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    • Aufgang Travel

      Tourism Tour operator
      3 reviews
      Thornhill, ON L4J 3M4, 7851 Dufferin St Suite 204, Vaughan
      Israel Trip was great. Not great customer service, nickle and diming especially on health realted cancellation charges, hotel booking were wrong and no mention of loyalty points because used them. Go to Israel, just not with them!
    • YYZ Travel Group

      Tourism Tour operator
      2 reviews
      Thornhill, ON L4J 3M4, 7851 Dufferin St Suite 100, Vaughan
      My favorite travel agency. Always professional and helpful, friendly stuff and convenient location. Once they found an optimal solution for very complicated itinerary that saved our time and money! Highly recommended!
    • Arts & Leisure Tours Inc

      Tourism Tour operator
      12 ratings
      Woodbridge, ON L4L 4Z1, 418B Hanlan Rd Unit 21 & 22, Vaughan
      Dear Arts and Leisure Tours,
      I cannot thank you enough for putting together this trip of a lifetime for my sons and I. It was nothing short of magnificent. The stay at Portobay Libertade was perfect, centrally located, near all the shops,…
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      Nicelocal is visited by 20 million customers all over the world
    • Canadian Gateway

      Tourism Tour operator
      3 ratings
      Thornhill, ON L4J 3M4, 7851 Dufferin St Suite 200, Vaughan
      It's hard to find a more experienced and reliable travel agency when it comes to organizing tours to Eastern Europe and Russia. Would gladly refer Canadian Gateway to any of my friends.
    • Chapman Cultural Tours Ltd.

      Tourism Tour operator
      5 ratings
      Concord, ON L4K 4P7, 131 Saramia Crescent Suite B, Vaughan
      I have been working with Chapman Cultural Tours annually, for over ten years now. As a high school teacher, I have had the pleasure to take students to New York City on a cultural arts trip for five days and each trip has been well planned....
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    • Your Vacation Home

      Tourism Tour operator
      2 ratings
      Concord, ON L4K 0C5, 8800 Dufferin St #101, Vaughan
      Your Vacation Home, Thank you for your recommendation and putting our trip together. The ship.was absolutely beautiful. The room the palm trees, the restaurants, the staff was incredible. Cruise were exceptional.... Overall: Exceeded expectations....
    • CIT Tours

      Tourism Tour operator
      3 ratings
      Woodbridge, ON L4L 4T5, 7007 Islington Ave #205, Vaughan
      Don’t book with this company. They book the cheapest tours, not well thought out for details and locations and they charge a lot more money than it actually costs.
    • Omega Tours

      Tourism Tour operator
      6 ratings
      Concord, ON L4K 5Y6, 3175 Rutherford Rd #55, Vaughan
      Half-Day Trip By agreement
      Days Tour By agreement
      Custom Itineraries By agreement
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    • 1-2-1 Travel Connections Inc.

      Tourism Tour operator
      6 ratings
      Woodbridge, ON L4L 6C1, 3883 York Regional Rd 7 suite 211, Vaughan
      Terrible experience, losing a ticket after it was technically “cancelled “.
    • HTPTours Inc.

      Tourism Tour operator
      4 ratings
      Concord, ON L4K 2J4, 23 Rockview Gardens, Vaughan
      Great service, quick responses and very family friendly. Knowledgable and trust worthy, too!
    • Scenic Excursions and Tours

      Tourism Tour operator
      1 rating
      Woodbridge, ON L4H 2G9, 60 Fairlane Crescent, Vaughan
    • YYZ Travel Corporate

      Tourism Tour operator
      2 reviews
      Thornhill, ON L4J 3M4, 7851 Dufferin St, Vaughan
      I travelled to Costa Rica with YYZ was totally satisified with their service. My YYZ agent was really kind and gave a lot of advice!
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