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Food & Beverage Stores in Toronto

Food & Beverage Stores in Toronto

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    • 2022

      Pristine Fine Foods

      Shops Food and drinks
      141 reviews
      Open until 5PM
      41 minutes Kipling Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1K2, 339 Evans Ave., Toronto
      An amazing store filled with all your turkish needs. Grabbed my own Turkish Tea Pot to brew thsi amazong tea at home. Reasonably priaced. Caykur Filiz tea $8 and teapot $28. Vaiery of oils, jams, pickles and turkish cookware. Just browsing around…
    • Sweet Shady Shack

      Shops Food and drinks
      86 reviews
      8 minutes Eglinton ON M4P 1K4, 220 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto
      Probably the best bubble tea in Toronto. Also such kind people who experiment so well with many combinations!
      Lychee Lime Green Tea/Black Tea $4.80
      Lychee Dragon Fruit Green Tea/Black Tea $4.90
      Pineapple Green Tea/Black Tea $4.80
      46 more prices
    • Chungchun Rice Dog

      Shops Food and drinks
      207 reviews
      4 minutes Bathurst ON M6G 1K8, 615 Bloor St W, Toronto
      the best corndog you’ll ever try, and they have tons of great sauces to put on. service at this location is top tier compared to others I’ve been to.
      House Coffee (Iced) $3.49
      Sweet chili By agreement
      Hot sauce By agreement
      25 more prices
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    • Momo Dumpling Express

      Shops Food and drinks
      121 reviews
      31 minutes Jane Etobicoke, ON M8Y 1J2, 156 The Queensway Unit 1 A, Toronto
      High quality dumplings. It’s a must try for anyone with the love for dumplings. They have a decent variety and amazing side sauce.
      FRUIT TEA $4
      44 more prices
    • Baroness 小黑糖

      Shops Food and drinks
      73 reviews
      2 minutes College ON M5B 1T1, 421 Yonge St, Toronto
      Best bubble tea in all of GTA. I think the owners run the shop themselves and let me tell you, these guys ahve the best tapioca I have ever had. Don't believe me…try it yourself and thank me later. Their vegan oat milk is the best!!! Me and…
      Black Tea + Organic Milk $5.95
      Toffee + Organic Milk $6.50
      Passion Fruit Green Tea By agreement
      52 more prices
    • Trupti Enterprises Inc.

      Shops Food and drinks
      74 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      45 minutes Pape East York, ON M4H 1H2, 2 Thorncliffe Park Dr #40, Toronto
      This is my go to shop for snacks, spices, rice and more! The Horsepower blend is great in smoothies!!
      Garam Masala Seven Spice from $2.99
      Garam Masala East African from $3.99
      Red Chili Whole from $1.49
      301 more prices
    • BlossomPure Organic

      Shops Food and drinks
      93 reviews
      33 minutes Kipling Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5X2, 100 The East Mall #15, Toronto
      This is a pretty neat and clean shop with lots of organic options including halal meat available. The guys are super friendly and welcoming. Free ample parking in front of shop. They told that there is an option to order online as well. 5/5 for…
      Bulk meat orders $100
      Pastured chicken $6.99
      Grassfed beef $9.99
      2 more prices
    • YGO Lab Toronto (U of T Campus)

      Shops Food and drinks
      57 reviews
      7 minutes Spadina ON M5S 1G6, 100B Harbord St, Toronto
      I have to say this place gave me the best customer experience I ever had! The barista is very accommodating to my needs^ ^ I love the overall store look. Some of the drinks they offer are exclusive from other stores nearby. The price’s nice too. I…
      Passion Fruit Green Tea $6.25
      YGO Supreme Fruit Tea $6.75
      Hot Brown Sugar Longan & Red Dates Tea $5.50
      54 more prices
    • SumiLicious Smoked Meat & Deli

      Shops Food and drinks
      77 reviews
      Scarborough, ON M1V 5P6, 5631 Steeles Ave E #5, Toronto
      Had the smoked meat sandwich which was really good, lots of meat just wish they had more sauce on the sandwich
      Bottle Drinks $1.99
      Juices $2.25
      Water $1.50
      31 more prices
    • Terroni Sud Forno Produzione e Spaccio

      Shops Food and drinks
      242 reviews
      Open until 8PM
      22 minutes King ON M5A 3E2, 22 Sackville St, Toronto
      Today they completely ruined my morning.

      We decided to have Saturday capuchino and some pastries here because we love this place and food and ambiance.
      When I was buying I ask if we may sit outside and had permission.
      When we wanted to sit in…
      Almond Milk $9
      Terroni Sausage $10.99
      Oat Milk $9
      75 more prices
    • Sanremo Bakery

      Shops Food and drinks
      343 reviews
      Open until 5PM
      50 minutes Royal York Etobicoke, ON M8Y 2R3, 374 Royal York Rd, Toronto
      We ordered a 6 inch velvet cake and shared with a group of friends. Everyone loved it.
      Cake Donuts $2.49
      Mocha $45
      Nutella $2.49 — $49.95
      140 more prices
    • Smyrna - Laz Bakkal

      Shops Food and drinks
      55 reviews
      Open until 8PM
      3 minutes Pape ON M4K 3S7, 808 Pape Ave, Toronto
      Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee (Turk Kahvesi) 500gr $14.99
      Bahar Yogurt Drink (Ayran) 473ml $1.49
      Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee (Turk Kahvesi) 250gr $7.99
      440 more prices
    • George's Deli & B B Q

      Shops Food and drinks
      97 reviews
      Open until 9PM
      1 minute Bathurst ON M5S 1Z5, 795 Bathurst St, Toronto
      They make the best burger in Toronto. The service is always excellent. I would highly recommend them. Definitely five star.
      Apple Juice $1.75
      Orange Juice $1.75
      Coke Zero $1.75
      30 more prices
    • Hey Wey!

      Shops Food and drinks
      55 reviews
      30 minutes Dufferin ON M6E 1B3, 1165 St Clair Ave W, Toronto
      Coca-cola $3
      Tacos Dorados $12
      Tamales $3.50
      7 more prices
    • Karlovo Inc

      Shops Food and drinks
      35 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      17 minutes Greenwood East York, ON M4J 2N6, 469 Cosburn Ave., Toronto
      What a gem of a store this place is… All things Bulgarian! This is a mini Bulgarian grocery store and deli.
      Came across this place by chance when driving through here one day. Loved everything they offer… Lots and lots of Krinos brand items....
      Spanish Chorizo $7.20
      Dried Beef Hunter's Sausage $6.75
      44 more prices
    • Mak European Delicatessens

      Shops Food and drinks
      104 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      North York, ON M3A 1C6, 1335 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto
      TUE: Chicken stew, Balkan burger, Meatballs $8.99
      MON: Beans Sauerkraut w sausage, Chicken $7.99
      WED: Stuffed Chicken, Beef Goulash, Baked Beans / gravce / prebranac $8.99
      4 more prices
    • J & W Foods

      Shops Food and drinks
      97 reviews
      Open until 4PM
      29 minutes Scarborough Centre Scarborough, ON M1S 4N7, 2201 Brimley Rd UNIT 1, Toronto
      Love this place and the owner rocks!
      Broccoli — Cooked & Portioned $0.92
      ORGANO — GOURMET CAFE MOCHA — 1 Sachet $2.99
      Pre-Set Meal — Beef Tenderloin Jaffna Curry, Broccoli & Boiled Potato $11
      517 more prices
    • Mr.Sun

      Shops Food and drinks
      85 reviews
      5 minutes Finch North York, ON M2N 6K7, 5460 Yonge St, Toronto
      First time coming here and I was very pleased with the customer service at Mr. Sun! The drinks were also delicious and the decor inside was very nice.
      Yakult Green Tea $5.50
      Beer Green Tea $6.99
      Rose Tea $5.50
      54 more prices
    • Chatime

      Shops Food and drinks
      100 reviews
      7 minutes King ON M5A 1J4, 163 King St E, Toronto
      I came here a few weeks ago on my birthday, and they said I would have to make a purchase to qualify for a birthday drink (which makes sense). I purchased a drink and they said I would need to wait 2—4 days for the voucher to arrive to get my…
      Thai Milk Tea (TOTM)(LARGE) $4.80
      QQ Strawberry Juice $5.10
      QQ Lychee Juice $5.10
      104 more prices
    • Bobacha Cafe

      Shops Food and drinks
      73 reviews
      37 minutes Royal York Etobicoke, ON M8Y 1K8, 675 The Queensway, Toronto
      The original signature milk tea was fantastic.
      Lychee Green Tea $5.75
      Strawberry Green Tea $5.75
      Mango Green Tea $5.75
      59 more prices
    • Forbes Wild Foods

      Shops Food and drinks
      62 reviews
      2 minutes Greenwood ON M4J 1N2, 1385 Danforth Ave, Toronto
      Best place to get all your fresh, foraged favourites. Dyson and the staff are super knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
      Raw Ontario Creamed Honey $12
      Organic Dark Maple Syrup $11.95 — $92
      Organic Amber Maple Syrup $11.95 — $92
      43 more prices
    • Navs Grocery

      Shops Food and drinks
      52 reviews
      Open until 9PM
      29 minutes St. Andrew ON M5V 1A4, 5 Bastion St, Toronto
      What I loved… has pretty much all the stuff you need mostly Indian groceries!!
    • Gong Cha

      Shops Food and drinks
      67 reviews
      2 minutes Chester ON M4K 1P1, 451 Danforth Ave, Toronto
      Good quality and good service. Highly recommend everyone this place.
      Oreo Coffee Milk Tea $5.50
      Honey Green Tea $4.90
      Mango Green Tea $4.90
      84 more prices
    • Frost Tech Refrigeration

      Shops Food and drinks
      28 reviews
      32 minutes Pioneer Village North York, ON M3N 1X6, 154 Norfinch Dr Units 5 - 6, Toronto
      We purchased Sushi Display case, Andre is extremely helpful for accommodating changes and delays during pandemic and providing updates. I recommend other business working with Andre to get their products on time with great quality.
    • Mizzica Gelateria & Cafe

      Shops Food and drinks
      146 reviews
      Open until 10PM
      4 minutes Osgoode ON M5T 1V7, 29 McCaul St, Toronto
      Tried the hazelnut, and pistachio gelatos and they were both yummy! Also love that this place is open until later compared to other gelato spots in the city.
      Italy’s — Ginger Honey (250g) $14.50
      Italy’s — Millefiori Wildflower Honey (250g) $13.50
      Cake $6.25
      174 more prices
    • World Moss

      Shops Food and drinks
      21 reviews
      36 minutes Lawrence West North York, ON M6M 2R3, 76 Densley Ave, No Sales at This Location, Toronto
      Their Soursop drink is delicious and refreshing! I'll be re-ordering and recommending to others!! Great delivery and customer service
    • Motherland Foods -Kerala Grocery Scarborough

      Shops Food and drinks
      93 reviews
      Open until 8:30PM
      14 minutes Ellesmere Scarborough, ON M1P 2L5, 1286 Kennedy Rd #5, Toronto
      All Kerala grocery Available here
      maggi coconut milk 300 $5.29
      Cadbury dairy milk in 110gm $3.99
      Kt Garam Masala 100g $3.69
      226 more prices
    • Uncle Sid's Deli

      Shops Food and drinks
      48 reviews
      Open until 9PM
      1 minute Lansdowne ON M6H 1N7, 1263 Bloor St W, Toronto
      Friendly and accommodating. Great meals and soups. Delicious deli sandwiches. Thank you.
      Iced Tea $2.95
      Apple Juice $1.95
      3 Eggs, Sausage And Hash Browns $13.25
      87 more prices
    • Holo Tea & Cafe

      Shops Food and drinks
      55 reviews
      43 minutes Jane Etobicoke, ON M8V 1A1, 2183 Lake Shore Blvd W, LS5, Toronto
      The place is super cute and clean. The I had a coconut taro milk tea with 30% sugar. It has a hint of sweetness which is perfect for me.
      Mango & Passion Fruit Yogurt $8.90
      Strawberry Yogurt $8.50
      Kiwi Yogurt $8.90
      49 more prices
    • Lambo's Deli & Grocery

      Shops Food and drinks
      130 reviews
      22 minutes Christie ON M6J 2P4, 176 Bellwoods Ave, Toronto
      Good food, good service and the staff were very friendly.
      Double meat $4
      House roasted vegetables $1.50
      6 more prices
    Average company rating - 4.79 based on 2917 reviews and 4013 ratings