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What A Bagel Sheppard

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Reviews about What A Bagel Sheppard

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  • Pratik Dave 2022, March 1, 9:30 am via Google
    They have some great bagels in town. Must try. Very reasonably prices and great quality.
  • Ali Shariati 2022, February 22, 8:51 am via Google
    Delicious bagel
    But not enough to try it again
  • Anthony Salhab 2022, January 21, 8:02 pm via Google
    Had the salmon cream cheese, it was delicious but slightly overpriced.
  • Susan Bushey 2022, January 3, 12:55 am via Google
    I was somewhat surprised. Great little bagel café. Nice and clean which very important to me.
  • Russell Ross 2021, December 29, 1:06 am via Google
    Nice place. Friendly staff. Decent bagels, but not real bagels by my standards. I get a cream cheese & lox.
  • AL Kay 2021, December 22, 1:20 pm via Google
    ELVIRA prepared my chicken salad bagel very quickly and it was perfect, exactly followed all Instructions, this location always has fresh bagels all the time.
  • Reza Soltani 2021, December 18, 10:18 pm via Google
    The Gem In The Neighborhood! I can't get around the fact that after living in Willowdale for a year today I tried this place for the first time and it made me feel bad for what has been missed for a year :D bagel was super fresh and tasety, the Ultimate egg white was ultimately super.
  • Mohammad Bashir 2021, December 14, 4:22 pm via Google
    The bagels are yummy and staff is cool. The issue is with the line setup, it's messy. They also don't have the range of toppings you get at St Clair or Spadina.
  • Elliot B 2021, December 14, 8:33 am via Google
    Great bagel
  • Phyllis 2021, December 7, 8:30 pm via Google
    Love their breads and bagels, they serve great latte also. Friendly services.
  • Austin Paek 2021, December 4, 7:12 pm via Google
    Fresh bagle sandwiches ever! Very nice food quality but little poor at customer service.
  • Yumi Jenn Netzel 2021, November 29, 8:53 pm via Google
    So I’ve passed by this place so many times on my usual morning walks, and finally got hungry/curious enough to pop on in.
    Upon walking in, it smelled lovely, and was definitely more bakery-feeling than I thought it would, but still delightful.
    I ended up trying the salami breakfast sandwich on one of the rainbow bagels. (Always wanted to do a rainbow bagel at least once)
    Was pretty decent for the price, though the salami felt a lil skimpy, the taste was still alright, and was sufficiently fillin
    – show
  • micha pickachu 2021, November 19, 3:19 am via Google
    A great place for bagel and salmon with cream cheese. The store is clean and beautiful. Amazing and kind service.Excellent!!!
  • James Enalen (jamesagainsthumanity) 2021, November 18, 11:11 pm via Google
    All chains never disappoint
  • Amir 2021, November 16, 5:56 pm via Google
    Recommend Flavored Cream Cheese sandwich with Roast Turkey as an add-on!
  • Micha Shoppu 2021, November 15, 11:35 pm via Google
    The bagels are very yummy, the sour cream are very fresh and tasty, to this date I still buy from them occasionally.

    However, just disappointed in two things.

    1) only 1 slice of smoked salmon on a 8.99 bagel.. I had received a bit more the previous times I purchased the same item.

    2) the staff rested her elbow on inner of the wrapper, I couldn't stop her before placing the bagels on it. I requested the wrapper be changed. But honestly they should know better to serve new wrapper and NEW bagel
    – show
  • Val Perchenok 2021, November 7, 7:52 pm via Google
    All as expected, nice service
  • Matthew Rivera 2021, November 1, 4:25 pm via Google
    Best bagels. Had them as a kid, Loved em and they're still the best bagels you'll ever taste in your life.
  • Kevin Pattison 2021, October 29, 7:45 pm via Google
    Often come here for a quick meal to go at lunchtime. Staff are helpful and friendly and service is quick and accurate.
  • Eddy Trojan 2021, October 28, 8:14 pm via Google
    The worst Franchise they have I ordered s creamchesse and lox barley any creamchesse and a mi ro thin peice of lox I have been eating at Sheppard location for years they never disappoint do not go to ajax location total ripoff
  • Karma Karma 2021, October 18, 2:13 am via Google
    The best salmon bagel sandwich. My $10 is worth it. The $1 illy coffee is amazing.
    All the staff are nice, friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.
  • Frame Film Studio 2021, October 14, 8:14 pm via Google
    Good food good service on the pricy side
  • James Pak 2021, October 14, 6:09 pm via Google
    Didn't put the salmon in my smoked salmon bagel
  • Eli Helfand 2021, October 11, 7:08 pm via Google
    What a bagel.
  • John R 2021, September 17, 5:36 pm via Google
    Great service and yummy food.
  • MoN A 2021, September 14, 10:58 pm via Google
    Good quality and taste, I'll be back again.
  • Niloofar Ghafoori 2021, September 3, 4:04 pm via Google
    I used to go to this place quit often before pandemic and it was really good. Sadly, every time I've tried to give this place a chance it turned out to be a disappointment. All the baked goods are stale. I've tried different things during different times and I am never stepping in there ever again.
  • Tahereh Mokhtari 2021, August 28, 9:08 pm via Google
    We love WAB. We were very disappointed today as the food was very blend with no flavours. Service was very limited. They had no sit-down service. You had to order and pay and sit down and they used disposable plates and cutlery which is very wasteful and not environmentally friendly, the garbage bin was overflowing and we had to leave our used disposable plates on the table and leave.
  • Tasha 2021, August 26, 4:55 pm via Google
    Always enjoyable.
  • Nick F 2021, August 24, 2:55 pm via Google
    They messed up our order but were resolved it very quickly and effectively.
  • Mariam Kubba-Martino 2021, August 20, 5:08 am via Google
    Delicious bagels and bakery items, smoothies, and coffee! Clean space. Friendly and efficient service.
  • William 2021, August 13, 12:55 am via Google
    Chicken schnitzel sandwich was delicious and home fries were fresh.
  • Samantha Evans 2021, August 13, 12:27 am via Google
    Bagels are great but chicken salad is gross now used to be the beat bit now the owners are just cheaping out.
  • Bill Tomenson 2021, August 10, 4:36 pm via Google
    Love this place so much. Food was good, and coffee is only a $1 coffee. What more can you ask for.
  • Sam Donaldson 2021, July 21, 9:21 pm via Google
    if you love bagels this is a spot to check in on when you are uptown. Great service and really nice selection of bagel options
  • Stephanie Denning 2021, July 16, 6:10 pm via Google
    Wonderful selection of bagels!
    Great service and the coffee is always fresh.
    I love going to this location!
  • Roberto Ayala 2021, June 8, 4:33 pm via Google
    I was contacted by the owner of what a bagel what an awesome guy down to earth He address the problem that was going on With his awesome team And bang these are the results
    I recommend this place they have good food and excellent service
  • J Kim 2021, June 6, 9:23 am via Google
    Fresh bagels! Their smoked salmon bagel sandwich is definitely something to write home about! This has become a Sunday brunch favorite! Always delicious! Always spot on! It’s busy but the servers are efficient and friendly! Great spot!
  • Vivian Jey 2021, May 31, 1:09 am via Google
    Sooo delicious

    I never have tuna salad or egg salad bagel with lettuce and tomatoes toppings before. This adds more flavor to the bagel.

    Bagel itself its spectacular. Crunch outside soft inside. I'd recommend tuna salad. Egg salad is a little bland. I think i need little more salt in there. Well its just my opinion.

    OJ is freshly squeeze. Overall 9/10.
  • A Schon 2021, May 9, 12:18 am via Google
    Fresh hot bagels! Get stuff to spread on them
  • Maria Teresa Baetiong 2021, April 20, 8:16 am via Google
    I bring my Friend at What a bagel Sheppard Avenue East location and he is very picky when it comes to food, he told me that their sandwiches specially the SMOKE SALMON EGG IS AMAZING!!! and the LATTE is the BEST LATTE that he ever had he try a lot of latte from different coffee shop but their latte taste burn, AT WHAT A BAGEL it is the BARISTA whoever is making the latte is really knows what he / she is doing so two THUMBS UP for you guys....
  • Boris Chan 2021, April 16, 6:01 am via Google
    Delicious bagels, pastries and coffee. They get a little busy during lunch times but it’s worth the wait!
  • Kimiya Gerami 2021, April 11, 9:11 am via Google
    Family Friendly. Good place to sit. I recommend this place for Brunch.
  • OSCAR BRACHO 2021, March 9, 3:53 pm via Google
    This location have a great coffee, specially love the lattes, perfect companion for the fresh baked and well prepared breakfast sandwiches. I personally recommend the salmon and egg sandwich is really good. The service is great and personnel is always nice and helpful. I recommend this place…
  • Shirin Montebare 2021, February 25, 9:28 pm via Google
    Love their salad and breakfast sandwiches. Perfect for brunch or light lunch. Im so happy they are now 10 min walks from me. Definitely recommend them.
  • David Carrabon 2021, January 31, 9:18 pm via Google
    Been here since they opened!
  • Justin Chen 2020, November 28, 7:20 pm via Google
    A bit overpriced but their breakfast salmon bagel is quite nice
  • marlene rattner 2020, November 17, 6:02 pm via Google
    This review is for What a Bagel at 2 Sheppard Ave E.
    Andrew is the best and will make things happen.
    Clearly the Uber App is missing some of the food that is sold at the store/restaurant. Due to Covid restrictions, we are only using Curbside or Delivery. It is frustrating when you cannot receive what you would normally have gotten by in person shopping. Calling Andrew resolved all issues. He's intelligent, courteous and understands how to find solutions. He is a self starter and is not afraid t
    – show
  • Jamie Chesson 2020, November 9, 4:20 am via Google
    Super impressed, such fresh food as well. I’ll be a returning customer!
  • Tian qq 2020, October 13, 4:34 pm via Google
    Over all good atmosphere. Gave me the wrong bagel though
  • Salima Halari 2020, October 4, 7:47 pm via Google
    I usually love what a bagel and don't get me wrong, still love the bagels BUT I do not like how they are currently conducted business during covid. I should not feel unsafe when picking up bagels. There are no rules about keeping your mask on while you order and then you can remove your mask once you're seated. So while I am ordered for take out, I am surrounded by people not wearing masks and breathing onto the glass. Many restaurants have had to adapt but there needs to be clear protocols and – show
  • Mehmet Fatih Ekiz 2020, September 18, 3:39 am via Google
    Bagel is not just a novelty here. All types of awesome combinations always bring me back..
  • Lili Lee 2020, September 12, 7:03 pm via Google
    Don’t waste your time going here. I had asked for a salmon and cream cheese bagel sandwich, and they literally sent me a bagel with cream cheese, onion, and lettuce. I called them to let them know and the manager was just like, oh it’s been a super busy day here.

    But why do you think I uber ordered in the first place? I waited 30 minutes for this and you want me to wait another 30 minutes to get my replacement order? I don’t think so. Food might be great when you get it right but it’s clear the
    – show
  • :3 2020, August 23, 9:13 am via Google
    I bought a cheese danish from this store and it already went bad when I was trying to eat them at home...... Why would you sell expired food?
  • Talene M 2020, August 18, 8:36 pm via Google
    Went in to get a quick bagel and they had one person working, EXTREMELY slowly. I've never seen someone spread tuna so slowly in my lifetime. There were four customers waiting, all four of us left because of how nerve racking it was to watch someone take soooo long to make a sandwich. None of us left with food, I bet she’s still making the sandwich at the rate she was moving.
  • Thanuja V 2020, July 5, 6:16 am via Google
    I got to try the challah bread. Very fresh! The service was quick and efficient and hygiene and social distancing was in place. Overall a smooth process in and out!
  • wang serena 2020, June 14, 11:27 pm via Google
    June14 around 3:40, Employee was so bad customer service, the girl was so rude. I was asking which bagel is popular, then she didn't wanna explain to me. When I order my first bagel, she was making it. I asked for toested and add butter, she didn't want and said «you should tell me first, blabla..». I order second bagel, I said turkey, after she done. I didn't see she add turkey, then she said I wasn't charge you. And I said «I can pay for it.» Overall, that was my first time to shop with the – show
  • Chris Cheong 2020, June 3, 1:53 am via Google
    I came here to pick up a prize that I had won. In addition to an assortment of fresh bagels, it included tuna salad, egg salad, cream cheese, tossed salad, and more! It's all fresh and delicious!⁠

    Although the dining room was closed, the staff were very friendly and attentive.
  • Joanna Sable 2020, May 24, 6:27 pm via Google
    This space is so awesome and in an area with little or no good Jewish food What a Bagel is a shining beacon. Incredible bagels, best in the city according to me! Wonderful baked good, delicious all day every day brunch and lunch foods. You simply must come here. On top of all this, cater the greatest platters filled with smoked salmon, tuna, egg, oodles of veg and so much more. Just look at my photos and then head here ASAP!
    Please follow @joannasable on instagram for more food and travel
  • aDeL Khoiniha 2020, May 17, 7:22 pm via Google
    The guy in the back kitchen (Shanden or something like this) killed my time for 23mins to made a simple bagel sandwich!!! He seemed have fun back there working super slowly and didn’t care about customer’s time at all! Front desk girl gave him several notice about my waiting time but he looked so cool and waste another 10min to finish his work!!!
    Unacceptable and so disappointing!
  • A 2020, April 25, 12:26 am via Google
    Excellent service, delicious food and friendly staff. Thank you for all you are doing to help the community during these times.
  • Svetlana Ulianova 2020, April 5, 7:00 pm via Google
    When I ordered a house salad I got stale, not fresh green mix. Today I even asked kindly in advance to wash a salad thoroughly and anticipated it would be fine, but again I have to throw it out. I guess they don’t care about the customer experience.
  • Lucinda Cheung 2020, March 14, 7:14 pm via Google
    Good food but a little bit pricey.
  • Ali 2020, March 8, 6:01 am via Google
    Amazing breakfast and all the servers are great.
  • Angus Dineley 2020, March 3, 7:06 pm via Google
    Awesome fresh bagels served at the right temperature. A nice wide variety of bagels too so you can pick and choose your favourite after a couple of visits.
  • Francesca D'Amico 2020, February 23, 2:31 am via Google
    The best bagels in the city!!!
  • Andrew Blake 2020, February 17, 1:58 am via Google
    Don't burgle my bagel!
  • Анна Витер 2020, February 13, 8:28 pm via Google
    Eggs Benedict were awesome,prices are reasonable and the service is prompt
  • Sahba Ezami 2020, February 12, 7:50 am via Google
    Went there several times for brunch during weekend. The store has nice decoration and the service is great! Their brunch menu is typical brunch, nothing too special, but they have the option to add freshly baked bagels to that which is amazing. Overall I had a great experience there
  • Elena Palacios 2020, January 31, 9:19 pm via Google
    Not just good bagels, breakfast was really good
  • Ali Kolahdooz 2020, January 31, 12:52 pm via Google
    Perfect place for Bagel lovers
  • Char Keltz 2020, January 22, 11:19 pm via Google
    I love this WAB! It has great food, great staff and a 'neighborhood' feel that I enjoy.

    I notice quite a few 'regulars'.. and this speaks volumes!
  • Behrad Azadi 2020, January 19, 8:38 pm via Google
    Nice staff, wonderful mushroom omelette and great bagle.
  • alyxx Moore 2020, January 16, 5:34 pm via Google
    Staff are amazing and food is great
  • Mark Sim 2020, January 14, 8:16 pm via Google
    Recommend the twister bagel and smoked salmon platter.
  • Leonardo Ciongoli Vinagre 2020, January 12, 8:35 pm via Google
    Great restaurant! Good food and price. Always go there after church service on Sunday and get an awesome salad for little price.
  • Ashley Anderson 2019, December 14, 11:40 pm via Google
    Was good. Went here with friends on a Sunday morning. Got the eggs, home fries, whole grain bagel + peanut butter + coffee. Only complaint is that they brew illy coffee (which is a GREAT BRAND of coffee and espresso) but their coffee is super watered down! Not cool. Please tell whoever makes the coffee (or whoever made it last Sunday Dec 8th) not to water it down. It was horrible. Other than that, nice place.

    Note: don't park on the road just outside.of the place… We saw 4 cars get tickets! A
    – show
  • Adamoloji 2019, December 14, 8:05 pm via Google
    My friend and I really enjoyed. Elif's best service.
  • Jerry Mendlowitz 2019, December 7, 7:57 pm via Google
    Food is good and consistent
  • Leon D'Souza 2019, November 28, 9:34 am via Google
    Excellent place to buy fresh bagels and they have a good deal of buy 6 and get the other 6 free right now.
  • Amanda 2019, November 27, 7:11 am via Google
    My experience at this location fell very short compared to the others. Probably one of the worst egg benedict I’ve ever had.

    To start, the eggs came out hard boiled so of course it had to be sent back. As I’m waiting, I realized I havn’t even been served water at this point. Second plate comes back and the egg is way too runny which resulted in me having to move my fries to another plate. The chicken was much colder compared to the first dish with no crisp to it. It was just not meant to be.

    – show
  • Aya Hachicho 2019, November 26, 11:14 pm via Google
    Favorite place so far at the shepherd Yonge intersection. There food was amazing. They have a variety in their menus for breakfast and lunch. Also I loved their Latte!
  • DOUG MCKIBBIN 2019, November 23, 11:53 pm via Google
    Great lox bagel and cream cheese. So hard to find a blintz these days
  • Jerry Koh 2019, November 23, 9:04 pm via Google
    Lovely ambience and decor for a breakfast/brunch restaurant. Attentive and fast service, even with the couple of new servers still learning. The waffles and chicken was delicious. Fried chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. More/better seasoning would have made it perfect. Only low point was the brewed coffee… Barely a hint of coffee. Dolce de leche latte made up for it.

    This neighborhood needs more breakfast places. Hope it keeps improving.
  • Milad 2019, November 21, 9:58 pm via Google
  • Bruce Robertson 2019, November 18, 5:32 pm via Google
    The egg white, spinach and goat cheese breakfast bagel was about as good as it could be. And the challah we brought home was fresh and delicious.
  • Stephanie Bell 2019, November 15, 11:53 pm via Google
    Went in for a bagel this morning. First off, 10$ for a bagel and small coffee is absurd. Perhaps I was overcharged? Secondly, they were understaffed due to the wait time to order. Additionally, the girl at the counter started serving what appeared to be a chatty regular before starting on my order even though I had paid and ordered long before this other person arrived. I then waited 10 minutes for a simple bagel due to the weird prioritizing. When I finally got my bagel opened, there were blobs – show
    • Company's official reply 2019, November 16, 5:21 pm via Google
      Good Morning Stephanie,
      Bagel with cream cheese (toppings included) and a regular coffee is $5.95 plus applicable taxes.
      We apologize that you had a below standard experience, please contact me to discuss in further detail. 416-548-7857 please ask for Danny.
  • Sumaya Bauer 2019, November 14, 4:29 am via Google
    So expensive for the amount you get. For my salmon bagel and espresso it was almost $15. I was annoyed because on the front of the store they advertise breakfast, and I wanted breakfast food, but at the front kiosk it only lists a couple breakfast-type bagels. After I ordered and paid, I was then told by the host who's nearer the back of the restuarant, that they had a breakfast menu for people sitting, it was a separate menu not advertised at the front.
    • Company's official reply 2019, November 16, 5:27 pm via Google
      Hey Sumaya,
      Bagel with Lox & Cream cheese (toppings included) and an espresso comes to $9.95 plus applicable taxes. Our location has a dine-in restaurant and a takeout component for sandwiches, coffees and salads. We would love for you to join us in the dine-in seating area for the expanded breakfast/lunch menu.
      If you would like to discuss further, please contact me at 416-548-7857 ask for Danny.
  • Claire Seaton-Marks 2019, November 4, 5:38 am via Google
    It was ok. Nothing special
  • Gail Zed 2019, November 2, 7:12 pm via Google
    We have visited twice now: ounce to pick up bagels, the other to have brunch on a Saturday at 11 am.
    Our brunch visit went very well. Line was short, hence wait was short, too. We ordered the fried chicken eggs benedict, the 2 eggs (scrambled) with home fries and sesame seed bagel, turmeric latte and coffee. The food was delicious and the service was great. Will definitely be back! Thank you!
  • Ayman Ghaly 2019, October 31, 9:04 pm via Google
    its ok
  • soheil kh 2019, October 27, 2:15 am via Google
    good staff, we had brunch their, food is ok as a franchise store but nothing special, didn't like omelet though,
  • Neerja Gupta 2019, October 21, 1:35 am via Google
    Good food,great manager!
  • Dylan Remedios 2019, October 20, 1:27 am via Google
    Love the bakery..This is a fancier whatabagel..With a hostess and sit down dinner tables..The 8$ salad is a deal and half.The bagels are probably the best I've had in Toronto.
  • Jim Kang 2019, October 19, 8:28 pm via Google
    What A Bagel held another free bagel day on October 17. Four free bagels from your choice of various kinds. Fresh, toasty, chewy goodness, nice people and a bright seating area too. I know that they also participate in community charity events. Check them out.
  • Tsewang Klein 2019, October 16, 10:14 pm via Google
    Good good
  • Caleb Cullen 2019, October 16, 12:47 am via Google
    Food was fine, but the organization of the restaurant is not immediately obvious. Do not order at the counter if you want to sit at a table. I ended up sitting on the curb outside to eat.
  • mary 2019, October 9, 2:04 am via Google
    Friendly staff and delicious bagels! The bagels and pastries are always so fresh. He prices are reasonable as well.
  • Sabrina Awad 2019, October 4, 11:29 pm via Google
    It has a wonderful sit down area. The food was good- went with some co-workers for lunch. Service was good and fast.

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