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    • Aleppo Kebab

      Restaurants Chinese cuisine
      360 ratings
      33 minutes Lawrence East Scarborough, ON M1R 2Z1, 1960 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto
      Aleppo catered the food for a party at our home for 30. I am South Asian and usually get Biryani for my guests. Wanted to try something different. Was nervous but omg, my guests (and myself) were gushing about the incredible the food is. It tasted…
      Shish Taouk (chicken)
      Shish Taouk (chicken) (1 kg 10 skewers)
      Shish Tawok (chicken) Sandwich
      56 more prices
    • Hey Noodles

      Restaurants Chinese cuisine
      4 reviews
      10 minutes St. Patrick ON M5T 1G9, 478 Dundas St W, Toronto
      Delicious Food
      Reasonable Prices
      Friendly Staff
    • Haidilao Hot Pot Scarborough

      Restaurants Chinese cuisine
      266 ratings
      57 minutes Scarborough Centre Scarborough, ON M1V 1V2, 1571 Sandhurst Cir #106F, Toronto
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    • Scaramouche Restaurant

      Restaurants Chinese food spots
      305 ratings
      10 minutes Summerhill ON M4V 2L1, 1 Benvenuto Pl, Toronto
      It's been awesome for decades, and you know what? It's better than ever! Sit in Ryan's section, he's the best!
    • Liuyishou Hotpot Scarborough

      Restaurants Chinese cuisine
      5 reviews
      59 minutes Midland Scarborough, ON M1S 4T6, 4188 Finch Ave E Unit 14&15, Toronto
      Went here for the first time in late august to eat with my mom and my boyfriend. We had a great time and their service was great. All of the food was great quality and we were full (: Highly recommend
      86 more prices
    • Yaowarat Vegan Thai Restaurant

      Restaurants Authentic chinese restaurants
      33 reviews
      13 minutes Eglinton ON M4S 2M5, 557 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto
      Stir-Fried Chinese Broccoli with Crispy Pork Belly Vegan
      29 more prices
    • Kin Sushi - North York

      Restaurants Places to order chinese food
      210 ratings
      11 minutes Sheppard West North York, ON M3K 2B5, 1150 Sheppard Ave W #7, Toronto
      I order here sometimes but first time ordering Volcano roll was absolutely unsatisfied. Look at the sushi on top of the roll. Torched but the size was half of regular sashimi or sushi. Size of quarter. I expected regular size and I don't think Kin…
    • Chat Bar

      Restaurants Places to get chinese food
      235 ratings
      7 minutes North York Centre North York, ON M2N 6V1, 5312 Yonge St, Toronto
      If you have checked their kitchen, you’ll see how dirty they are.
      Chinese Bun
      100 more prices
    • DROM Taberna

      Restaurants Chinese places to eat
      5 reviews
      15 minutes Osgoode ON M5V 2A8, 458 Queen St W, Toronto
      A very nice place with an Eastern European twist. Will suit a homeseeker.
    • Xiaolongkan Chinese Fondue Scarborough

      Restaurants Chinese lunch places
      221 ratings
      4.2 km Midland Scarborough, ON M1V 4W9, 3280 Midland Ave unit 29~31, Toronto
      this is the most expensive hot pot ive ever been to. for 46$ this much meat they are serving here. id been in a lot of hot pot restaurant but this is way too much! i was asking to cancel since we didnt touch it the server said they cant do it.
      403 Chinese Cabbage
      429 Chinese Yam
      5061 Fried Chinese Bread
      107 more prices
    • Ueno Market Take Out Sushi

      Restaurants Chinese lunch
      10 reviews
      12 minutes King ON M5A 2P9, 75 Sherbourne St, Toronto
    • Jinglepear Deli

      Restaurants Chinese food outlets
      27 ratings
      19 minutes Greenwood ON M4L 2R4, 245 Greenwood Ave, Toronto
      So I’ve been wanting to try this place and finally did. First of all the owner and staff are super helpful, friendly and appreciative of your support.
      Everything is vegan so this is excellent.
      I had the 6” sub. Could have easily fed two people....
      Kung Pao Tofu Meal
      $12.50 — $14.50
      97 more prices
    • South Pacific

      Restaurants Chinese food to eat
      111 ratings
      10 minutes Ossington ON M6H 2X8, 1002 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto
      Haven’t been in a few months because I moved. But I’m going to drive here soon. The food is worth it
      shrimp shanghai Noodles
      beef w/chinese greens(bok choy)
      Wonton Noodle Soup
      104 more prices
    • Fudao Noodle House

      Restaurants Chinese food dining
      280 ratings
      12 minutes St. Patrick ON M5T 2G4, 358 Spadina Ave., Toronto
      Great food and friendly staff. I loved the tokoyaki and my partner loved the duck tongue.
    • Shu KingdomGeneral Hot Pot 巴蜀大将火锅

      Restaurants Chinese fast food restaurants
      114 ratings
      Scarborough, ON M1V 0E3, 390 Silver Star Blvd Unit 132-137, Toronto
      Chinese Cabbage
      118 more prices
    • Old Time Chinese Cuisine

      Restaurants Chinese dishes restaurants
      119 ratings
      43 minutes Leslie North York, ON M3B 0A7, 10 Mallard Rd #115, C, Toronto
      叔叔的旧时光 真是有趣,每一幅画、一桌一椅、每一个装饰、每一处装修都是叔叔匠心设计布置。 有空来听听叔叔的故事,喝一口小酒,拈一筷子家常菜。
      Kung Pao Beef
      Kung Pao Shrimps
      Kung Pao Chicken
      12 more prices
    • Kiyo Japanese Cuisine

      Restaurants Chinese dinner
      97 ratings
      6 minutes St. Clair West ON M5R 3J1, 1384 Bathurst St, Toronto
      Fantastic fish! The fresh wasabi has a deep and pleasing flavor and more interesting texture. The Chef's selection was some of the best Nigiri I've ever been served. I would highly recommend a visit. The tempura was light crispy and delightful. I…
    • Sansotei Ramen

      Restaurants Chinese dining
      121 ratings
      2 minutes King ON M5C 3G9, 30 Adelaide St E, Toronto
      One of the best ramens I’ve ever tasted! The service is good and the place is very comfortable. Definitely coming back
    • Juicy Dumpling in Chinatown

      Restaurants Chinese bars
      475 ratings
      12 minutes St. Patrick ON M5T 0A1, 280 Spadina Ave., Toronto
      Classic, cheap and quick. All apt words to describe this establishment. The soup dumplings aren't amazing but they are good value and still have lots of soup and flavour inside. The restaurant fills up quickly and has minimal seating so be…
      Vegetable Bun W/Chinese Spinach
      44 more prices
    • Bar Raval

      Restaurants Cantonese restaurants
      36 reviews
      16 minutes Bathurst ON M6J 2J3, 505 College St, Toronto
      Very loud, dim, crowded, and maybe 8 stools for the whole bar. You'll be standing for your meal.

      That said, food was amazing and the cocktails were fantastic. I just couldn't enjoy it.
    • DaiLo

      Restaurants Chinese restaurant
      33 reviews
      16 minutes Bathurst ON M6G 1A5, 503 College St, Toronto
      It was good but very expensive, and had small portions. The wontons, pumpkin dumplings, sweet and sour pork & truffle rice were amazing. They also have some special menu items, so make sure to ask!
    • Hey Noodles 嘿小面

      Restaurants China food
      3 reviews
      7 minutes North York Centre North York, ON M2N 5P9, 5306 Yonge St, Toronto
      The noodle soup serving sizes are large enough for two people to share. Good flavour soup stock and a fair amount of noodles and meat.

      If you eat in, there's free noodle refills. I've only tried the black fungus and salty fried chicken…
    • Wong's Asian Cuisine Indian Hakka

      Restaurants Chinese food restaurants
      159 ratings
      16 minutes Lawrence East ON M1P 2P5, 2173 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto
      Decent tasting Hakka food and they give 10%off for cash. There's no dining inside since COVID started even though it's 2023. There's fierce competition for hakka food in Scarborough and this place is just okay.
    • Raj Mahal Indian Cuisine

      Restaurants Chinese food restaurant
      245 ratings
      42 minutes York University ON M3H 5Y4, 1881 Steeles Ave W, Dufferin Corners, Toronto
      Their chaat papri is amazing! Also try their gol gappe! Amazing paneer tikka and chicken tikka! The flavours were just amazing! Do try!
    • Ryus Noodle Bar

      Restaurants Chinese places to eat
      8 reviews
      1 minute Broadview CA, Broadview Ave, Ontario, Canada, Toronto
      Tried the spicy miso ramen.

      The soup base was rich and had a thick texture. It paired really well with the thick noodles.

      Felt the food had a certain uniqueness comparing to other Ramen places which was really enjoyable.
    • Momo2Go - Albion Mall

      Restaurants China restaurant
      213 ratings
      Etobicoke, ON M9V 5H4, 1530 Albion Rd Unit FC2, Toronto
    • Everest Hakka House

      Restaurants China food restaurant
      2 reviews
      55 minutes Jane Etobicoke, ON M8V 1B6, 2356 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto
      Authentic Indian hakka noodles.
      Kung Pao Tofu
      Chinese Mixed Veggie/Half Size Tray
      Kung Pao Mixed Veggie
      250 more prices
    • Si Lom Thai Bistro

      Restaurants Asian Chinese restaurant
      268 ratings
      3 minutes Wellesley ON M4Y 2E1, 534 Church St, Toronto
      Hands down the best Thai place I’ve been to! This is the first time when I actually took Curry and liked it!
      Khao Soi Beef Noodles
      64 more prices
    • TenmilesB.B.Q 春风十里 (Downtown店)

      Restaurants Chinese dining
      187 ratings
      12 minutes Queen's Park 邮政编码: M5T 2G3, Spadina Ave., Ontario, Canada, Toronto
    • 楼兰 Kroran Uyghur Cuisine

      Restaurants Chinese restaurants to eat in
      5 reviews
      20 minutes Ellesmere Scarborough, ON M1P 2G7, 1515 Birchmount Rd #6, Toronto
      Had 4 different items from the menu and each of them were delicious. The food was very flavourful but not in a overwhelming way. I would definitely recommend everyone to try it.
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