Naturaw Canine Food

Naturaw Canine Food

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Going out to the shop to refill home inventory or for an unplanned but needed purchase should be gratifying. Retailers like Naturaw Canine Food are working for clients to present them with existing goods and guidance, if asked for.

Provision stores play a vital part in modern life. People go to places like this to buy something to eat and other essential goods. In order to know more about the provided stock it's best to visit this place in person.

Herein people can buy pet supplies.

You can learn more info if you give this company a call: 18446288729 or visit the website:

This place is located near a Lawrence East metro station by the following address: Scarborough, ON M1R 3E4, 3—32 Howden Rd.

Working hours
Mon-Thu: 11AM—7:30PM; Sat: 11AM—4:30PM
Official website
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Reviews about Naturaw Canine Food

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  • Stikbot N. 2022, May 26, 4:03 am
    Excellent customer service matched with quality products.
    This is not your typical pet store. When you bring your pet for the first time, they will be weighed and a diet will be tailored to your pets needs by a knowledgeable and friendly staff member!
    • Company's official reply 2022, May 31, 2:50 am
      We really appreciate your review! It makes us so happy to hear that you don’t consider us a “typical” pet store because that is exactly what we strive to be! We always love when our customers bring their pets so that we can give the best possible advice and recommendations based on their individual needs.
  • Prasath S. 2022, May 25, 6:45 pm
    Owners dog is extremely Aggressive, his dog Leo attacked and bit my dog on site while purchasing food, had 4 to 5 teeth penetrate her neck! Avoid this business! Lucky I didn’t sue this owner & Shut his business down.
    • Company's official reply 2022, June 3, 12:57 am
      We are surprised to hear that you feel this way, Prasath, especially since this is a false representation of what occurred. We are also not quite sure what has urged you to bring up an incident that happened 4 years 2018. If you recall, you had full control of the situation since you chose to approach Leo with your dog, while he was tied up in a different room (intended for staff only) and while his owner was not with him at the time. Unfortunately both dogs reacted and got minor punctur – show

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