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Bakeries near St. Patrick

Bakeries near St. Patrick

86 places
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    • Sud Forno

      Restaurants Bakery
      78 reviews
      ON M6J 1E8, 716 Queen St W, Toronto
      A hidden jewel on Queen W. Check out its patio, very classic and CMFY.
    • Mizzica Gelateria & Cafe

      Restaurants Bakery
      146 reviews
      ON M5T 1V7, 29 McCaul St, Toronto
      Tried the hazelnut, and pistachio gelatos and they were both yummy! Also love that this place is open until later compared to other gelato spots in the city.
    • Dipped Donuts Inc

      Restaurants Bakery
      106 reviews
      ON M5T 1L9, 161 Baldwin St #1, Toronto
      My friend and I stood in front of the bakery window with our mouths drooling could not decide what to get we basically grab the one thing that we were drooling over the most. That do is to die for absolutely delicious soft melt-in-your-mouth
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    • Sud Forno

      Restaurants Bakers
      55 reviews
      ON M5C 1X3, 132 Yonge St, Toronto
      Nice Italian restaurant with a fairly large patio in financial district. Prices are Ok, the menu is mostly pizzas + pastas. It would be nice to see actual entrees and seafood but overall — not bad at all. Good selection of cocktails and wines is a…
    • Dufflet Pastries - Downtown

      Restaurants Muffin shops
      77 reviews
      ON M6J 1G1, 787 Queen St W, Toronto
    • Daan Go Cake Lab

      Restaurants Cakes
      133 reviews
      ON M5T 1L8, 202 Baldwin St, Toronto
      I bought the cat-shaped tiramisu (Tirameowsu) here and it was equally part cute and delicious! The cat is made of marshmallow and the cup was made of chocolate — you can basically eat the whole thing.
    • Golden Patty

      Restaurants Bakery places
      99 reviews
      ON M5T 1L8, 187 Baldwin St, Toronto
      The BEST! I've grown up on these parties and they are oh so tasty! The trick to making sure the crumbs don't fall on you is to inhale them, which isn't too hard
    • Dlish Cupcakes

      Restaurants Sweet bread bakeries
      75 reviews
      ON M6J 1G1, 833 Queen St W, Toronto
      Dlish are my favorite cupcakes in the city. I have been a customer since 2014! The double chocolate is a nice special treat. I love them for birthdays, especially my own! My favorite thing about these cupcakes is that the cupcake itself is nice…
    • Sweet Hart Kitchen

      Restaurants Places that sell muffins
      74 reviews
      ON M5T 1J3, 68 Wales Ave, Toronto
      I went to Sweet Hart Kitchen on November 17,2021. All their mouth watering products are Gluten Free, Vegan, and Keto. I have Celiac for the last 30 years, I'm not a sweet eater but tried several of the GF donuts. I almost wept with delight. I…
    • Hattendo 八天堂

      Restaurants Places that sell cake
      57 reviews
      ON M5T 1L1, 13 Baldwin St, Toronto
      Hojicha black Sesame latte is good. Two of my favourite flavours put together. Tried their chocolate and match creme puff buns. Creams were tasty. Would visit again!
    • SOMA Chocolatemaker

      Restaurants Places to order a cake
      70 reviews
      ON M5V 1K4, 443 King St W, Toronto
    • Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

      Restaurants Pies and cakes
      58 reviews
      ON M6J 2Z2, 93A Ossington Ave, Toronto
      My go to place for one of the best ice cream in town!
    • Bake Island Bakery & Cafe

      Restaurants Patisserie shops
      73 reviews
      ON M5B 1S6, 372 Yonge St, Toronto
      Amazing and modestly prices. Delicious bakes!
    • Forno Cultura

      Restaurants Pastry food
      118 reviews
      ON M5V 1M5, 609 King St W, Toronto
      Forno Cultura Queen st, best coffee, bread and friendliest staff in the city!
    • Kin Kin Bakery

      Restaurants Pastries
      70 reviews
      ON M5G 2R3, 595 Bay St., Toronto
      The bubble tea here is terrible. Its just some syrup in water. I took watermelon bubble tea and it was no where closed to a bubble tea, so diluted with no flavour. Do not ever get bubble tea from here, it’s disgusting.
    • Aroma Espresso Bar

      Restaurants Mini pie bakeries
      53 reviews
      ON M6G 1A6, 540 College St, Toronto
      Clean, bright, with friendly atmosphere
    • Aroma Espresso Bar

      Restaurants Cakes and pies
      43 reviews
      ON M5H 3T9, 121 King St W b100, Toronto
    • Eva's Original Chimneys

      Restaurants Cakes bakeries
      58 reviews
      ON M5S 1X8, 454 Bloor St W, Toronto
      Premium ice cream which is worth every bite. We ordered an oreo and a mango icecream and both were so delicious!
      Its definitely good for two people to share, especially when having it after a meal. And at the end of each ice cream, there is a…
    • Bagel Time

      Restaurants Cake stores
      34 reviews
      ON M5S 1Y6, 551 Bloor St W, Toronto
      I wanted to buy some bagels and thought a place would «bagel» in the name would be the best option. Huge mistake, I bought two bagels at around 6 pm and both were incredibly stale, to the point they could've been used to hammer a nail to the wall....
    • Blackbird Baking Co.

      Restaurants Cake and cupcake bakeries
      125 reviews
      ON M5T 1L8, 172 Baldwin St, Toronto
      Prices tend to be on the higher end, but their pre-made sandwiches are really good (though far from being the best sandwiches I've had). Love paying Blackbird Baking a visit whenever I visit Kensington.
    • Almond Butterfly Bistro

      Restaurants Bread stores
      65 reviews
      ON M6J 1V1, 792 Dundas St W, Toronto
      I am a regular customer for the coffee and their baked goods. But this time we decided to have dinner and just how I imagine it didn’t disappoint us!! We were amazed by the AB burger and how good the gluten free bread is. The fish and chips were…
    • Venezia Bakery

      Restaurants Bread and pastry
      71 reviews
      ON M6J 2Z4, 114 Ossington Ave, Toronto
      Maybe because I got the cheesecake near the end of the day but it was very dry. The atmosphere in the bakery was wonderful though.
    • Letterbox Doughnuts

      Restaurants Birthday cupcakes bakeries
      83 reviews
      ON M5V 2A1, 335 Queen St W, Toronto
      My family loved the doughnuts ️ they were so fresh and spongy
      delivery was on the time.
    • Bunner's Bakeshop

      Restaurants Bakeries that make cakes
      72 reviews
      ON M5T 2L7, 244 Augusta Ave, Toronto
      Not a fan, the lady at the front was very standoffish. I get it I asked a lot of questions and can be overly excited but it was my first visit there and I was overwhelmed! Also wasn’t a fan of the cinnamon bun I got.
    • bloomer's Queen

      Restaurants Bakery stores
      73 reviews
      ON M6J 1E6, 715 Queen St W, Toronto
    • Ricarda's Restaurant | Bar | Cafe

      Restaurants Bakeries-restaurants
      60 reviews
      ON M5V 2H2, 134 Peter St, Toronto
      Private event, food was excellent and service was great too.
    • Wanda's Pie in the Sky

      Restaurants Bakery items
      66 reviews
      ON M5T 2M2, 287 Augusta Ave, Toronto
      The food here is good but way too expensive, almost off the charts. My rule is that I don't give places less than a 4 if their food is really good and the staff is nice and the only issue is price, so this place should be thanking its lucky…
    • Nugateau Patisserie

      Restaurants Bakery foods
      70 reviews
      ON M6J 1E6, 717 Queen St W, Toronto
      My favourite place to treat myself in Toronto. Always served with a smile and the most delicious eclairs you’ll find.
    • Hazukido (Atrium)

      Restaurants Bakery cakes
      109 reviews
      ON M5G 2C2, 595 Bay St. Unit E-01, Toronto
      The server was very nice and helpful. Just finished the croissant-delicious!
    • Uncle Tetsu's To Go

      Restaurants Bakery desserts
      64 reviews
      ON M5G 1C7, 191 Dundas St W, Toronto
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