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    • Dr. Floyd Spence - Executive & Life Coach in Toronto | High Performance Expert @ Live Full Inc.

      Training courses Personal growth training
      11 ratings
      Open until 6PM
      North York, ON M2M 4K2, 5700 Yonge St, Toronto
      I have been seeing Dr Floyd for just a few months and he’s already changed my life. I am never the type to open up to someone so soon; however, Dr. Floyd made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for making me become the best Afra I can be.
    • Alex Driving instructor

      Training courses Driving school
      125 ratings
      Open until 6PM
      North York, ON M2M 3W6, 6095 Yonge St, Toronto
    • iDrive Driving School Toronto

      Training courses Driving school
      56 ratings
      Open until 8PM
      North York, ON M2N 5P9, 5330 Yonge St #215, Toronto
      I had the pleasure of working with Anan to get prepared for the exam. Very professional and great knowledge he shared with me. Highly recommended!!
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    • 1st Canadian Driving School

      Training courses Driving school
      147 ratings
      Open until 10PM
      North York, ON M2M 3X9, 6373a Yonge St, Toronto
      Great driving instructor patient and always flexible with scheduling, highly recommend this school to get practice for driving on road.
    • MasterClass Driving School

      Training courses Driving school
      119 ratings
      Open until 8:30PM
      North York, ON M2M 3X1, 6174 Yonge St Unit 203, Toronto
      Yves was great! Very funny, very smart, and very thorough.
    • Sprint Driving School in North York

      Training courses Education center Driving school
      3 reviews
      Open until 6PM
      North York, ON M2R 1Z3, 5987 Bathurst St Unit 2A, Toronto
      — Flexible schedule
      — Positive emotions
      — Individual approach
      — Professional teacher
      I've just gotten G-full:
      One great coach!
      One attempt!
      One driver's license!
      I am very grateful to the Sprint Driving School for their work!
      I'm very…
    • Toronto Art

      Training courses Drawing classes
      73 ratings
      North York, ON M2N 5S1, 5443 Yonge St 2nd Floor, Toronto
      Am a former student of Toronto Art studio and am now just finishing first year architecture university. I have been coming to this studio since grade 10, and they have really helped me learn along the way. Jun and Janet were amazing in making sure…
    • John Howardson Dance

      Training courses Dance school
      1 review
      24 hours a day
      North York, ON M2M 3W2, 6021 Yonge St, Toronto
      My experience with John Howardson Dance has always been very good over the years. John is an excellent dance coach with lots of knowledge and expertise. I recommend him highly.
    • Piano Key Lessons Studio (Piano Lessons in Thornhill)

      Training courses Instruction in playing the piano Music courses Flute classes
      6 ratings
      Open until 8PM
      ON M2R 2S0, 1057 Steeles Ave W, Toronto
      Tina is a great piano teacher with an excellent connection with children. The kids are learning and so am I.
    • Water Babies North York

      Training courses Swimming section
      10 ratings
      North York, ON M2M 3Y9, 20 Tangreen Ct, Toronto
      The 30 mins classes are jam packed with activity. You switch from learning one skill to the next, and each skill is accompanied by a song or rhyme which makes it more fun. For more complex skills, we practice them one or two at a time and then…
    • Donita Ballet School

      Training courses Ballet school Modern dance school Dance school
      16 ratings
      North York, ON M2M 1V6, 155 Hilda Ave, Toronto
      My daughter and I have taken classes with Donita for two years. Donita is totally committed to Ballet. Students receive the individual attention they need to develop a strong technical foundation. Donita is passionate about the beauty and joy…
    • 해나스맘스케어 (캐나다 토론토 산후조리 산전후 페이셜마사지 전문) Hannas Moms Care

      Training courses Pregnancy courses
      5 ratings
      24 hours a day
      Lorraine Dr, Ontario, North York, Canada, Toronto
      Not happy with the service. Poor communication with the management. They changed my care person twice with their problems, not mine. Poorly organized. My first week after giving birth was very stressful because of them. I do NOT recommend Hannah's…
    • Toronto swim school

      Training courses Water polo section Swimming section Athletic training centres
      57 ratings
      North York, ON M2M 3Y9, 20 Tangreen Ct, Toronto
      Professional Staff who and teaches the content of the aquatic courses in a floently way that is easy to learn and engaging. Would recommend for anyone who is looking to practice and strengthen their swimming skills and lifesaving skills.
    • Flying Fish Swim Club (FFSC)

      Training courses Swimming section
      11 ratings
      Open until 6PM
      ON M2M 1V7, 155 Hilda Ave, Toronto
    • Pixel Art And Design Studio

      Training courses Drawing classes
      12 ratings
      Open until 7PM
      North York, ON M2N 2H2, 48 Finch Ave W, Toronto
      As soon as I knew about this studio through a friend. I contacted Mrs Moyal (the owner) to start private lessons for portfolio preparation for universities. It was a pleasure working with her, she helped me to build a strong portfolio for the…
    • Kukje Driving School

      Training courses Driving school
      27 ratings
      Open until 9PM
      North York, ON M2M 3W2, 6013 Yonge St, Toronto
      I was also trained and accepted by Mr. Son for the G2 driver's license.
      I wanted to get G training, but I couldn't because of Covid, but Mr. Son told me on the phone kindly and easily.
      And I could get a driver's license at once. Thank you!
    • Drum School Toronto

      Training courses Drum lessons Music courses
      9 ratings
      Open until 9PM
      North York, ON M2R 2V1, 99 Cactus Ave, Toronto
      Vadim offers such an amazing experience when it comes to student learning and development for all levels of musicians.

      Personally as an adult learner, and just starting to play drums; Vadim is a very patient teacher. Vadim takes the time to…
    • Nefeli Teaching

      Training courses Instruction in playing the piano Music courses
      6 ratings
      North York, ON M2N 7G2, 118 Finch Ave W, Toronto
      Nefeli is a wonderful teacher. My son loves learning from her. She uses fun and engaging strategies that keep kids interested and wanting to learn.
    • CCDriving 加中驾校 中国驾照翻译认证

      Training courses Driving school
      7 ratings
      Open until 6PM
      North York, ON M2M 3S9, 5635 Yonge St Unit 210-211, Toronto
    • TAC Sports Group

      Training courses Education center Athletics section Shooting section
      62 ratings
      Open until 5PM
      North York, ON M2M 3S4, 3379 Bayview Ave, Toronto
      TAC sports is second to none, you will not be disappointed! Their focus is always the kids that come through their doors and their coaches are fantastic and very well trained. Highly recommend to anyone looking for summer camps, weekend classes…
    • Susan Chemm Piano Studio

      Training courses Instruction in playing the piano Music courses
      5 ratings
      North York, ON M2N 1Z7, 22 Horsham Ave, Toronto
      An amazing piano teacher. A true professional.
    • Khan Driving Learning Services

      Training courses Driving school
      18 ratings
      North York, ON M2R 1Z9, 6030 Bathurst St, Toronto
      Owed to Mr. Khan's driving lessons, I was able to overcome my fear of driving on the 'right side of the road' in Canada as opposed to the 'left side' driving in my home country. Mr. Khan was extremely patient even when I panicked and due to his…
    • Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada

      Training courses English classes
      8 ratings
      Open until 5PM
      North York, ON M2R 2H9, 34 Kenton Dr, Toronto
      I am a student of Michelle's class.She is an excellent teacher. Me & my friends always enjoy our classes with our teacher.she explains the subject flawlessly. My son also enjoys at the childminding.
    • Brazilian Dancers Toronto - Contact +1(647)5401616 The Only 100% Brazilian-Rio De Janeiro Founder

      Training courses Dance school
      3 ratings
      Open until 10PM
      North York, ON M2M 1L6, 124 Goulding Ave, Toronto
      I highly recommend shes show us pure energy shes is a beautiful and interracts with peoples and bring a brazilian joy… Very nice do not miss it..
    • Sprint Driving - Truck, Bus, Forklift & Boat Driving School in Toronto

      Training courses Vocational training center Education center Institutes of professional development
      67 ratings
      Open until 5PM
      North York, ON M2R 1Z3, 5987 Bathurst St Unit 2, Toronto
      So I had an account with the company from a year prior to my new account under the same email.
      instead of giving me a prompt that under this email an account already exists, they allowed me to make another account. Which under most circumstances…
    • Evergreen Driving School 大通驾驶学校 North York

      Training courses Driving school
      2 ratings
      Open until 5PM
      North York, ON M2N 6K7, 5460 Yonge St #301, Toronto
      Look for Wallace Sit, he is probably the best instructor I had. Spent two hours with him and passed my road test.
      Reasonable priced and great experience
    • TDSB CS Enhanced Language Training (ELT)

      Training courses English classes
      7 ratings
      Open until 4:30PM
      North York, ON M2M 3X4, 6464 Yonge St 2nd Floor, inside Centerpoint Language & Skills, Toronto
      From what I've heard it a wonderful place to spend time and learn, and on certain days the have a food bank there I believe that it is a few evenings a week and on the weekend
    • Transformational Learning Solutions

      Training courses Education center Personal growth training Business courses
      1 rating
      Open until 5PM
      North York, ON M2N 0A3, 509 Beecroft Rd Suite #101, Toronto
    • Tanya's Music Studio

      Training courses Music courses
      1 rating
      Open until 9PM
      North York, ON M2M 3Z2, 15 Tangreen Ct Suite 907, Toronto
    • Heart2Heart CPR First Aid Training North York

      Training courses Education center
      5 ratings
      Open until 5PM
      North York, ON M2M 3X7, 6305 Yonge St, Toronto
      Great experience with heart 2 heart. My trainer Brian was informative and made the class interesting.
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