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Reviews about Cafe of Life Chiropractic

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  • Antonella De Rosa 2021, April 9, 6:33 am via Google
    Absolutely 5stars for Dr Shaian. From the first time I walked in the studio she made me feel at ease and the cozy atmosphere gave it a unique touch. She is really professional and well prepared, kind and shes also a good listener :) I would definitely recommend her services. Thank you!
  • Maggie Large 2021, March 17, 8:40 pm via Google
    Great service and atmosphere, the office is very clean and I definitely feel safe as they follow COVID-19 cleaning and sanitizing guidelines. Dr. Shaian is lovely, so warm and personable and very knowledgable. She has already improved my back pain immensely after just a few visits. Highly recommend!
  • Arnia James 2021, March 16, 4:40 am via Google
    I have been receiving treatment from Shaian for a little over a month now and she is a miracle worker. Due to my job I spend long hours at a desk on a computer and suffer from chronic neck and back pain. Since I started working with her I feel such relief. She is attentive, detail oriented and very knowledgeable at her job. She designs treatments in the best interest of her individual patients and doesn't take the one shoe fits all approach. With Shaian I trust I am always getting the best treat – show
  • Tine Rattel 2021, February 17, 7:39 pm via Google
    Shaian is a very nice and sweet person and I felt very relaxed during the treatment (having had several adjustments in the past, I still feel a bit weird about the noises my neck can make;). And my shoulder still feels much better! Thanks again!!
  • Matt Colivas 2021, January 19, 11:16 pm via Google
    Dr. Evan and Dr. Shaian were awesome! Came in with lower back pain and both were able to relieve my pain. I highly recommend Cafe of Life Toronto.
  • Alan B 2020, December 14, 4:53 am via Google
    I highly recommend Dr. Shaian to anyone looking for chiropractic care. I went in with lower back pain that radiated into my leg and some neck stiffness. From the get go, she was kind, attentive and meticulous, outlining the problem areas in my spine and their connections to other pain points in my body. After just a few adjustments and sessions, we balanced out my hips, which I found out were not perfectly aligned, and relieved much of the pain in my neck and lower back. She also suggested the – show
  • Jordan Foster 2020, December 7, 6:02 pm via Google
    Dr. Shaian Mollaret is a fantastic chiropractor that provides quick results that last. I would 100% recommend her services to anyone.
  • Gabriela Rizzardi 2020, November 27, 7:58 pm via Google
    I found Dr Shaian a few months ago and I am so glad! I work in front of a computer all day and my neck and shoulders really suffer. She has helped me with all the pains and misalignments in my body. She is very knowledgeable and also has a great energy. Can't recommend her enough! :)
  • Serena Dessen 2020, November 25, 4:43 pm via Google
    I originally came because I was in pain — could not walk half a block with out nerve pain in my leg crippling me. The pain was gone after only one or two visits with Dr Evan. I did continue for 10 years with both Dr Evan and/or Dr Shaian, both wonderful, for various reasons. And now i'm back. Once again, a crippling nerve pain running down my leg and once again, Dr Evan has been immensely helpful and by that I mean I can walk again. Just went for an over 3 mile walk with no pain. I'm also gratef – show
  • Bianca Lee 2020, September 30, 8:01 pm via Google
    Great location, steps away from the subway! Dr Shaian was very sweet and walked me through the entire procedure for adjustment. Great experience so far!
  • Irina Oshchepkova 2020, September 19, 12:00 am via Google
    I go to Cafe Of Life to see Dr. Shaian for a few years now. She is a very professional practitioner. She listens to my concerns attentively and provides a very effective treatment of my health issues. I work with computers all day and you can only imagine how my neck and shoulders feel at the end of the day. I felt better right after my first appointment. I highly recommend this practitioner.
  • Karan Pant 2020, September 14, 7:39 am via Google
    I had recurring pain in my neck especially post weight training sessions at the gym…Dr. Shaian diagnosed an alignment problem in my upper back and neck and within 3 weeks i was able to get rid of the pain and stiffness completely..I am back to the gym and performing better than before..It has been a quick and extremely effective treatment…Thanks Dr. Shaian
  • Bhaskar Gangani 2020, September 9, 11:48 pm via Google
    The clinic is very conveniently located in the heart of midtown Toronto. Dr Shaian with her years of experience has a very complete approach to diagosis and treatment. My overall experience was super.
  • Peter M 2020, August 21, 3:09 am via Google
    I have been getting adjustments done for the past few years and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Shaian has done an amazing job!
  • A C 2020, August 5, 10:28 pm via Google
    I have been going for chiropractic services at Cafe of Life for more than a year. Both doctors are great and have helped me a lot in terms of stiffness in my neck, back and legs. I have become more aware of my body and my posture. Dr. Shaian also recommends exercises I can do at home. Chiropractic services does help and makes a difference to your body. I would recommend them anytime to family and friends!
  • anthonella19 2020, July 27, 7:54 pm via Google
    Dr Shaian is such an amazing person and has a great energy! She provides a unique level of care. I have been seeing her for NSA care (Network Spinal Analysis) and I am learning to re-connect with my body and I am so grateful that I found Cafe of Life! I would recommend for anyone who is struggling with stress and the nervous system overall to make an appointment with Dr. Shaian and listen to her suggestions and feedback. NSA differs from traditional chiropractic treatment and if you are open to – show
  • Inga Nakiene 2020, July 23, 8:31 pm via Google
    I have been going to Dr. Shaian Mollaret for adjustments for almost a year now and have always been very happy with the service. Dr. Shaian is very knowledgeable and finds sore spots on my back and neck by just touching with her fingers. I always feel better after seeing her and will continue using her services. Would definitely recommend.
  • Daniel Nag 2020, July 17, 1:07 am via Google
    Dr Shaian is a great person and a great chiropractor. We always leave with a breath of relief and neck extension that we completely forgot about. So glad we found her, as sitting in front of computers as a job can take a toll on the spine.
    • Company's official reply 2020, July 17, 2:12 am via Google
      Thank you so much Daniel! It is a pleasure to work with you and your lovely family.
  • Deborah Hope 2020, July 5, 11:21 pm via Google
    Excellent Place of Business, She Does Awesome Work, It's a Great Location with Clean Surroundings and a Relaxing atmosphere.
  • Ali Talal Noori 2020, July 3, 4:52 am via Google
    Dr. Shaian Mollaret is such a rockstar and offers a truly warm, supportive, caring environment for her patients. Her knowledge and understanding of the many factors that affect her patients’ overall health make her an great practitioner and I cannot recommend her enough. She has helped me heal physically and emotionally and her adjustments focus on more than just the movement of the spine as she also incorporates breathing and relaxation, and walks you through each and every step of the treatmen – show
  • Anna Bergamont 2020, March 16, 4:46 am via Google
    Shaian has been amazing! Having seen another chiropractor with zero results previously, she has improved the health of my spine in a few weeks. She is very talented. Highly recommended!
  • Jill Macdonald 2020, March 5, 10:37 pm via Google
    Dr. Shaina has been doing chiropractic on my 13 year-old dog. There was nothing wrong with my dog…she had no visible ailments and was a happy dog. But, I wanted to see if it would make a difference. The doctor was very gentle and patient with my Jenny and she had three treatments. Now I should change her name to Frisky! She’s up, whipping around the bed when she wakes and bounds across the park, as if she was 7 again. She’s super happy and snores less at night. Getting chiropractic care – show
    • Company's official reply 2020, July 17, 2:11 am via Google
      It was a pleasure to work with Jenny. I’m so happy Chiropractic has benefited her so much! Thank you for bringing her in for care:)
  • Raynu Khaneja 2019, November 20, 6:39 pm via Google
    Dr Shaian was successful in treating my sciatica. She is professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend.
  • Hamida A 2019, October 7, 5:03 am via Google
    This was my first time to see a Chiropractic. I'm glad it was with Dr.Shaian. The office space is cozy and comfortable. I learned a lot about my overall health and areas of concern. Dr.Shaian is professional, friendly and talented at what she does.
    She has over 15 years of experience. I like the fact she focuses on holistic approach and looks at the entire body, not just the areas in pain. After my first alignment, I needed a moment because I have never felt such relief in 10 years of chronic pa
    – show
  • Travis Boyco 2019, September 24, 1:07 am via Google
    Absolutely recommend Cafe of Life and Dr. Shaian!

    I've never received regular chiropractic treatment before, but with regular appointments, we've found a treatment schedule/plan that has significantly reduced my initial issue. I very much appreciate her holistic and tailored approach.

    Convenient location as well!
  • Patricia Gazda 2019, August 30, 8:12 pm via Google
    I totally recommend Dr Shaian. In addition to improving back pain, I improved my posture and the quality of my sleep. She is very helpful and competent.
  • Anita Beserminji 2019, January 12, 1:09 am via Google
    I have enjoyed the pleasant and warm atmosphere. I have had issues with my neck and lower back. Each treatment relieves the stress and pressure of everyday life. There is a huge difference from when I started my treatments. The doctor is patient, kind and has over 15 years of experience. She uses a more holistic approach and understands the body as a whole. I always feel she listens and truly cares.
  • Jim Burtnick 2018, October 10, 1:04 am via Google
    I started going to Cafe of Life due to excruciating pain in my lower back. Dr Shaian Mollaret took the time to listen to me, do a thorough evaluation and put me on a program back to health. While it did not take long for her treatments to alleviate the pain I was experiencing, she explained to me how we were going to together not just treat the symptoms, but rather address this reoccurring issue once and for all. Now in my 2nd year with Cafe of Life, I can truly say that I feel better overall, n – show
    • Company's official reply 2018, October 11, 10:19 pm via Google
      Thank you for your review, Jim! The best long-term health benefits are achieved by those, like you, who are willing to put in the effort to keep their body healthy.
  • Susan 2018, September 25, 8:53 am via Google
    I had the privledge to meet Dr M in Kauai, poolside. She shared with me her desire to treat patients with the very best techniques in her practice. She also shared with me, that this desire began at the very beginning when she chose the university that she wanted to attend for her education.....that would meet the needs and teachings; that she would aquire to meet her “potential and goal” for her future patients. She has a loving and friendly heart.... and those that trust her for their services – show
  • Susan Patterson 2018, September 18, 6:41 pm via Google
    I've just come from yet another wonderful appointment with Dr. Shaian and I have to write how much I appreciate her treatments. All the little aches and pains I had come to think were «normal» disappear with each treatment. Yes, they eventually reappear over the next few weeks with the wear and tear of daily life but then Dr. Shaian fixes me up again. I don't think most of us realize how good we CAN feel until we have a good chiropractor. Dr. Shaian also adds to my enjoyment of life by suggestin – show
    • Company's official reply 2018, October 11, 10:21 pm via Google
      Thank you for taking time out to write this review, Susan! We appreciate being appreciated by our valued practice members.
  • Yuriy Verbishchuk 2018, August 1, 5:05 am via Google
    Today I competed the 8 week adjustment program with Dr. Shaian Mollaret at Cafe of Life Chiropractic.

    I wanted to properly align my posture and get relief from areas in my back where I had aches and tension. I decided to visit Dr. Shaian’s office because Cafe of Life was one of the first results on google, as well as the volume of positive reviews.

    I was slightly sceptical at first since I had no prior experience, but I was certain I had made the right decision after the first assessment.

    – show
    • Company's official reply 2018, October 11, 10:23 pm via Google
      Thank you Yuriy, for your review! Whenever you are back in Toronto, we invite you to pop by for a posture and spinal check-up.
  • Syed Ali 2018, May 5, 9:27 pm via Google
    My spouse and I have been coming here for sometime now and I can definitely say for both of us that Dr. Shaian has been extremely helpful since we started seeing her. She’s always friendly and very informative. The setting of the office is calming so we’re never nervous or stressed out once we enter there. Her staff is very helpful as well. Always a pleasant experience for us…
    • Company's official reply 2018, October 11, 10:23 pm via Google
      Thank you for your review, Syed! We're always happy to give our best!
  • Patryk Wisniewski 2018, April 9, 8:56 pm via Google
    Being in a position where I need regular chiropractic adjustments to avoid suffering from, at times, debilitating back pain, it is critical to have a reliable, accessible and capable chiropractor. And Dr. Shaian fits that bill. After receiving my usual treatments, I am happy to say that I feel the pain dissipate quickly. It's instant relief.
    The location is also convenient, the facilities clean and the service efficient. What else does one need?
  • Jill Macdonald 2018, March 19, 8:42 pm via Google
    Winter has been dreadful. I talk to a friend and walk into a parked-bike falling to the ground. Left side of my body out of whack and awful pain. One treatment — done! Two days later, sprained my ankle where a snow-covered divet was hiding — and I crashed into a wall. Right side of body so sore. When I walked, the pain shot right up into my lower back. One treatment-done! She has magic hands with that activator!
  • Ashley K Lloyd 2018, February 5, 10:18 pm via Google
    I highly recommend Dr. Shaian Mollaret! She is so helpful, compassionate, and talented. Her passion for helping you improve your health is simply amazing.
  • Karl Kremer 2017, April 26, 4:41 pm via Google
    I have worked with a number of Chiropractors over the last several years and Dr Shaian stands out above the crowd. She has a unique holistic view of things that takes all of your body and mind into account and it is apparent that she genuinely cares about her patients. I would highly recommend Dr Shaian to anyone looking for a great Chiropractor.
  • Jason Crobar 2017, March 13, 10:28 pm via Google
    I've had spinal problems all my life, but it had been years since I saw a chiropractor. I was waking up in pain every day… just a dull roar, manageable, but always there. This year, I wanted to start to fix that. I needed to find a good chiropractor. At Cafe of Life, I did.

    After 1 month of treatment, I feel much better every day. Not perfect. It's not a miracle quick-fix, but I'm healing. I get out and do more, more regularly, for longer periods of time, because I'm in so much less pain. Oft
    – show
    • Company's official reply 2018, October 11, 10:26 pm via Google
      Our pleasure, Jason! Great progress, and thank you for your review!
  • 1026abdul 2017, February 2, 9:18 pm via Google
    Excellent service, would recommend 100%
  • Erika O 2017, February 2, 8:13 pm via Google
    I highly recommend Dr. Shaian! She's compassionate and knowledgeable and truly cares about her patient's experience.
  • James Francoeur 2017, January 18, 4:03 am via Google
    I visited Shaian over 6 months ago when my left side and leg became numb and barely could walk. After my initial assessment and xrays, I visited her office twice a week for a few months, she set me up with a home excercise kit and a specific routine.
    She told me on day 1 that if I followed her plan this would never return, so far I can attest she was 100% correct.
    I want to thank her for her knowledge and professionalism and am very happy to refer all my friends and family to her now.
    I have ne
    – show
    • Company's official reply 2018, October 11, 10:27 pm via Google
      Our pleasure, James! Thank you for your review!
  • Janice Langer 2016, May 22, 8:12 pm via Google
    I was in extreme pain with my back this winter. Dr Shaian Mollaret suggested that I try seeing her for my back pain
    I had been in physio therapy for 2 years and during my last acute period with physio I found no relief.
    After a month of chiropractic procedure I could see a difference
    Dr Shaian was also very helpful in showing me different stretches to ease pain and stay strong
    I am 90% free of pain at present after 3 months of treatment
    Seems to have worked for me
    • Company's official reply 2018, October 11, 10:28 pm via Google
      Great results Janice! Thank you for your wonderful review, and letting me know you meant it to be 5 stars. Much appreciated!
  • Nim-che-che Sadawara 2016, March 2, 12:41 am via Google
    Amazing, and I'll tell you why. My head was extending forward as if I was trying to see something microscopic, and I wasn't aware of it. Some sessions with the good doctor, and it was fixed, my posture is good, I look more refined now, compared to before, almost decrepitude. My wife's neck was in pain for many years (so many she can't remember), now she doesn't complain. My wife is also pregnant, and the pains and discomfort improved exponentially!!! I recommend her for extreme professionalism, – show
  • Paul Flexman 2016, January 9, 8:48 pm via Google
    I have been going to Cafe of Life for a number of years, the vibe, atmosphere & care provided by Doctor Shaian provides amazing comfort and confidence in raising the awareness of what your body is telling you.
  • Kai Zhuang 2016, January 8, 10:09 pm via Google
    Dr. Shaian is fantastic. Her network chiropractic work operates at a much deeper level than typical chiropractic care. Personally, I experienced tremendous release of emotional tensions within the first session, through every session since. Very happy that I chose her as my new chiropractor. My wife is now with her too.
  • Erick Stewart 2015, December 23, 11:37 pm via Google
    I came to Cafe of Life with a herniated disc in my low back. It made it so that standing, sitting, lying down or running would be incredibly uncomfortable. The only thing I could do with some comfort was walk forward. Needless to say, it was messing up my everyday life and without realizing it; I had become angry and depressed. After one treatment I noticed a big difference in my mobility and comfort and I could finally sit and lay down. Not long after I was good as new. I decided to continue – show
  • Sonia Gungah 2015, December 14, 11:53 pm via Google
    Phil Sianticos is a great massage therapist! You will come out of your massage feeling reborn and all your back pain will disappear. Trust me! Also the receptionist is very kind and always serves each client with a smile.
  • Stacey Clermont 2015, December 2, 12:35 am via Google
    Thanks to the team at Café of Life, my body, mind, and spirit are healthy and grounded. Humble thanks to Dr. Shaian for offering straight-forward and simple guidance on nutrition and work/life balance. Many thanks to Dennis for always being so welcoming and sweet. Big thanks to Phil for his calm approach to massage. You inspire me!
  • Zeenia Shah 2015, July 1, 4:23 pm via Google
    I visited the cafe of life with the goal of treating my back
    pain. Thinking that after a few sessions I would feel better and get on with my life. I found instead inspiration to live a healthier more fullfilling life. I discoved the true nature of our bodies and the importance of nuturing and caring for it. The cafe of life goes beyond just treating symptoms as tradtional medicine does, and instead of masking pain gets to the real root. Please visit you will be glad that you did
  • Colin Fenwick 2014, November 25, 8:57 pm via Google
    I am only 24 years old and 7 months ago I was rushed to the ER with Myopericarditus. Myocarditus is the inflammation of the pericardium and myocardium heart muscles. This happened because my immune system attacked my body after I had a high fever. The Cardiologist told me I had suffered 63% heart failure and my troponin levels were 113 times higher than normal. I am a relatively healthy person and all my other blood tests showed amazing results, which the Cardiologist was dumbfounded at how t – show
  • Elio-David Di Iorio 2014, September 15, 10:43 pm via Google
    Aside from feeling even better that normal, the extensive visual/imaging assessment that Dr. Shaian did before and after treatment made the extent of the improvement much more visible/obvious.

    This is not your normal 'snap and crack' chiropractic treatment. It is very gentle and subtle. Relaxing, calming and very effective.

    The staff is fantastic and the central location makes going for appointments super easy.

    My wife and I were pleased to have Dr. Shaian attend the birth of our daughter and
    – show
  • anvita47 2014, June 30, 5:14 am via Google
    I am happy to go to the cafe of life. You read about the 'wisdom of the body' and I feel I experience that a little here. As I lie on the table at the cafe and quiet my mind, slow the breathing, and as the light touches and manipulations take effect I feel a little dreamy; tensions fade away, inspirations come, its always a little different. Progress is slow, steady, but unmistakable. Who knew there is so much there in your spine? They really do have magic hands at the cafe of life. I really lik – show
  • Nicole Ablack-Ramkay 2013, October 30, 8:59 pm via Google
    I was a bit sceptical at first and I was worried about the financial commitment it would require given that I had two children in post secondary education. Now I would say that I would choose this first over any other treatment.

    Life changing is the only way I can describe Network Chiropractic. My posture has improved and much of my upper back tension and stuckness has disappeared. I have also experienced wonderful shifts in my life. I am much more confident and can handle stressful situati
    – show
  • Alison Tennen 2012, December 29, 1:05 am via Google
    My mom brought me in to the Cafe of life and they helped me soooooooo much and my back feels MUCH better then it has ever been before!!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH DR.EVEN AND DR.SHAIAN
  • Evelyn Wentworth-Stanley 2012, November 2, 11:37 pm via Google
    I went to Dr. Evan initially to help me with my migraines & neck pain. I realized however fairly quickly that not only was he helping to alleviate my migraines and neck pain, he was also helping to restore the much needed balance in my life. My neck pain has subsided, I have not had a migraine to date & my body has never felt better. I look forward to Dr. Evan restoring the balance in my body (and mind!) each week. Thank you Dr. Evan!
  • Robert Saunders 2012, October 23, 8:34 pm via Google
    While each of our life experiences may differ, we are not so different after all. I re-discovered this at The Cafe of Life. Perhaps I have known this all along, but I needed help. We all carry baggage around, stresses, tensions, issues and life-stuff. Now granted some luggage looks really cool, and that's ok, we can celebrate the stuff that makes you what you are. Overwhelmingly though stress evolves into lifestyle patterns understating our full potential.Dr. Evan can explain this more articulat – show
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