyyyy too sweet, felt like I was drinking nothing but liquid syrup. I could only tolerate about two sips before I threw it away, it was sooooo insanely sweet to the point where it almost made me nauseous. My partner likes his coffee to taste super sugary, but it was even too much for him to drink, which said a lot.

    I would consider trying their banh mi or other plain coffee options next time, but I
    – show
    • 2021, October 9, 5:13 pm
      Hi Theresa, we appreciate your feedback. This is the first time I'm hearing about this so I'll have a chat with our baristas regarding this. I do apologize for the negative experience but allow me to correct the issue by offering you and your partner a free drink on your next visit. Please ask for the manager so we'll know it's you! :-)
  • 2021, October 7, 5:47 pm
    I ordered the the pumpkin spice latte with coconut milk and char siu BBQ pork banh mi with fried eggs and pâté. I didn’t like the char siu. The lady with silver hair was so friendly, so I don’t want to rate this place less than three stars.

    The pumpkin spice latte was SO good. It’s made with real pumpkin purée and spices. Better than Starbucks. Try it with coconut milk!

    I hate writing negative reviews because I love supporting small businesses, but I was not a fan of the char siu banh mi. The
    – show
    • 2021, October 9, 5:21 pm
      Hi Shirley, thank you for your feedback! Regarding the BBQ char siu, we do use the Asian five-spice as a key ingredient and we constantly taste test our sauces to ensure the standards are up to par. I do apologize that it didn't meet your expectations. The next time you come for a visit, please enjoy the lemongrass pork bánh mì on me (ask for Rod). We're confident, you'll enjoy that for sure!
  • 2021, October 6, 4:21 pm
    Sausage rolls are amazing
    • 2021, October 7, 4:10 pm
      Hi Pasquale, thanks for the feedback! Sausage rolls are bite sized but very filling with just the right portion of meat.
  • 2021, October 6, 4:26 am
    Walk by this place all the time, finally gave it a try. Ordered a char siu banh mi. Great portion, not a fan of the flavors, might try again but something else

    Lots of meat and sauce but it overpowered the sandwich itself. The pickled carrots wasn't sour enough to balance it out, and they also used shredded carrots which gives it a different texture than the traditional banh mi

    Team seem nice, great service
    • 2021, October 7, 4:06 pm
      Hi Kevin, thanks for your feedback. We do our best to be generous with the meat portion and sauce because that's what most customers expect from us. For next time, I would recommend you try out the Shrimp banh mi or the Gochujang Tofu. We guarantee you'll love those!
  • 2021, October 5, 6:57 pm
    Not your traditional banh mi place, but very tasty fusion items. I got the lemon grass chicken banh mi with a slaw and match soy tea. Slaw was really hard and dry but the banhmi was full of chicken, pickles veggies and was delicious. Would come again to try the original cold cut viet banh mi ️
    • 2021, October 7, 4:13 pm
      Hi Jennie, we appreciate the feedback. When you get the cold cut deluxe banh mi next time, try pairing it with cold brew or peach iced tea! It makes a great combo :).
  • 2021, October 3, 7:44 am
    Rustle & Still is a lovely cafe on Bloor West of Bathurst which sells delicious Vietnamese inspired food and drinks including flavourful banh mis, salads, soups, and baked goods. They are known for their delicious coffee and tea lattes, including coffee pandan, matcha pandan, and Vietnamese coffee, Vietnamese tea lemonade, and houjicha lattes which are available in 12 oz and 32 oz bottles. I appreciate that you can choose from milk and milk alternatives (soy, almond, coconut, and oat).
    I had a m
    – show
    • 2021, October 7, 4:15 pm
      Hi Arlene, we're grateful for your detailed review. We'll be introducing new menu items soon so make sure you gave those a try also!
  • 2021, September 25, 6:30 pm
    Viet iced coffee and a banh mi! Can't go wrong with that combo!

    The pork and chicken lemongrass banh mi was delicious and had a generous amount of meat. The iced coffee was a great compliment.
    • 2021, October 7, 4:17 pm
      We appreciate the feedback, Le! If you like shrimps, I would strongly recommend you try the shrimpo banh mi, paired with cold brew or peach iced tea.
  • 2021, September 23, 10:30 pm
    I had mixed lemongrass pork & Chicken and Char siu BBQ pork for lunch. It was very delicious and the portion of foods were very decent. Definitely would order again!!
    • 2021, October 7, 4:20 pm
      Thank you for your feedback, Hwasoo! In case you want to try non meat protein, I'd suggest either the gochujang tofu or the baby bellla mushroom tofu paired with Viet coffee :).
  • 2021, September 17, 6:41 pm
    I was the only one here, but It took about 20 minutes to get my two Banh Mi sandwiches.
    • 2021, September 18, 5:29 pm
      Hi Maz, we're truly sorry for the delay in getting your sandwich done. Between uber eats and the other platforms, we get over 200 hundred orders a day which unfortunately causes delays for walk-ins, even though we process the orders on a first come, first served basis. With that said, please allow us to correct the situation by getting a free sandwich on us (please ask for Rod). Next time you can even call ahead and we'll prepare it for you in advance. Thanks very much!
  • 2021, September 15, 8:27 pm
    I have visited their shop many times and their use and decoration of the shop is really incomparable. Not to mention their food. Every food is very tasty and fresh. I hope you will all try.
    Thank you for eating at least once in this Rustle & still cafe.
    • 2021, October 7, 4:21 pm
      Thanks for the feedback Sayed! We appreciate your business :).
  • 2021, September 8, 11:52 pm
    Adequate coffee and professional helpful service from young Asian male staff and a young woman with glasses
    • 2021, October 13, 9:50 pm
      Thank you for your feedback WP! We hope to see you again soon and have you try out our other drinks :)
  • 2021, September 3, 11:05 pm
    My sister went there and gave me a Shrimp Bahn Mi. It was my first time to have that kind of sandwich and I enjoyed every single bite of it. Would defintely love to visit this place one of these days and try other food/menu that they offer. I will defintely recommend this place to my friends and collegues.
  • 2021, September 1, 6:16 pm
    Great customer service, whole staff very welcoming as soon as I walked in. Delivery of my order was very quick and the food/drinks itself were exceptional. Recommend to anyone living in the area to make a regular spot to go to.
  • 2021, September 1, 6:51 am
    I am at awe at what we have eaten this past weekend. My family and I went to visit this little hidden gem of a place. that was recommended to us by family member. We ordered the garlicky shrimp sandwich, deluxe Rustle & still, and the char siu barbecue pork sandwiches and honestly felt we had the best Vietnamese sandwiches ever.

    The delicious bread combined with the enhanced flavour of the sandwiches truly represents what it means to be rustled and stilled every single bite. The drinks are
    – show
  • 2021, September 1, 6:49 am
    This place is one of a kind. You definitely have to go here if you are looking for a good and tasty Bahn Mi! My personal favourite are the Char Siu Bbq Bahn Mi and the Garlicky Shrimp Bahn Mi. I also like the Matcha Pandan Latte and the Iced Purple Sweet Potato Latte…so good! Very good service and friendly staff. I forgot to mention the croissant paired with hot Vietnamese coffee. It’s a very good overall experience.
    • 2021, September 2, 7:49 pm
      Thank you very much, Anne! Glad you've enjoyed your food and experience. We're introducing new menu items real soon that you're sure to love so follow us on IG or FB to get the latest and greatest!
  • 2021, September 1, 5:17 am
    This place is Great! The food is absolutely amazing. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and make great recommendations. I recommend to everyone! I would like to come back here again and again.
    • 2021, September 2, 7:47 pm
      Thank you for the kind words, Allan! I'll pass on the msg to our staff and we'll make sure we keep giving you the service excellence you deserve!
  • 2021, September 1, 2:15 am
    I’ve just discovered this Hidden Gem! Rustle and Still Cafe.
    Everything started with this hot, strong, smooth, outstanding Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk.
    It was perfectly made, strong and bold espresso which balances the sweetness and creaminess of the condensed milk. My dad and I had an ordered each and paired it with Charsiu bbq and Garlic Shrimps Banh Mi that are out of this world. It was fresh, it had excellent blend of flavours that create a taste sensation… Party in your mouth expe
    – show
    • 2021, September 2, 7:44 pm
      Thank you very much, Grace! We always strive to provide the best quality service and products to our customers and we appreciate the recognition on behalf of our staff and team!
  • 2021, September 1, 1:52 am
    Great food and specialty drinks. One of the best Bánh mì sandwiches in Toronto! Having Vietnamese coffee and tea along with your meal to top it all off is a delightful combination of one of a kind staple foods in town. If you are in the west end area of Toronto or even the in the GTA in general, I highly recommend to check out this hidden gem Café.
    • 2021, September 2, 7:43 pm
      Thank you @IROCQUE for your positive feedback. We're glad you enjoyed your experience. Hope to see you again real soon!
  • 2021, August 31, 4:01 am
    The cafe is warm and welcoming. I love the plants! The staff is friendly and helpful. My favourite is the Garlicky Shrimpo Bhan Mi! It's out of this world! I've never had Purple Sweet Potato Latte until I found Rustle & Still Cafe. It's very yummy!
    • 2021, August 31, 11:46 pm
      We appreciate your positive feedback G&R. Glad you enjoyed our food and drink offerings. We plan to add more varieties in the near future so hope to see you back real soon.
  • 2021, August 30, 9:38 pm
    The coziest cafe ever with sumptuous food and drinks! A sanctuary in the middle of the city for plant lovers like me! The Char Siu Banh mi is one of my faves. Love their choices of drinks as well.
    • 2021, August 31, 11:43 pm
      Thank you Cici for your 5 star review! Glad you liked our plants. It's probably time to add new ones soon!
  • 2021, August 23, 5:08 pm
    Rustle & Still has fun unique Asian fusion drinks such as pandan matcha lattes and purple sweet potato lattes while both maintaining strong traditional coffees and traditional Vietnamese cuisine (such as banh mi). Always enjoy their service whenever I visit, thank you!

    P.s. their sausage rolls are amazing, with a Vietnamese twist on your traditional sausage roll I’ve never seen elsewhere — give them a try in store if they’re available :)
    • 2021, August 30, 5:11 pm
      Hi Jessica, glad you enjoyed our food and drinks. We're excited to introduce new ones in the near future that we know you'll also enjoy and love!
  • 2021, August 20, 5:10 am
    My favourite banhmi in the city! Love the vegan banhmi option! High quality ingredients and authentic flavour highly recommend! They also offer fantastic Vietnamese iced coffee
    • 2021, August 30, 5:16 pm
      Hi Joseph, we're happy to hear how much you love our food. We recently introduced a new vegan banhmi made with gochujang and garlic mayo. So far folks are loving it so come by and try it soon and let us know what you think!
  • 2021, August 15, 5:51 am
    Bestest sandwich and lattes ever! Got the BBQ pork sandwich and the matcha pandan iced latte! Totally recommend this place!
    • 2021, August 30, 5:17 pm
      Hi Margaret, great choice of combo with the charsiu BBQ and matcha pandan iced latte. We plan to introduce new flavours soon so stay tuned!
  • 2021, July 26, 1:58 pm
    The best (and only?!) Pandan Matcha Latte here. The Banh Mi's are also irresistible here. Always love the service here but it gets busy sometimes so if you can, place your order ahead of time!
    • 2021, August 30, 5:21 pm
      Hi Flora, we're glad you love our Pandan Matcha Latte, it's also my personal favourite so we have that in common :).
  • 2021, July 25, 2:03 am
    Great Viet and must visit
    • 2021, August 30, 5:26 pm
      Hi Mike, thanks so much for the 5-star review. Let us know how we can make it an even better experience the next time you're here!
  • 2021, July 20, 10:56 pm
    Great drinks with Vietnamese/south east Asian influence. More than just a coffee shop, rustle and still offers great food (banh mi) and has beautiful decor!
    • 2021, August 30, 5:27 pm
      Hi Vincent, thanks so much for taking the time post your review. We plan to introduce new menu items soon that we know you'll enjoy. Cheers!
  • 2021, July 20, 5:10 pm
    Sandwiches delicious but messy. Good coffee.
  • 2021, July 18, 6:53 pm
  • 2021, June 16, 5:40 pm
    TL;dr — Banh Mi is worth, drinks are not
    I really liked this place’s Banh Mi, their drinks were meh.
    The matcha was not strong enough, so it tasted like milk with the slightest kick of matcha.
    The Vietnamese coffee was good; a little too sour/bitter than what’s it’s supposed to be (or against what I’ve typically had in Toronto and Asia).
    The decor is really nice inside (doesn’t mean much with the lockdown). Lastly the customer service was really good; they tend to attract a lot of rowdy customer
    – show
  • 2021, June 14, 6:14 am
    The shrimp sandwich was awesome, first time trying Vietnamese Cafe.
  • 2021, June 7, 9:51 pm
    Can't wait to actually sit in this cute little cafe. The tofu sandwich and iced coffee were delicious and the serving girl was friendly.
  • 2021, May 29, 5:53 am
    Cute, clean, cafe near the Bloor and Bathurst area (pretty much across the street from Snakes and Lattes). They caught my attention with their bahn mi (aka Vietnamese sandwich) sign on the street. I went in and got 2 char siu bbq pork bahn mi (almost $10 each) and 2 matcha pandan lattes (about $4.50 each but I wanted non-dairy milk so mine cost a little more — you can choose oat or soy milk). It took about 10 minutes for my order to come out.

    The bahn mi was fantastic. The meat was nice and
    – show
  • 2021, May 25, 4:34 pm
    Very friendly staff! The vibe here is very cozy with a lot of beautiful greenery. The coffee here is fantastic! They also have some authentic Vietnamese foods as well — things like banh mi. Hard to find some good Vietnamese spots in the city, so I’m very thankful that Rustle & Still is as wonderful as it is.
  • 2021, May 22, 10:55 pm
    Simply some of the best sandwiches you will find in the city. Such sweet staff providing quick and easy service. Love this place!
  • 2021, May 18, 1:04 am
    My favourite café in Toronto. Also happens to have delicious food — and it’s Vietnamese. The selection of special lattes here is They also make yummy banh mis and a delicious pâté sold on its own… and a Viet flan that made me think of my mom’s the very first time I tried it.

    My fave items: Any of their lattes (purple sweet potato, pandan, matcha), banh mi deluxe, brunch banh mi skillet, chicken liver pâté, flan.
  • 2021, May 15, 5:08 pm
    Our favourite cafe in the city. Always 100% with everything we order, food and drinks. Highly recommend the banh mi with pate and any and all of their espresso based drinks! Baristas are highly consistent too which is always a treat! Even though we moved, we still come back here for breakfast or lunch or coffee whenever we can!
  • 2021, May 12, 10:59 pm
    I had pandan latte for the first time in my life and i loved it!! So delicious and their coffee is so smooth
  • 2021, May 5, 9:45 pm
    So tasty. So fresh. Best Vietnamese style sandwiches around and killer matcha tea drinks too.
  • 2021, May 2, 7:07 pm
    Tried their delicious banh mi and viet coffee! Can't wait to come back here post pandemic as they have a really nice space that can't be used currently.
  • 2021, April 28, 5:55 am
    Great sandwiches make happy people
  • 2021, April 25, 1:04 am
    I really like this cute little hidden cafe! The atmosphere and decor inside is really cool. Feels organic and welcoming. The staff is really nice. I love their pandan drinks, especially the matcha pandan latte which is amazing, especially iced in a hot summer day. Their coffee pandan latte is also good but you taste the pandan less. I recently went two days in a row just to indulge myself in these drinks. Will definitely come back for more. I’m also looking forward to trying their ube latte and – show
  • 2021, April 23, 6:30 am
    Good banh mi. Drinks are pricey but good. Good cookies but run out fast
  • 2021, April 18, 1:22 am
    Delicious matcha latte (got it on oat milk). Chicken bahn mi was amazing with grilled chicken and spicy sauce. Will definitely visit again! thank you
  • 2021, April 12, 10:42 pm
    The sandwiches & drinks here are all great! My #1 favourite is the iced matcha pandan latte — I haven't had anything like it anywhere else. It's such a beautiful, sunny, & plant-filled space, and the staff are always friendly too.
  • 2021, April 8, 5:13 am
    Great place for refreshing my day. Matcha panda latte is my favorite. Also love Vietnamese iced coffee with oat milk.
  • 2021, April 7, 9:40 pm
    Delicious coffee (best in the area IMO) & very friendly team who are all super skilled baristas. Haven't been able to sit inside yet due to covid but the cafe always has such a vibrant atmosphere. Highly recommend!
  • 2021, March 28, 9:32 pm
    Great coffee & food. The lemongrass pork banh mi is out-of-this-world good. Slaw is great too. Plus the owner & staff are really nice!! Be sure to order ahead during lunch time because they get busy!!
  • 2021, March 25, 10:51 pm
    Very friendly owner. Love the surprises of the different daily drinks and desserts menu. An unique Vietnamese cafe in Toronto.
  • 2021, March 16, 10:03 pm
    I love this cafe and it's unique vibe. The plants give such a relaxing and fresh vibe. The coffee is GREAT. I highly recommend an iced americano!
  • 2021, March 7, 5:43 am
    An unique place that offers Asian-inspired food, drinks and desserts. I recommend trying the pandan-matcha iced latte. The pandan matcha latte tastes like vanilla with hints of matcha and was not sweet. Hope they start to offer pandan flavour cookies and other baked goods. The second time I visited, I had their lemongrass pork/chicken bahn mi. The loved the electric flavours of the hot sauce with the lemongrass which gave it a cooling feeling. absolutely a must order on their menu.
  • 2021, February 14, 7:55 am
    Everything is so delicious. Baked goods, sandwiches, drinks--so good, and I recently got a cake from their collab with a bakery and it's amazing. Such a cute aesthetic place too. Highly recommended.
    • 2021, February 14, 2:40 pm
      Thank you Emma We're glad to mKe your weeekend a little more special!
  • 2021, February 12, 7:36 am
    Yummy food.
  • 2021, February 11, 12:26 am
    I've only had the pork tenderloin banh mi; but I've had it three times now. It's very good. The flavour is great, and the meat is well marbled.
  • 2021, January 19, 10:07 pm
    One of my favourite lunch places; I pick it up at least once a week! The owner is extremely passionate about making excellent food, and he constantly introduces tasty new dishes.

    Aside from traditional banh mi, I recommend: char siu bbq pork, the meatballs, garlic shrimp sandwich, the vegan tofu mushroom sandwich, the pandan latte and the Vietnamese iced latte, but you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu!
    • 2021, January 20, 2:28 am
      Thanks Blake for the continuous support! We'll see you at dinner soon
  • 2021, January 11, 11:14 pm
    Tried Purple Sweet Potato Latte it was good ️ ️ ️ ️ ️
  • 2021, January 5, 4:18 am
    Great Bahn Mi
  • 2020, December 22, 9:26 pm
    So ~~~~ good!!!!
  • 2020, December 21, 7:30 pm
    Great service and coffee!
  • 2020, December 20, 3:24 am
    First time ordering. Very impressed with my order! Order was ready on time and the slaw is amazing!
  • 2020, December 15, 8:01 pm
    We stopped in over the weekend and split two of their Bahn Mi sandwiches (1 BBQ Pork and 1 Lemongrass Chicken & Pork), and they were some of the best we've had! The bun was PERFECT — it had the exact amount of chew and was flaky, and not soggy. The sandwich itself had the perfect balance of all the components. It was well-sauced but not over-sauced. The meat was moist and hot, and the ratio of meat to veg was spot-on. I also had a flat white and it was expertly made. Rustle & Still has become an – show
    • 2020, December 15, 8:53 pm
      Thank you Merissa! We've got to keep up with this review :)
  • 2020, November 28, 10:48 pm
    Amazing coffee with Vietnamese inspiration
  • 2020, November 25, 7:27 pm
    Get the banh mi. I had the deluxe, and want to try the mushroom option next. Drink (latte or cortado…) was solid, but the banh mi was what left an impression.
    • 2020, November 29, 6:07 am
      Thank you JoAnn! We just launched a Garlicky Shrimpo Banh Mi too! See you next time!
  • 2020, November 15, 11:23 pm
    Beautiful coffee — quality beans and expert barista skills. Best coffee in the area by far.
    • 2020, November 29, 6:07 am
      That means a lot to our barista team James! Thank you!
  • 2020, October 30, 7:30 pm
    Absolutely delicious and great service
  • 2020, October 26, 8:05 pm
    Love the banh mi here! I’ve had both the chicken and pork and both are delicious. The spice scale leans to the spicy. I have a pretty solid spice tolerance and the medium is great for me.
  • 2020, October 23, 6:36 pm
    Love their banh mi and egg coffee.
    INSIDE: small place & not for big groups. Nice place to chill.

    DRINKS: highly recommend the Egg coffee.

    MENU: their banh mi tastes amazing & authentic.

    SERVICE: quick, staffs are friendly, speak both English & Vietnamese.
  • 2020, October 23, 2:38 am
    Vietnamese iced coffee was good, banh mi not so much.
    • 2020, November 5, 8:48 pm
      Thanks for the feedback Jason! If possible, can you please send us an email to for further feedback on the banh mi. We'd love to improve!
  • 2020, October 17, 10:03 pm
    The coffee is soooo satisfying, the interior is soooo aesthetic, and it's just one of my favourite places to meet friends! Can't love it enough, I just wish it was bigger!
  • 2020, October 14, 5:16 pm
    Decent local here
    Good coffee and yummy Vietnamese sandwich I used to have it after hangover lol
    Very nice cafe!
  • 2020, October 9, 5:01 pm
    Really good atmosphere. They have a unique drink called the Sweet Potato Latte which is quite unique and sets them apart from other cafes in the city.. Will be coming back again to try their Banh Mi!!
  • 2020, October 9, 8:09 am
    Lovely ambiance, I loved the nutty flavor in my flat white
    • 2020, October 10, 8:42 pm
      Thanks for noticing the distinct macadamia nut tasting note of the Viet Arabica beans in the flat white!
  • 2020, October 3, 12:33 am
    One of my favourite cafes in Toronto. Delicious banh mi on a bread that is so crusty yet soft at the same time. Yummy drinks, favourite being the Matcha Pandan Latte. Large variety of milk alternatives or lactose free options. Excellent atmosphere filled with lots of plants and sunlight. Owners are really kind and just nice people.
    • 2020, October 6, 5:36 am
      Thank you Sophia for the heartfelt review. Looking forward to seeing you next time!
  • 2020, September 28, 6:14 am
    I've had all their banh mi and they're all good, as are their salads. Last time I went it was just before closing and the staff threw in a free matcha cookie and croissant. Looking forward to their peaceful seated cafe area re-opening, hopefully soon!
    • 2020, October 6, 5:35 am
      Thanks Tomoko for the review! We always try to do 'extra'. See you next time :)
  • 2020, September 21, 12:07 am
    Banh mi was delicious
  • 2020, September 18, 11:38 am
    Haven't been in this cafe for a while time, everything just got better, actually care about visitors.
    • 2020, September 21, 2:31 am
      Thank you Emma for your recognition of our team's little attention to details!
  • 2020, September 15, 6:51 pm
    Best cafe hands down! Staff are always friendly and passionate. I always get their Vietnamese coffee before work, and it's absolutely amazing. Their food menu is also very impressive, from the juicy cha siu Banh Mi to their very unique and delicious skillet. Their buns are the perfect crispy on the outside and soft/warm on the inside. I'm so happy to have such a fantastic local coffee shop in my area!
  • 2020, September 13, 11:06 pm
    Been here a few times last year, and it was amazing. Just came back recently after covid, and had an horrible experiences. I ordered a viet iced coffee with condensed milk, the cashier was rude, and my coffee was unauthentic and with regular milk instead of condensed milk. Would never come back here again!
    • 2020, September 14, 3:04 am
      Hi Ted,

      We apologize that the experience wasn't the same as the previous tines you might have visited us.

      Our team had looked at the incident and confirmed that we made the right drinks with our standard for your party.

      For the Viet Iced Coffee, we always make with condensed milk or coconut condensed milk. Occasionally, we do add cold whole milk / coconut milk foam on top when customers prefer a lighter but creamier version. In your case, it was the regular Viet coffee made with condensed mil
      – show
  • 2020, September 13, 4:52 am
    Highly overrated.
    • 2020, September 14, 12:18 am
      Hi Amanda. Thanks for the review. Would you mind sharing with us the details about the experience, or the food/coffee quality so that we can get better? Please send us an email to
  • 2020, September 8, 10:16 pm
    Love their coffee and sandwiches.
  • 2020, September 6, 9:56 am
    Service was very friendly and I loved all the plants! The banh mi was really good and the bread tasted fresher and softer than any others I've had in Toronto.
  • 2020, September 5, 7:25 pm
    excellent bahn mi and nice service!! went around 10 on a Saturday and it was packed, which is always a good sign
  • 2020, September 3, 9:53 am
    Everything was good
  • 2020, August 31, 2:12 am
    Excellent drinks!
  • 2020, August 28, 6:57 pm
    Probably my favourite cafe. I’ve been coming here since they first opened. The food is amazing! There are lots of tasty drink choices and it is pretty inclusive of most dietary restrictions. The environment is definitely one of the best things about it though. It is bright and full of many gorgeous plants. I look forward to when they are open for dine in service again since it is such a lovely atmosphere, however I do really appreciate how responsible they have been with their COVID response. I – show
    • 2020, August 29, 7:33 pm
      Thank you Sophia for the support during this time! We are looking into how to re-open our dine-in space safely! Stay tuned!
  • 2020, August 24, 12:01 am
    love this place! One of our favourite places to get banh mis!
  • 2020, August 21, 5:50 pm
    Amazing banh mi & best Ca Phe Sua Da (Vietnamese Iced coffee) I’ve had outside of Vietnam! Super friendly. They have condensed coconut milk to easily make it vegan too!
    • 2020, August 24, 1:07 am
      Thanks Nathan! Your review means a lot to all the hard work we've put into establishing our cafe!
  • 2020, August 20, 9:57 pm
    I've lived upstairs from Rustle and Still since they opened and they're awesome. All the staff are wonderful. Their coffee is unique and thats why I love it. Ditch Starbucks go here!
    • 2020, August 29, 9:29 pm
      Thanks Shaleena for the beloved comment! We will miss you!
  • 2020, August 19, 2:14 am
    I just payed $10 for a chicken banh mi sandwich. The chicken was so chewy and full of fat that it was inedible.
    Edit: Mayo isn't chewy and I'm familiar with the difference between white and dark meat. Cheers
    • 2020, August 19, 1:11 am
      Hi Grace.

      Thanks for the feedback.
      Based on the pic you sent us, it is actually the home-made mayo that we think you might have mistakened as the fat. It's really up to the customers' preference to have more or less of the mayo.

      About the chicken, it is typical in our cusine that dark meat is usually more preferred to give it a bit more texture and a juicier cut. For that reason, it might not be as tender as the white meat that you might be used to.

      We can totally adjust based on your prefere
      – show
  • 2020, July 5, 6:19 am
    Love the coffee and the banh mi! My new coffee spot.
  • 2020, June 21, 10:03 pm
    Great little cafe! Love the work on the interior (beautiful hard wood), and the drinks and Banh Mi are delish!
  • 2020, June 20, 6:17 pm
    Very nice roast and a splendid cappuccino
  • 2020, June 14, 10:53 pm
    spectacular banh mi!
  • 2020, June 4, 5:58 pm
    Hands down the best cafe in the city! Can't wait until I can visit in person again.
  • 2020, May 23, 6:14 pm
    Absolutely the best espresso and service in Toronto
  • 2020, May 22, 8:22 am
    Great experience! Delicious food, tasty coffee. Highly recommend!
  • 2020, March 22, 1:50 pm
    Il faut trouver ce petit Café qui est situé dans la rue principale mais noyé parmi tant d'autre. Une fois à l'intérieur, la déco est relaxante et j'ai adoré ce côté «zen». Il y a un grand choix et variétés de gâteaux et cafés/thés vraiment très bons. Je ne regrette pas de m'y être arrêté et y avoir passé un excellent moment.
  • 2020, March 13, 8:53 pm
    Love this place!! Had the lemongrass pork sandwich and it was delicious!! I'm already planning when I can come back and try the slaw and meatballs, super relaxing and good music for doing work or hanging out
  • 2020, March 11, 12:33 am
    Classic, Simple, Clean cafe and Vietnamese inspired banh mi with vegan options! Need more businesses like this.
  • 2020, March 8, 1:27 am
    Deluxe Rustle and Still sandwich is so good!! First time I tried them! The only complaint I have was it wasn't spicy enough, but still delish!!
  • 2020, March 6, 2:16 am
    This is the CUTEST cafe. I'm so happy they have a caffeine free drink that is ACTUALLY delicious. The sweet potato latte with almond milk is my fave beverage in the city. The Bahn mi, the skillet, the Viet slaw is all so good!!!! ️ ️ ️ The staff are incredibly friendly people, very humble and kind! ️
  • 2020, March 4, 9:57 pm
    Peaceful and light-hearted place to relax with a small group of friends. Definitely one of my favorite cafés in town. The Pandan Latte is my go-to drink. The Ube Latte is also very good.
  • 2020, March 1, 10:39 pm
    Went here to meet up with some friends. Got a purple yam latte with oat milk (Batista's suggestion), and I didnt really taste any of the yam. It just tasted like oat milk.

    I ordered the Bahn mi xiu mai, and oh my God. This was one of the best vietnamese dishes I have had.

    I would probably just have some coffee next time with food instead.
    • 2020, March 2, 6:31 pm
      Thanks for the review John! We roast the purple sweet potato in house; as a result, each batch might vary slightly. We'll try to improve the consistency based on your feedback! See you next time!
  • 2020, February 28, 9:21 pm
    Best banh mi chao ever in Toronti. Also Iam in love with panda matcha latte. Much worth for the price
  • 2020, February 28, 12:00 am
    Nothing to say. 5 stars for R&Scoffee
  • 2019, February 5, 12:54 am
    Love this place they are using Vietnam beans for their coffees;)
  • 2018, July 20, 6:15 pm
    Lovely! Great place to work on your laptop or chill with your friends. Good food/coffee, very friendly staff
  • 2018, April 7, 7:43 pm
    Lemongrass pork banh mi and coffeeeeeeeee

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  • 2018, September 10, 12:34 am
    Bright, cozy, green
  • 2018, April 7, 7:40 pm
    Great bhan mi and coffee.

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