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Soft drinks shops in Toronto

Soft drinks shops in Toronto

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    • Sweet Shady Shack

      Shops Soft drinks
      86 reviews
      8 minutes Eglinton ON M4P 1K4, 220 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto
      Probably the best bubble tea in Toronto. Also such kind people who experiment so well with many combinations!
      Classic Milk Tea $4.80
      Passion Fruit Green Tea/Black Tea $4.80
      Chocolate Milk Tea $4.80
      46 more prices
    • Momo Dumpling Express

      Shops Soft drinks
      121 reviews
      31 minutes Jane Etobicoke, ON M8Y 1J2, 156 The Queensway Unit 1 A, Toronto
      High quality dumplings. It’s a must try for anyone with the love for dumplings. They have a decent variety and amazing side sauce.
      Vegan Tofu Black Mushroom Momo $11
      Vegan Chives Potato Momo $11
      45 more prices
    • Baroness 小黑糖

      Shops Soft drinks
      73 reviews
      2 minutes College ON M5B 1T1, 421 Yonge St, Toronto
      Best bubble tea in all of GTA. I think the owners run the shop themselves and let me tell you, these guys ahve the best tapioca I have ever had. Don't believe me…try it yourself and thank me later. Their vegan oat milk is the best!!! Me and…
      Purple Yam + Organic Milk $6.50
      Passion Fruit Green Tea By agreement
      Jasmine Green Tea By agreement
      52 more prices
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    • YGO Lab Toronto (U of T Campus)

      Shops Soft drinks
      57 reviews
      7 minutes Spadina ON M5S 1G6, 100B Harbord St, Toronto
      I have to say this place gave me the best customer experience I ever had! The barista is very accommodating to my needs^ ^ I love the overall store look. Some of the drinks they offer are exclusive from other stores nearby. The price’s nice too. I…
      Premium Green Tea Cheese Creme $6
      Premium Green Tea $5.50
      Premium Green Tea Latte $5.50
      54 more prices
    • Mr.Sun

      Shops Soft drinks
      85 reviews
      5 minutes Finch North York, ON M2N 6K7, 5460 Yonge St, Toronto
      First time coming here and I was very pleased with the customer service at Mr. Sun! The drinks were also delicious and the decor inside was very nice.
      Yakult Green Tea $5.50
      Lemonade Green Tea $5
      Mr.Sun Green Tea(Virgin) $5.70
      54 more prices
    • Chatime

      Shops Soft drinks
      100 reviews
      7 minutes King ON M5A 1J4, 163 King St E, Toronto
      I came here a few weeks ago on my birthday, and they said I would have to make a purchase to qualify for a birthday drink (which makes sense). I purchased a drink and they said I would need to wait 2—4 days for the voucher to arrive to get my…
      QQ Passion Fruit Juice $5.10
      QQ Strawberry Juice $5.10
      QQ Mango Juice $5.10
      104 more prices
    • Bobacha Cafe

      Shops Soft drinks
      73 reviews
      37 minutes Royal York Etobicoke, ON M8Y 1K8, 675 The Queensway, Toronto
      The original signature milk tea was fantastic.
      Very Berry Green Tea $5.75
      Mango Green Tea $5.75
      Strawberry Green Tea $5.75
      59 more prices
    • Gong Cha

      Shops Soft drinks
      67 reviews
      2 minutes Chester ON M4K 1P1, 451 Danforth Ave, Toronto
      Good quality and good service. Highly recommend everyone this place.
      Milk Foam Wintermelon Drink $5.70
      Grape Green Tea $4.90
      Mango Green Tea $4.90
      84 more prices
    • Holo Tea & Cafe

      Shops Soft drinks
      55 reviews
      43 minutes Jane Etobicoke, ON M8V 1A1, 2183 Lake Shore Blvd W, LS5, Toronto
      The place is super cute and clean. The I had a coconut taro milk tea with 30% sugar. It has a hint of sweetness which is perfect for me.
      Mango & Passion Fruit Yogurt $8.90
      Strawberry Yogurt $8.50
      Passion Fruit Green Tea $6.20
      49 more prices
    • Song Tea

      Shops Soft drinks
      106 reviews
      12 minutes Queen's Park ON M5T 2G7, 422 Spadina Ave., Toronto
      Songhuo Oolong Milk Tea 快乐肥宅松火乌龙奶茶 $6.50
      Dahongpao Oolong Milk Tea 五行缺钱大红袍奶茶 $6.50
      Black Tea Latte 碌碌无为红茶鲜奶 $7.50
      35 more prices
    • World Tea House

      Shops Soft drinks
      153 reviews
      51 minutes Don Mills North York, ON M2H 3B2, 3608 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto
      Li Bai Imperial Green Tea $6.50
      Kandinsky ´S Mango Juice $6.85
      Sei Sh Ó Nagon Passion Fruit Juice $6.50
      44 more prices
    • its tea

      Shops Soft drinks
      91 reviews
      3 minutes North York Centre North York, ON M2N 5P7, 5203 Yonge St, Toronto
      A clean and cute place. My partner and I got the Peach Slushie and Peach Yogurt Yakult. Both drinks were really good and had little peach bits it in.

      It's Tea definitely makes it onto my favourite bubble tea places to visit in the GTA.
      Fresh Lemon Green Tea $7
      Premium Mixed Fruit Green Tea $7.70
      Peach Slush With Ice Cream $7.50
      41 more prices
    • Kekou

      Shops Soft drinks
      112 reviews
      12 minutes Osgoode ON M5V 2A6, 394 Queen St W, Toronto
      Très bonne crémerie. A repasser encore. So good et tasty. bravo!!
      Iced Non-Dairy Hojicha (Large) $4.70
      Iced Non-Dairy Black Tea (Reg) $4.20
      Iced Non-Dairy Black Tea (Large) $4.70
      37 more prices
    • Gong Cha Midland

      Shops Soft drinks
      71 reviews
      4252.0413880711 m Midland Scarborough, ON M1V 4W4, 3290 Midland Ave Unit 5, Toronto
      Strawberry Yogurt Drink $5.30
      Mango Yogurt Drink $5.30
      Mango Green Tea $4.90
      55 more prices
    • Tiny Cafe

      Shops Soft drinks
      55 reviews
      Open until 9PM
      30 minutes Lansdowne ON M6R 2A2, 10 Macdonell Ave, Toronto
      Bottled Water $1.50
      Vegan Tofu Black Mushroom Momo $10
      15 more prices
    • Icha tea

      Shops Soft drinks
      69 reviews
      11 minutes St. Patrick ON M5T 2E2, 235 Spadina Ave. Unit 4, Toronto
      Hot Roasted Oolong Milk Tea $5.20
      Hot Mango Tea $4.50
      Hot Milk Scented Oolong Tea $8.60
      65 more prices
    • Komi Banh Mi Bar

      Shops Soft drinks
      90 reviews
      1 minute Dufferin ON M6H 1M8, 1100 Bloor St W, Toronto
      We ordered two pork Banh Mi, with paté, and different hot sauces. My pal ordered his with the Habanero, but there wasn't a spice to be found. Only sweet — my guess is someone missed it, since it was on the receipt.

      Excellent pork! Saucy, sweet -…
      Fresh Passion Fruit Juice $5.75
      Passion Fruit Green Tea $5.25
      Mango Green Tea $5.25
      23 more prices
    • Yang Teashop

      Shops Soft drinks
      87 reviews
      7 minutes North York Centre North York, ON M2N 5R3, 5295 Yonge St, Toronto
      My new favourite bubble tea spot!
      Mango Tea Slush (TOP 5) $6.50
      Mango Green Tea $6.50
      Hot Okinawa Milk Tea $5.30
      33 more prices
    • Bubble Lee

      Shops Soft drinks
      73 reviews
      13 minutes Osgoode ON M5V 2A9, 469 Queen St W, Toronto
      Best bubble tea in the city. Addictive. Try the 2.0 Signature brown sugar.
      Lemon Green Tea $4.99
      Wintermelon Limeade $4.49
      16 more prices
    • Kung Fu Tea on Bloor

      Shops Soft drinks
      97 reviews
      4 minutes Christie ON M6G 1K8, 633 Bloor St W, Toronto
      Consistently good between locations. Great stuff.
      Jin Xuan Oolong Milk Tea / R $4.50
      Lychee Ice Tea / L $5.60
      Jin Xuan Oolong Milk Tea / L $5.20
      106 more prices
    • Time Sugar 一刻糖

      Shops Soft drinks
      54 reviews
      11 minutes Queen's Park 邮政编码: M5T 2G6, Spadina Ave., Ontario, Canada, Toronto
      Delicious Oreo smoothie. They were able to take requests and make it exactly how I wanted it.
      Herb Jelly Oolong Milk Tea | 仙草乌龙奶茶 $6.99
      Taro Oolong Milk Tea | 芋头乌龙奶茶 $6.99
      Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie | 草莓酸奶 $7.30
      57 more prices
    • The Alley

      Shops Soft drinks
      137 reviews
      2 minutes Wellesley ON M4Y 0B6, 5 St Joseph St, Toronto
      They have the best drinks! I especially like their ‘iron goddess’ bubble tea warm and in winter.
      Guava Lime Juice $5.10
      Lime Green Tea $5.10
      Classic Milk Tea / R $5
      27 more prices
    • CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

      Shops Soft drinks
      56 reviews
      4564.8693346665 m Kipling Etobicoke, ON M8V 1L7, 3180 Lake Shore Blvd W Unit 6, Toronto
      Green Tea Yakult $6
      Green Tea Macchiato $5.20
      Passion Fruit Green Tea $4.70
      58 more prices
    • Cuppa Tea Harbourfront | Drinks & Pastries

      Shops Soft drinks
      82 reviews
      9 minutes Union ON M5J 2H2, 105 Queens Quay W, Toronto
      Would definitely get again! Got the superfruits tea with 30% sugar. Definitely sweet enough this way.
      Hot Southern Aroma Coffee $4.29
      Super Fruits Hot Tea $6.99
      Iced Southern Aroma Coffee $4.29
      59 more prices
    • Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea (Sky City) 一芳台湾水果茶金钟城

      Shops Soft drinks
      42 reviews
      4123.1162879086 m Midland Scarborough, ON M1V 0C7, 3272 Midland Ave Unit B122, Toronto
      Super Trio Milk Tea 手摇大三元奶茶 (Large) $7.75
      Super Trio Milk Tea 手摇大三元奶茶 (Regular) $7.25
      Super Trio Tea Latte 大三元鲜奶茶 (Regular) $7.25
      113 more prices
    • Bubble Baby

      Shops Soft drinks
      28 reviews
      11 minutes Union ON M5J 1B5, 258 Queens Quay W, Toronto
      Very good. I have never try these bubble tea before, such amazing.
      Passion Fruit Ice Tea $5
      Mango Ice Tea $5
      Won-Ton Soup $6.99
      54 more prices
    • Chatime

      Shops Soft drinks
      84 reviews
      28 minutes Finch North York, ON M2M 3X9, 6985 Yonge St, Toronto
      QQ Passion Fruit Juice $5.10
      QQ Strawberry Juice $5.10
      QQ Mango Juice $5.10
      109 more prices
    • Hai Cup

      Shops Soft drinks
      19 reviews
      Open until 11PM
      3 minutes Dundas ON M5G 1M7, 637B Bay St., Toronto
      Got an interesting drink here a couple days ago. Leo — Pineapple, grapefruit, passion fruit and lemonade with litchi jelly. Tasted great, definitely should go with less sugar. I found a lot of their drink options to be quite unique.
      Canned Coke $1.69
      Vitamin Water $3.19
      Flavour Latte Cold $4.79
      104 more prices
    • Gotcha Bubble tea

      Shops Soft drinks
      50 reviews
      12 minutes Queen's Park ON M5T 2G7, 402 Spadina Ave., Toronto
      This was months ago, Saw employee drop the ice and put it back up in the ice tray and employee was bullying the trainee. Poor girl
      And poor us that drank it
      Yakult Green Tea $6.29
      Chocolate Yogurt $6.79
      Mulberry Yakult Green Tea $6.70
      140 more prices
    • The Fresh Tea Shop

      Shops Soft drinks
      20 reviews
      5 minutes King ON M5E 1W5, 35 The Esplanade, Toronto
      I have good experienc have you job for me
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