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    • CARGO CABBIE Moving & Storage

      Business services Fast food
      167 ratings
      Open until 5:30PM
      37 minutes Kipling ON M8W 2X1, 105 Brockhouse Rd Unit #100, Toronto
      Before our move, we got 3 quotes, and Cargo Cabbie's was the highest (not by much). I decided to go with them anyway because they were responsive on the weekend, were thorough in their quoting process, and had good reviews.

      On the day of the…

      Shops Fast food
      150 ratings
      Open until 5PM
      41 minutes Kipling Etobicoke, ON M8Z 4X4, 41 Horner Ave #3B, Toronto
      Great service, prices and selection of made in Italy products. So excited to finally get my hands on a TIc tac simple manual all stainless steel sauce making machine for small batch tomato sauce making! I’ve been watching my Italian mamma & papa…
    • Chungchun Rice Dog

      Shops Fast food
      233 ratings
      Open until 11PM
      4 minutes Bathurst ON M6G 1K8, 615 Bloor St W, Toronto
      the best corndog you’ll ever try, and they have tons of great sauces to put on. service at this location is top tier compared to others I’ve been to.
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    • BlossomPure Organic

      Shops Fast food
      2 reviews
      Open until 7PM
      33 minutes Kipling Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5X2, 100 The East Mall Suite 15, Toronto
      This is a pretty neat and clean shop with lots of organic options including halal meat available. The guys are super friendly and welcoming. Free ample parking in front of shop. They told that there is an option to order online as well. 5/5 for…
    • Toronto Gold

      Household services Fast food
      1 review
      Open until 6PM
      4 minutes Ossington ON M6G 1M1, 829 Bloor St W, Toronto
      Bad experience. The person at the desk let me inside and spoke to me for about 2 minutes then randomly told me I need a mask after I was already in there without one. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER service if a person says they have asthma leave them alone....
    • Pita lite Shawarma

      Restaurants Fast food
      218 ratings
      Open until 10PM
      4 minutes Bloor–Yonge ON M4W 3R8, 175 Bloor St E unit -N3, Toronto
      Great shawarma plates! Amazing staff!
    • The Bread Essentials

      Shops Fast food
      90 ratings
      Open until 6PM
      48 minutes Royal York Etobicoke, ON M8Y 2R5, 406 Royal York Rd, Toronto
      Honestly if I was baking bread like theirs, I would admit to myself that I’m still in the amateur experimental phase and wouldn’t dare to sell it to people. The bread was moist and sticky (not the good of sticky) and totally fell apart. I really…
      Pizza Crust Large / Small $3.50
      Pizza Crust Large / Ea $5
      Hamburger Rolls $2
      34 more prices
    • The Burger Alley

      Restaurants Fast food
      254 ratings
      Open until 9:30PM
      21 minutes Warden Scarborough, ON M1L 0H2, 51 Lebovic Ave Unit #B104, Toronto
      The staff/owners are very hospitalable and kind during our recent first time experience.
      Restaurant is small, literally like a long alley with seats on the side, but nicely decorated theme inside.
      Food quality and portions are decent for price....
      Hey, There, Delicious;) $13.95
      Grilled cheese sandwich $4.45
      Sirius Meat $20.95
      26 more prices
    • ZEAL Burgers

      Restaurants Fast food
      256 ratings
      Open until 9PM
      ON M9N 1W5, 1926 Weston Rd, Toronto
      Tried the poutine Friday afternoon. Really great! Service was quick and friendly. I was full after eating the poutine despite ordering a small. Will be back for sure :)
      Dunamis Burger $7.50
      All-In Burger $11.35
      74 more prices
    • Sanremo Bakery

      Restaurants Fast food
      30 reviews
      Open until 5PM
      50 minutes Royal York Etobicoke, ON M8Y 2R3, 374 Royal York Rd, Toronto
      We ordered a 6 inch velvet cake and shared with a group of friends. Everyone loved it.
    • Loga's Corner

      Restaurants Fast food
      6 reviews
      Open until 11PM
      31 minutes Lansdowne ON M6K 1M3, 216 Close Ave, Toronto
      Wow! I’m impressed by the deliciousness of Loga’s momos, whether fried or not. Also, the beef noodle was great, and the service was quick and generous. They offered my son a free mango lassi which was a nice touch. Will definitely come back.
    • Speducci Mercatto

      Shops Fast food
      2 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      38 minutes Lawrence West North York, ON M6M 2V8, 46 Milford Ave, Toronto
      Love this place. Highly recommended it for eat in, take out or butcher/groceries. Food is top notch and service is impeccable.
      Nduja Pizza $24
      Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $10
      Vegetarian Pizza $19
      28 more prices
    • Wholesome Canine

      Shops Fast food
      82 ratings
      Open until 7PM
      8 minutes Dundas West ON M6R 1W9, 2096 Dundas St W, Toronto
      Absolutely fantastic! Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend their products and expertise. It’s a true pleasure having a local shop that cares so much about your pets health.
      House Burger $13.99
      Original Chicken Dinner $23.99
      Chicken Dinner 4 or 25 LB $13.99
      273 more prices
    • Douce France

      Shops Fast food
      147 ratings
      Open until 7PM
      4 minutes Pape ON M4J 1L6, 820 Danforth Ave, Toronto
      Parfait! C'est Exquisite! Les croissants avec un chocolate chaud est hors de ce monde! Je suis toujours sur un nuage neuf! Christel, le propriétere, est une merveillous femme franchise, qui a aidé ma mère et moi avec ses merveillous sélections....
    • Grandma loves you

      Restaurants Fast food
      6 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      2 minutes Rosedale ON M4W 2L4, 1084 Yonge St, Toronto
      Really enjoyed the Chef’s Choice & the 4Union sandwich — highly recommend and would go again
      Grandma's Special Pizza Sandwich Combo $8.49
      Grandma's Special Pizza Sandwich $6.99
      Veggie Sandwich $4.39
      38 more prices
    • Kunafa's

      Shops Fast food
      5 reviews
      Open until 11PM
      43 minutes Lawrence East Scarborough, ON M1R 2X9, 1801 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto
      BEST kunafa ever. And the sahlab is HEAVENLY. Very very friendly staffs and the owner and ESPECIALLY Sadia the BEST. Highly recommend
    • Henrietta Lane

      Shops Fast food
      1 review
      21 minutes King ON M5A 1K9, 394 King St E, Toronto
      Same place different name, but always good times
    • Olive Kebab Restaurant

      Restaurants Fast food
      206 ratings
      Open until 7PM
      4816.0944725087 m Kipling Etobicoke, ON M8V 1H7, 2836 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto
      Favourite place to get shawarma. Fresh ingredients, amazing portions and friendly staff.
    • J & W Foods

      Shops Fast food
      115 ratings
      Open until 6PM
      29 minutes Scarborough Centre Scarborough, ON M1S 4N7, 2201 Brimley Rd UNIT 1, Toronto
      Love this place and the owner rocks!
      Pre-set Meal — Beef Flank Steak Korean BBQ, Cauliflower Rice, Rice Pilaf $9.99
      WRAP — FLANK STEAK in Korean BBQ Sauce & Red Peppers — SPICY $7.50
      517 more prices
    • SumiLicious Smoked Meat - Deli

      Shops Fast food places
      4 reviews
      Scarborough, ON M1V 5P6, 5631 Steeles Ave E #5, Toronto
      Had the smoked meat sandwich which was really good, lots of meat just wish they had more sauce on the sandwich
      Chicken Sandwich Combo $13.99
      Chicken $9.99
      Smoked Spiced Whole Chicken By agreement
      31 more prices
    • Blood Brothers Brewing

      Restaurants Fast food stores
      3 reviews
      Open until 11PM
      16 minutes Dufferin ON M6H 2B8, 165 Geary Ave, Toronto
      Since when is it socially acceptable to chase after a customer like a begger and aggressively ask them why they didn't tip you like I owe you something? Do you guys understand the concept of a Tip? Completely unacceptable and unprofessional. You…
    • Good Rebel - Vegan Provisions

      Shops Junk food
      95 ratings
      Open until 6PM
      17 minutes Dufferin ON M6K 1T9, 1591 Dundas St W, Toronto
      This is a great place to find just about any vegan products you need! As someone that enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes, it's really helpful that a store like this exists in Toronto. I ordered online twice and both times the…
      Middleton's Spicy Korean BBQ Vegan Seitan Ribs $10.99
      Impossible Burger Brick $11.99
      Gusta Seitan Burger To Slice $13.99
      526 more prices
    • Chicken Kitchen (Skyland)

      Restaurants Fast food spots
      270 ratings
      Open until 9PM
      46 minutes McCowan Scarborough, ON M1G 1P7, 3715 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto
      Chicken Sandwich $14.99
      Chicken Combo (20 Pcs) $65.99
      Chicken Combo (8 Pcs) $35.99
      56 more prices
    • Odd Burger

      Restaurants Restaurants fast food
      206 ratings
      Open until 9PM
      16 minutes Bathurst ON M6G 1A4, 492 College St, Toronto
      Amazing plant based fast food spot! Can’t wait to get all their dishes!
      Famous Burger $7.99
      Famous Burger Combo $13.98
      Kid's Burger $4.49
      65 more prices
    • Olde Yorke Fish & Chips

      Restaurants Junk food restaurants
      4 reviews
      Open until 9PM
      43 minutes Eglinton East York, ON M4G 3V3, 96 Laird Dr, Toronto
      Prices up and fish portions down.
      The fries were not up to their usual freshness. As long time supporters we were disappointed.
      As well the dining room was very crowded which made us uncomfortable, even though they checked vax records at the door,…
      Burger & Chips $10.50
      Chicken On A Bun $11.75
      109 more prices
    • Bobacha Cafe

      Shops Fast food places to eat
      69 ratings
      Open until 9PM
      37 minutes Royal York Etobicoke, ON M8Y 1K8, 675 The Queensway, Toronto
      The original signature milk tea was fantastic.
    • Canary & Fox Micro Market

      Shops Fast food lunch
      45 ratings
      Open until 6PM
      14 minutes Jane ON M6S 2E2, 778 Annette St, Toronto
    • The Chocolate Messenger

      Shops Fast food dinner places
      36 ratings
      Open until 6PM
      27 minutes Eglinton East York, ON M4G 3C1, 1645 Bayview Ave, Toronto
      Exquisite chocolate truffles! Fresh and delicious- my chocolate standards have gone up since I tried Chocolate Charm.
    • Egglinton Grill

      Restaurants Fast food dinner
      150 ratings
      48 minutes Eglinton West York, ON M6M 1T3, 2609 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto
      Steve is awesome man not only the food but staff is really helpful and at the end we got our favorite choice of ice cream as a treat
      Really means a lot
    • Ely's Fine Foods

      Shops Fast food cafe
      63 ratings
      Open until 7PM
      20 minutes Yorkdale North York, ON M6A 2C7, 3537 Bathurst St, Toronto
      All Beef Classic Burger $22
      Jalapeno Burger $22
      Veal Burger $26
      158 more prices
    Average company rating - 4.8 based on 4293 reviews and 6867 ratings